Note 20 Ultra has a secret 96hz display refresh rate - Here is how to enable it

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  • Feb 21, 2015
    Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra


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      Hi All,

      Seems like Samsung has added some trick to their Note 20 Ultra, beside the Adaptive refresh option.
      = Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has a hidden 96Hz display mode=

      Normally, adaptive refresh rate from display sesstings in Galaxy Note 20 Ultra allows the phone, based on the actual open application to refresh the screen from 1hz up to 120hz.
      With this 96hz hidden option you can restrict the adaptive refresh rate to work from 1hz up to 96hz allowing your phone to prolong battery life.

      [{id=1, width=1440, height=3200, fps=60.000004},
      {id=2, width=1440, height=3200, fps=48.0},

      {id=3, width=1080, height=2400, fps=120.00001},
      {id=4, width=1080, height=2400, fps=96.00001},
      {id=5, width=1080, height=2400, fps=60.000004},
      {id=6, width=1080, height=2400, fps=48.0},

      {id=7, width=720, height=1600, fps=120.00001},
      {id=8, width=720, height=1600, fps=96.00001},
      {id=9, width=720, height=1600, fps=60.000004},
      {id=10, width=720, height=1600, fps=48.0}]

      everyone says it is working. check and comment.
      Nice! but why do this? Imagine spending so much money on a phone to run it at 96hz
      If it's anything like the S20U then it surprisingly makes a significant difference in battery life, and can not tell the difference between 96hz and 120hz. On my S20U I got almost 2hrs more SOT running 96hz. Will give my Note 20U a couple weeks before I post results on the Note20U though.
      Thanks OP...working Note 20 Ultra

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      Probably to save a little battery but still have the option of more then standard 60hz. Having different options is always a good thing.

      Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
      Thanks. Now only if we could force 96hz and at 1440p.
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