Not Enough Space in Music Database?

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Jun 18, 2010
And it doesn't crash when sorted by composer with the same set of files that crashed when sorted by artist?

Not at all. I now have about 6 gigs more music than I could previously put on my SD card, and no problems. I am now only limited by the 16 gig card I have.

In fact, you can keep the artist tab shown and view by artist and watch the program crash, and then view by composer and it works fine with the exact same files.
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Aug 29, 2010
This is one of the first things I noticed about the music player after I loaded 20 gigs of music onto it. All the other browsing tabs work for me except for "artist." To be honest I didn't even bother trying to figure it out since there are plenty of other good players out there. I used Tunewiki for a while but jsut switched over to Doubletwist since it syncs my iTunes playlists so easily.


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Sep 7, 2006
Coral Gables, FL
OK, well I thought was the number of artists, but now I'm not so sure.

Maybe it has something to do with how the app handles various artists and/or unknown artists.

I added all my music, then deleted tracks from various artist albums until it worked again. I then put back the various artist album track and it didn't work, as expected.

I thought this was artist based, but when I got it working again--by deleting the track mentioned above--and then added a track for a various artist album by an artist that already existed, the app crashed too.

I then thought it might be song based. So I removed that song and then added a set of songs. However, it unexpectantly worked.

The difference with the set of songs added above is that they weren't part of a various artist album. They were a new artist, but the main album artist wasn't Various with a Contributing artist of the actual artist name. Instead, the Album Artist was the artist name and the contributing artist was left blank (or had the same name).

So, it is that the music app doesn't understand how to handle various artist albums?

Could someone else with this problem remove all the various artist albums from their collection and see if their app works again?

I tried this and I continue getting the same issue.


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Sep 7, 2006
Coral Gables, FL
I know workarounds suck for something like this, but there is another one available if you don't want to stop using the TW music player, and you don't want to delete or relocate your music.
Basically, you copy all artist information to Composer in the ID3 tag, and hide the artist tab in the TW music player. All functionality will be there.
I used mp3tag, and it worked really well.
If anyone is interested...
1. Load up your music in mp3tag
2. Select all your music in the app.
3. Push Alt-5.
4. On top right, click on "New".
5. Name it anything you want.
6. Click on "New" again.
7. On the drop-down, click on "Format Value".
8. In Field, select "COMPOSER".
9. Click on the right arrow next to Format String, and select "Artist".
10. Click OK... OK.... Make sure that only your new action is checked, and click OK again.
11. Click on Save.

This doesn't rename your files or change functionality or usability at all.
Now your music is formatted so that when you show the Composer tab on your Vibrant, it will show you all artists.

I like this workaround and it works well for me. However, it can be a bit of a pain. Here is an itunes script to do it for you instead of going one file at a time.


Place the file in your itunes/script/ directory, open itunes and select the songs you want to edit. Run the script from the itunes script menu and be patient! On my macbook (should be fine in windows), it edited at a rate of about 750 to 1000 songs per minute. There is no progress bar or anything but it is working. If you want to convince yourself, test it on a few songs first.

Hope this helps you guys out. Enjoy!
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