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Note 4 - WiFi Performance is worse than the Note 3

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Oct 27, 2008
Hi all,

WiFi test here same spot and both are testing at different times. The note 3 *always* beats out the Note 4. SM910W8 version here (Qualcomm)

Note 4 - 13.08 Mbps vs Note 3 - 16.97 Mbps



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Oct 27, 2008
Yeah I can get faster speeds standing next to the router, but its not as speedy when far away.


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Mar 17, 2008
Are you trying it with an Asus router? In my own tests, the Note 4 seems to perform worse with Asus routers like the RT-AC68U, but faster with the Netgear! I think the phone needs some driver optimisations


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Jul 22, 2010
Central NJ
the note 4 and galaxy tab series have an amazing wifi radio. they both pull like 70mbps in the furthest room in my house on my Asus dark Knight router. whereas my g2 only pulled 25mbps.. same with my nexus 7. this thing rocks.

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Oct 19, 2014
Unfortunately, I experience a **** ton of Wifi drops - so yeah, my wifi performance has been less than satisfactory on this phone. Probably one of the only gripes I've had about it.


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Jul 4, 2013
Unfortunately, I experience a **** ton of Wifi drops - so yeah, my wifi performance has been less than satisfactory on this phone. Probably one of the only gripes I've had about it.

Echoing this as well. Connection is unreliable even when near router. Maybe I should try to connect on 2.4Ghz and try again (all the while on 5Ghz and it's crap). My Cat 6 LTE speed (typically betweek 80-110Mbps) trash what I could get on WiFi.


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Nov 30, 2010
My note 4 is less stable and has less range than my LG g2. But here are the results. On my moca 1.1 connection with 300' of coax between moca boxes and my dir-825 wireless router.
Note 4
73.58mb down
22.51mb up

78.12mb down
20.33mb up

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Apr 17, 2012
Have been using 5g on my note 4 since release with an ac68u on the Merlin fork firmware by John. Never experienced any drops or low speed even when im on the second floor with the door closed in my room,when the router is down stairs.

The only thing in unhappy about is that using ES file explorer,transferring a file to and from my NAS to the phone is limited to about 10.5MBps. Much better than the note 3 of course but was expecting at least 30MBps or so....

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Aug 4, 2009
I compare with iPhone 6 Plus, it load faster than it. It is loaded pretty fast to me. By the way mine is Exynos edition. No worried here. :)


Oct 21, 2014
Just got my Note 4 yesterday and just ran a test on my wi-fi right now... 125 mbs down and 12 mbs up. Basically identical to my desktop, can't complain at all.


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Oct 27, 2008
For everyone posting speed tests please specify what technology your the signal was on at the time. Please do not post stupid answers like 'Get a new router' or 'Upgrade your ISP' these people are idiots so don't be one. Every router I try with the results are the same. Note 4 about 1/3rd the speed of the Note 3 being tested. FYI the upload is slow just like the download.

Here with 802.11 G/N 2.4 Ghz, the speed is complete crap compared to the Note 3. Even went as far as re-flashing the whole phone and no luck. Added a separate SSID as Fast to my router on 5 Ghz n 40 Mhz and connected to it. Didn't make a difference.

There are lots of reports online and I'm sure they're going to be more:
- http://forum.xda-developers.com/note-4/help/slow-wifi-t2904971
- http://forum.xda-developers.com/note-4-tmobile/help/wifi-slow-t2908291
- http://forums.androidcentral.com/samsung-galaxy-note-4/454082-note-4-slow-wifi-speeds-help.html
- http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/s.../note-4-slow-wifi-download-speed-4853494.html
- http://connect.dpreview.com/forums/post/54619093
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Alex Atkin UK

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Jan 4, 2007
Its worth noting that the speedtest.net app has never NEVER gotten close to my broadband speed on any Android handset I have owned so far, even though WiFi throughput when tested by iperf is usually much greater than my broadband speed.

