[Note 10/Note 10+][OneUI Pie][JetBlackUI][03-Jan-2020][v3] LightROM

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Apr 7, 2016
dear friend.
Can i use for n975u1?

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hi guys
Can i use this rom for SM-N975U1


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Jun 8, 2017
How to enable CSC features on this ROM? I have SER (Russia) region, call record and spam protection don't work, even if I turn them on in dialer settings.... Also no gooddlock apps. But rom is great, google camera (Idan's port) and stock camera work perfect. And another bug - I can't re-assign navigation buttons, "back" is always right-positioned :((

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    What's LightROM?
    LightROM Means Light System.
    This Can Be One Of Your Choice.
    (ROM Contains Basic Mods/Tweaks & It's Extremely Debloated For Seamless Experience)


    -Supported Variants - N10 SM-N970F & N10+ SM-N975F
    -Aroma Supported
    -Jet Black UI (System Apps Color Has Been Set To #000000)


    (If You Find Any Bugs, Report With Logs & Screenshot)


    Samsung & Google - Stock Firmwares
    TeamExyKings ROM Users
    Developer Groups:
    TeamExyKings - Support/Guides
    Elite Crew - Support/Guides
    Devs Group - Support/Guides
    TeamExyKings Members:
    @SomAdsul @AleR95 @rameshdbad @griffin98 @yash92duster
    @FevaX @duki994 @adityasingh78627 @HyperAlvi @prashantp01
    @cnkzlyr @Hunnymdn @JashanCheema @rohit9757 @wajdi_muh @adithyadinesh96
    Kernel Devs:
    Samsung - Stock Kernel
    geiti94 - Stock Modified Kernel
    TWRP Recovery:
    geiti94 - TWRP Recovery
    topjohnwu - Magisk
    Chainfire - SuperSU
    amarullz - Aroma Installer
    SuperR - SuperR's Donate Kitchen
    Ticklefish -Tickle My Android APK Tool
    osm0sis - Busybox Installer
    osm0sis - AIK
    ASSAYYED - Assayyed Kitchen (EOL)
    Boot Animations:
    DRSDavidSoft - Galaxy Animations
    ryan42680 - Galaxy Animations
    Samsung Fonts:
    Winb33 - SamsungSans 1060 Fonts
    Winb33 - SamsungSans 50 Fonts
    Smali Modder's/Tweaker's:
    Samsung Smali Modder's - Smali Mods
    amtra - Tips/Guides
    somadsul - Tips/Guides
    tdunham - Tips/Guides
    edzamber - Tips/Guides
    ::indie:: - Tips/Guides
    thereassaad - Tips/Guides
    BlackMesa123 - Tips/Guides
    geiti94 - Aroma Base Template
    khongloi113 - Secure Folder Patch
    ananjaser1211 - Refined CSC Tweaks
    AlexisXDA - Dolby Fix Stock S8/N8 & S9 Ports
    ambasadii - ROM Settings Custom Logo Guide
    Ouweshs28 - Magisk Data Mount Fix, Tips/Guides
    Alucard (Ridwan_Sn) - S9+ Port 3D Emojis Tips/Fix
    thereassaad & Grouxho - Screen Recorder App Mods
    asc1977 and koolkunz - Fingerprint After Reboot Guide
    venkat kamesh - Changelog Menu To SecSettings Guide
    edzamber & AbrahamGC - Iris Unlock After Reboot Guide
    KiLL-SwitCH - Fingerprint Skip SecSettings Guide, Tips/Guides
    corsicanu - MicroSD/Sim2 Tray Bypass, GoodLock App Mod, Tips/Guides
    KiLL-SwitCH - S9+ Port Dolby Fix, S9+ Port 3D Emojis, S9+ Bixby Vision Fix
    Bulldog74tsm & geiti94 - System-As-Root Device ROM Cooking - Tips/Guides
    Grouxho - Reboot Recovery Power Menu, MTP ByPass AutoPop, Tips/Guides


    -Flash geiti94 TWRP (Magisk Patched). It Comes With Boot.img, Recovery.img & vbmeta.img
    TWRP Link: [URL]https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-note-10+/development/recovery-twrp-galaxy-note-10-exynos-t3962219[/URL]
    *Flash Encryption Remover Zip & Select Format "DATA" and Type "Yes"
    TWRP Link: [URL]https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s10/samsung-galaxy-s10--s10--s10-5g-cross-device-development-exynos/g97xf-multi-disabler-encryption-t3919714[/URL]
    *In TWRP Recovery Format The Following:
    --"Internal, System, Dalvik/ART, Cache"
    *Flash ROM Zip
    *Reboot And Enjoy The ROM
    *** It May Take A While For ROM to Boot, So wait patiently ***


