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Jan 22, 2011
san antonio, tx
Couldn't resist stock recovery I still intact.
i went and tried to boot fastboot from adb, now i can't get anything to show other than the qualcomm crashdump mode, presumably because oneplus set this phone to make you select fastboot from recovery, and since it is not there, the adb command has me stuck in a boot loop. even rebooting it just gets me the same screen lol

edit: if someone stumbles upon this reply in a search and finds themselves in the same desperate scenario i did, the answer is to be very fast with button mashing. first press the volume up and power to get out of crash dump, then the instant the screen goes black, stop pressing power button and mash both volume buttons to get to fastboot
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    I tried it too, this was before I found out nord and nord n10 are totally different. I would say looks like we are at the mercy of our benefactor Billaids. I have pixel experience on my one plus 6. I've booted the pe recovery on my n10 but afraid to go further in case wanting to return to stock or try los. I've used msm tool but aways holding my breath doing so.
    yeah i did the same, now i get an error if i boot to recovery, but fastboot and system work fine. so i'll patiently be twiddling my thumbs until i also can push something a little more bootable to it lol
    These is nothing in the , so I guess there is no development being done at all. I was hoping for a usable lineage, but it needs a working TWRP.

    Is there anything being worked on that could be posted there to give us some hope?

    I'm currently working on A11, but I only uploaded A10 trees. I could share a PixelExperience A10 build. Its stable but has some small bugs like, DT2W doesnt work.

    I booted A11 already, but its buggy af. @kakatkayakshar helped me.
    With adb sideload in recovery, will release maybe tomorrow userdebug build
    Did you allready upload a A10 build? Or will you release it leater? ;)
    will post my A10 build tomorrow, gonna watch now the sopranos :)