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Question Nord 2 battery optimization issues

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Hello everyone,

Anyone with problems with background activity not happening? I have have issues with several apps, but ill give whatsapp as an example. I have set to never optimize and keep to allow background activity. Still, OxygenOS shuts down whatsapp and it requires me to open the app, not just unlock the phone, to receive messages. This is so stupid.

Another example is Sleep for android. I start sleep tracking, and after about 1h it shutdowns.

I also tried to set the phone high performance mode, but its the same. Any tips?
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i used the clone app from oneplus to transfer data from my old oneplus 5. but meanwhile it updated from the play store and its linked to the play store so... i dunno.

But i dont think thats the case cause i installed and bought the app AccuBattery (via play store), only on this phone, and im facing the same issue.
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