    AFH: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=301837

    [Addon's] JetBlack UI Mod Apps:
    Flash JetBlackUI Apps, Only If You Choose Modded Apps In ROM Aroma Installer
    AFH: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=301201

    [Addon's] Custom Fonts, Boot Animations, AdAway & Busybox:
    AFH: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=301200


    (Check Changelog.txt Inside Rom Zip For Complete Changelog)

    Changelog v3
    -Note 10+ N975FXXS1ASJG Android Pie Firmware
    -Android Security Patch Level - 01 November 2019
    -Odex Base
    #Basic Mods/Tweaks
    -Rom Logo For SecSettings
    -Device Status To Official
    -Camera Flash Light 1% Mod
    -SystemUI UI Tiles Updated
    -Enabled Outdoor Mode in Settings
    -TouchWizLauncher - 10 Icons to Dock
    -WRITE_MEDIA_STORAGE Permission To SD Card
    -Team Website Link For User Manual Tab In Settings
    -Install Old Package On Top ( Package Installation )
    -Navigation Bar Height Set To 40dpi (Stock dpi is 48)
    -Dual Sim + SD Card Hack ( Bypass MicroSD/Sim2 Tray Lock )
    -Secure Folder(KnoxSecure WorkSpace)
    -Auto MTP Connection (Connect To Laptop via USB Without Any Confirmation Pop Up)
    #Jet Black UI Mods
    (System Wide UI Color Code Is Set To JetBlack)
    #Enable Night Mode For JetBlackUI(#000000)
    -Framework-res.apk / SecSettings / SystemUI
    -Accessibility / Contacts / ClockPackage / Dialer
    -Digital Wellbeing / Gallery / InCallUI / Messages
    -MyFiles / Device Care / TouchWizHome Launcher
    #ScreenRecorder App v4.0.24
    -Selectable File Name Format 
    -Stop Recording When Screen Is Off & Max Recording Time When Screen Is Off.
    -Set Max Recording Time & Max Recording Time.
    -Show Time Text In Floating Button & Its Color.
    -Customize Floating Button BG Color & Button Color.
    -Stop Recording Added To The Custom Tile.
    -Notification Time Limit According To Selected Max Time.
    #CSC - Enabled Additional Tweaks
    #Build Prop - Enabled Additional Tweaks
    #Floating Feature - Enabled Additional Tweaks
    #Latest Bootloader & Modem
    #Under The Hood Optimizations


    ACR - AFG - AFR - ATO - AUT - BGL - BNG - CAC - CAM - CAU
    CHO - COO - DBT - DKR - ECT - EGY - EON - EUR - GTO - ILO - INS
    ITV - KSA - LAO - LUX - MID - MWD - MXO - MYM - NEE - NPL
    ORX - PAK - PEO - PHE - PHN - ROM - SEB - SEE - SEK - SKZ - SLK
    SMP - THL - THR - TTT - TUN -TUR - XEF - XEH - XEO - XEU - XEZ
    XFE - XME - XSG - XSP - XTC - XXV
    BKD - BTC - BTU - CPW - DOO - FWD - GLB - LYS - MM1 - NZC - OPS - SER
    SIN - SIO - SMA - STH - TEL - TNZ - TPA - VAU - VNZ - XFA - XFV - XNZ - XSA


    Stock Kernel
    Source Code: http://opensource.samsung.com/reception.do

    geiti94 kernel
    Source Code: https://github.com/geiti94/


    *You Prefer To Make Modifications To Your Device, So Kindly Proceed With Caution.
    *Flash Custom ROM's At Your Own Risk.
    *We Are Not Responsible For Bricked Devices.
    *Always Backup Your IMEI/EFS & Your Personal Data To External Storage.
    *Your Warranty Is VOID After You Flash TWRP Recovery.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [Note 10/Note 10+][OneUI Pie][JetBlackUI][03-Jan-2020][v3] LightROM, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

    ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: TWRP Recovery

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: v3
    Stable Release Date: 2020-01-03

    Created 2019-10-19
    Last Updated 2020-02-08
    AddOn's and modded rom does not exist link not working
    Tuesday ill add other links.
    I'm away from home, I'll add some mods and update Rom on Tuesday.
    Good day
    @yash92duster Nice to see u here in note10 forum. :highfive:
    Did u removed download link? Because it's not working for me. :confused:
    Hello dear.

    Rom is not yet ready for public use.
    Its tagged testing in Devdb.

    Just finished updating 8 roms and currently uploading them.

    I'm working on n10 rom too.

    Good day
    I tried to download the rom but it says the files have been deleted. Do you have an alternate link ?
    Rom is live now.

    New build has been tested on note 10 and it boots fine now.
    FYI It's November patch.
    Check and report.

    Good day