Note 8 prepurchase question

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Mar 6, 2011
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Going to upgrade my Note 5 and buy Note 8 and connect it to Verizon
1. Are overstocked phone new phone?
For example this:
Advertised as new, but in white box, without original box
Does it real new phone with original screen film, or with transparent, not original sticker?

Manufacturer refurbished just $100 cheaper

2. Are all notes 8 the same?
Should I buy Verizon locked version or FACTORY UNLOCKED?
I will ask seller to check IMEI via Verizon website before shipping phone to me, but what if no one FACTORY UNLOCKED IMEI will not be accepted by Verizon? Ask to send me Verizon locked?

3. Is FACTORY UNLOCKED proof that phone does not have downgradable bootloader?
I want to root it when 80% charging will be fixed.

Thank you

PS: Hate Samsung, but like their phones
Hate Verizon, but like their network
Hate Knox, Samsung(google, apple) pay, visual voicemail, Google Maps newer than 6.14
never use screen lock


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Feb 4, 2014
If you're looking to buy a phone on eBay I would highly recommend Swappa! Much better quality and trusted. Alot of eBay sellers do sell fake Chinese clones so that is why I would use Swappa.