{NoRoot} {KK-PiE} Sony Music+Dolby+ViPER4android {All-iN-OnE}

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Nov 15, 2015
Rename the the audio_effects.conf.txt to audio_effects.conf then move it to /system/etc and give permission 644 via twrp file manager then flash the viper
Thank u so much:cowboy::fingers-crossed: now working perfectly
Hello sir, flashed latest version of havoc is and now this comes with selinux enforced and after flashing viper4android file I get this. Please look at this and give solution.


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Pingu The Pinguin

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May 10, 2019
### Download ###

{NoRoot}{KK-PiE}Dolby Digital Plus™

still crash on havoc-os selinux enforce

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Even your device has not rooted...you have to root to install twrp...so basically this is rooted process.
no just install twrp
every twrp is not required to install magisk Lol

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Jun 10, 2018
Can anyone help me? Ive been flashing it again” and again, it always said “succesfull” with no red font at all, but yet everytime i reboot, i cant find the app.
Im on stock pie.
Can anyone share it with me?

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