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Note 8.0 or upcoming LG G Pad 8.3?

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Senior Member
Mar 13, 2009
I think LG G Pad hands down.

I had the Note 8.0 and it was just a "meh" experience.

I just put up my review on u tube channel, and honestly, this tablet does sooooo many more things than the Note 8.0, and the things that BOTH of them do, it is my finding LG G Pad just does it better. (S Pen excluded of course, but truthfully, after the 1st day I barely ever took the S Pen out...



I may be a liitle bias...lol ...and by the way, the above shot was taken with my Samsung Galaxy 16 MP Camera And I couldn't get good color reproduction for the life of me...Took about 10 shots and this is the best one...( Just sayin' Sammy...grrrr)

Ms. D

I just watched your review, great job! I love the tablet, it's thin, light weight and has a great build quality. My only issue is the contract levels are is just a little too dark for some movie viewing! :)
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Senior Member
Jul 29, 2012
Im looking at downsizing from my note 10.1 to an 8inch tablet and I'm really stuck on what one to get I'm a real Samsung fan boy I'm used to touchwiz. I was going to get the Samsung galaxy tab 3 8.0 but now I see people raving about the LG pad. I have a Galaxy note 3 and I like the way my phone sync with Samsung I don't know if I would like the LG skin I'm so confused at what to get


Senior Member
Oct 12, 2013
Im looking at downsizing from my note 10.1 to an 8inch tablet and I'm really stuck on what one to get I'm a real Samsung fan boy I'm used to touchwiz. I was going to get the Samsung galaxy tab 3 8.0 but now I see people raving about the LG pad. I have a Galaxy note 3 and I like the way my phone sync with Samsung I don't know if I would like the LG skin I'm so confused at what to get

I 'downgraded' from my Note 10.1 2014 to the LG G pad. It's a much better value to me!

To me the G pad, reminds me of the Optimus G Pro. Everyone has one loves it, but no one has one! I honestly thought $350 was a fair price for all that it offers. I like the LG UI, and the Qpair app is very useful when my phone is upstairs. I also have a GG hooked to my Note3, and when I get a text/call, all three devices ring. So no compatibility issues there with having a Galaxy Gear paired with my phone.


Senior Member
May 31, 2010
Is qpair wifi enabled? Would you say the tab 3 is crap compared to the LG I'm finding it so hard to leave Samsung to get a LG

Don't be scared to leave them... I had every Samsung phone starting with the T419! I only would use Samsung, then after I got the "much anticipated S4" and I was sorta disappointed with the stuttering, I was in AT&T store and happened to play with the Optimus G Pro and was like, "This, this, is the experience I should have been getting from the S4..."!!

I exchanged S4 for the LG Optimus G Pro and have never looked back! Both LG & Samsung outsource their software features & companies like Pantech design for both companies, but I think LG devotes more time to the implementation, as they run much better...Also, LG seems more priced for the smart consumer, and their Q Pair is designed to work with ANY phone, not keep you locked in to LG's ecosphere....Tab 3 has "watered down specs" compared to the LG Pad 8.3... For the extra 100 bucks u get 10 times the tablet experience....

and yes Qpair works with your phone's Bluetooth connection,......

***Note:Qpair DOES have a feature that would allow u to "share ur phones 3G/4G connection without a hotspot or wifi," however, all the versions sold in the United States comes with this feature permanently disabled, but G Pad CAN connect for data thru any hotspot OR wifi independent of the phone ur pairing it with....(No biggie, Its just one extra step)

Ms D
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Senior Member
Feb 12, 2011
For me, the note 8 remains the better device.