Also, my Note 4 had a day one update waiting that once I applied has messed up my WiFi performance. Before the update I noticed Google Play installing apps at my full average broadband speed of 66Mbit, after the update its all over the place. Its bad, but it does at least suggest this is a software problem so fixable.

Interestingly, before the update when connected at 866Mbit 802.11ac, I got EXACTLY the same throughput (260Mbit) as the Note 3 did connected at 433Mbit.

On the other hand WiFi reliability seems to be vastly superior to the Note 2 or 3. When I do anything with the LIFX app its instant, there was always a little delay on the Note 3.
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Mar 5, 2009
Near Paris
In parts of the world OTHER THAN North America, those speeds are on the low end of normal!
You might want to say that this is normal in Asia. I live in Europe and besides 4G that is just deploying, average ADSL stays below 15 MB download. I'm quite lucky and have 20 MB through ADSL and up to 55~60 with 4G [emoji41]

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    I don't need a general message on how to compare wifi, but thanks anyways. There's no way it should be 3-5x slower standing right in front of the router.

    Also try on G or N and let us know the results.

    That said, no one here's going to magically cure your problem which is obviously isolated or this would be a 20 page thread by now. So your choices, which have always been the same for anyone having individual Wi-Fi issues are:

    1. Return the phone and get a different model/brand which works with the networks you connect to.

    2. Live with it and hope that future s/w updates to the radios may improve performance on the networks you connect to.
    I travel a lot and connect to a ton of hotel, airport, corporate, coffee house, and carrier networks in and outside the U.S. So far, having been in Japan, Germany, and the UK since I got my Note 4, I haven't had any wireless connectivity issues (attributable to the Note 4) at all. On some networks I use regularly it greatly outperforms my old Note 3. I know that doesn't help you but may help those this thread is freaking out.

    P.S. - I've never seen a new device released that hasn't had a thread just like this with some folks having wireless issues.
    Yup it seems pretty wide spread. Thanks for chiming in. We need more details to try and figure out a pattern here.

    We know its a problem with the Note 4 and not routers but what kind of bands, security, bandwidth etc is the router setup for?

    Your one man crusade trying to champion a problem that less than a dozen people have reported is getting tedious. You got run out of a similar thread on the AT&T Note 4 forum; trying for a repeat? You and a handful of others are having some Wi-Fi issues. You're not in a position to speak for the royal we. I could care less about what you post or don't post. I'm only challenging you so that people coming here for pre-purchase info don't get freaked out by your limited and therefore baseless assumptions.
    Hi all, although not specifically Note 4 related I have had similar problems with other devices and routers. For example my mums sony tablet would connect to her BT Homehub router but would drop out all the time and sometimes not even connect.

    I found that changing the channel in the router settings fixed this, I think it was originally on channel 6 but I changed to 10 or 11.

    Might help.:)
    That's a very valid point and I'd like to add to it, if I may.

    If you get a Wi-Fi Analyser off the play store, you'll be able to see what "traffic" there is on the air waves around you and it will aid you in choosing the least congested frequency.

    On my road, we all pretty much have the same provider and the equipment we have at it's default settings, run on the same channel. So I made sure the channel I use is farthest one away from everyone else's.

    Food for thought for those having issues.
    Correct, what region is your device? I had to download my firmware yesterday and took the best part of 4.5 hours on the crap hosts samfirmware and Samsung-updates use, but I uploaded to a faster host, more than happy to give you the link if you want it, it's the BTU firmware for the 910F snapdragon.

    Yeah, downloading the firmware from Sammobile, slowly, as I type right now. I have an Exynos N910C from UAE, and the firmware is XSG. Thanks for the kind offer though :good:
    Note 4 Verizon Snapdragon retail edition, running on both 2.4Ghz nd 5Ghz on my Linksys E4200 600 mbps router, poor performance. Noticed when my LTE connection was running faster than my wifi, and apps were taking forever to download.

    The highest speed I got was after trying to fool around with channels in my router settings and rebooting