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note 4 playstore issues

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Senior Member
Sep 27, 2014
salt lake city
Oh so I'm stumped on this one....first off I'm rooted and running a TEKXODUS Hybrid n4 rom.i have the newest version of playstore installed that I installed with luckypatcher.apk in witch I have done many times with out a problem until now..the problem is any app that I've ever downloaded from the store in the past that I want to install again on my phone is none existent...when I open the store and type the app into the search bar it will even bring it up as a suggestion but when I tap it it will take me to all the similar apps to the one I'm looking for but the specific one I'm looking for is not to be found....anyware!...the only time I can find said app is if I go into (my apps) and tap the all option and scroll thrue the thousands of apps iv installed in the past. ....any ideas?..and thanks in advance