Note 3 vs. Note 4 - for anyone still on the fence

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    I have all the Samsung Note.
    The difference for me between a Note 3 and 4 is all speed and screen.
    I'm so happy with the upgrade and I must say I didn't expect to be so impressed about the difference.
    So satisfied, but battery is hopelessly bad .
    Like Note 1 and 2 the battery drain is ridiculous.

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    I always rushed in upgrading Samusng phones like I bought note 2 and note 3 brand new after few days of launch but not any more. I believe the price difference is not worth spending as of now so I am waiting for price to go down.
    I am decided to stay on note 3. Then....
    I had note3 and now note 4, but I think it will be my last samsung, no root no party.

    I have a Rooted Note 3 with knox 0x0. And I am having party.

    Galaxy Note 4 is project CERO.

    It has all the features and power that a real Galaxy Note brand should have.

    This must be your FIRST Galaxy Note ever.

    The before series where just a mere Beta testing versions.

    Note 1 = Beta 1
    Note 2 = Beta 2
    Note 3 = Beta 3
    Note 4 = Gold Edition Final Production. Project CERO.