The screen on my Note 8 got cracked recently (dog nudged it off my lap) and I was interested in getting a newer, faster 8 incher. I picked up the gpad and am disappointed:

- screen: note 8 is lower resolution, but much brighter. For me, a screen that's as dim as the LG is worth much less since it's almost unusable outside.
- color balance: LG's is adjustable, but not as good as the Note to begin with or even after a lot of fiddling. Now, that one is definitely "to me," since I recognize that the Samsung screen tends to be bluer and some folks prefer warmer tones.
- performance: I use the Note 8 with Civ's kernel and it performs as well as or better than the gpad in real world use. In benchmarks, the gpad blows it out of the water but those who remember the first release of the Note software as being prone to stutter - well, the gpad does a lot of stuttering in my hands.
- infrared remote: the gpad's IR blaster is better placed but WAY less useful. LG has apprently locked down access to the IR emitter, so none of the excellent multiremote tools work. You can control a TV and a set-top box with this.

Both the IR issue and the stuttering issue can, in theory, be addressed with software updates.

From what I've read, LG is slower on them than Samsung is.

I'm distinctly underwhelmed and still prefer the gimped Note.

I want to see how the new HP 8 inch device looks.
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Senior Member
Aug 10, 2012
Note8 Is very nice
Next models will all have better screen...

I think I will go with Samsung and its Pen in the future.

But as long screen are pixilated, it s a no go.

Maybe next year.


Senior Member
May 2, 2010
The LG V510 Service manual spotted on Nov 12 2013


The Nexus 5 LG D821 service manual was leaked Oct 5th, and then Google and LG release the Nexus in Nov 2013.

so may this lg v510 hit market before the end of 2013?


That's the first time I've seen that. If it's not fake, then it's the best indication, so far, that LG realy is producing a Nexus 8. If it's true and they can bring it out in the next few weeks, it will be great!


Nov 18, 2013
the LG pad has higher pixel density

the annoying thing is that the LG pad has no external memory slot but it has a higher pixel density which makes a difference for gaming I guess.
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    Just made a compilation of the requests made on "new device request forum".
    Go there and give me thanks so we can be on the top of the most thanks on "new device request forum" :)


    PS: i hope they don't delete my post there; i made so many quotes :)
    LG has published the source for the G Pad here:


    Props to bigcatman over on the Android Central G Pad forum for posting this.

    As an aside, this G Pad was stupid simple to root. Would love to see some development on it.
    The G Pad now has its own forum on XDA! Just figured I'd post here one more time to let anyone know who might have only been checking this thread.
    Sorry to put this up, but if you didn't need the s-pen, then you chose the wrong line of product in the first place.not realizing that and still comparing two different lines of products is a bit unfair to be honest that too especially in the Note 8 forum. Entire Note line is based around 1 thing primarily and it's the S-pen. Comparing G-pad to samsungs galaxy tab 3 would be more in the same league.

    (mods: Hope you read this and give LG G-padders their own forum to bash note 8 or anything to their hearts content )

    I wasn't trying to bash anything, sorry if it came across that way, not intended : )

    However, the post asks "Note 8.0 or G Pad " and I think many ppl are torn between the 2 devices. My reply was directed at that question, not trying to down anyone/anything, but truly the G Pad is 6 months+ newer than the Note 8, I would expect it be a better device, and that's not bashing, that's just logic : )

    And I respectfully disagree that "anyone getting the Note line that doesn't need the S Pen chooses the wrong device to begin with."

    I bought the Note 8.0 not "needing" an S Pen, but THINKING I might use it for all the cool stuff it can do, and "WOUND up NOT using it", as I am certain prolly 50% of Note Users are like me. The way Samsung advertises it looks very appealing & like a very convenient way to interact with a phone/device, something that you will use in almost every action, but really there are a significant amount of Note users that still find it somewhat cumbersome to put to "real world use"...and rarely remove it from its lil slot.. : )

    Ms D
    i have rooted my g pad with Kingo Android ROOT :p

    I don't see the G Pad listed as a supported device on the Kingo website. You were brave to try it! Did you also install a custom recovery on your G Pad?

    ---------- Post added at 04:22 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:05 PM ----------

    FYI, AndroidForums.com created a sub-forum for the G Pad today:


    So, if xda doesn't want to give us a forum, we can go there, instead ;)