Note 8 Venom Custom Samsung Themes And Overlayers

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Note 8 Venom's Custom Samsung Themes Second Post! This is a overlay and samsung themes thread..the goal of the thread is to provide overlays and themes not available from substratum or standard samsung themes..I have created a telegram chat so we can communicate more effectively, post questions and request will have much better access to the devs in there.. op is a wip uploading files and stuff still..when you install a new overlay screenshot it so you can know the name if you want to uninstall...then go to settings apps to find and uninstall. Read the thread please..

@Tigerhoods Overlayers

Link: Blacknav.nogreystatus.keyguard.clean

Link: Same.w.out.qs.time.centered

Link: Grey.notifactions

Link: Asop Navbar wpress

Link: ParaPaperNav

Link: PixelNavbarwpress

Link: TransparentNavbar

Theme C o f f e e

Theme Service Disabler with Tasker + bk

XDA:DevDB Information
Note 8 Venom Custom Samsung Themes And Overlayers (2017 Phone)

Venom0642, Tigerhoods, crayonyes

Version Information
Status: Stable

Created 2017-09-23
Last Updated 2017-09-29
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Venom0642 Custom Samsung Theme Note8, S8, S8 Plus, S8 Active

Venom0642 Custom Samsung Theme Note8, S8, S8 Plus, S8 Active

Tron Legacy Theme

Tron Legacy v6.0 Link:

Wicked Venom Theme!

Wicked Venom v6.0 Link:

Change log Updated Wicked Venom Theme v6.0

Added few fixes!

Wonder Woman Theme!

Wonder Woman v6.0 Link :

If you don't have XDA Labs get it from here

Remember once you install mine themes it will show up in Samsung Theme Store as trial, hit trial and if you have Substratum Theme killer once you apply my theme reboot and disable with theme killer , Second option Use BK Package Disabler and find theme store and theme center clear cache on both and disable, And theme will stick, 3 option which is the one i use to make it stick is Tasker go to first post and follow those instructions!
Thanks and Enjoy!

If you don't have any of the above tools to disable theme store and theme center , Then read to get them to stick Thanks!
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Theme Service Disable BK Manager and Tasker Mod For Custom Themes

Credit To @crayonyes
This is by far the most excellent solution to prevent custom theme from reverting to default theme (at least for me .. LoL )
Can be used for non-rooted and rooted phone.
Does it have advantages over common and other procedures? You bet it has!

When using custom samsung themes from xda, the theme will be Trial theme and in 10 minutes or after reboot,theme will revert to samsung default theme.
This is because there's samsung theme engine service that runs in background and can auto-start itself.
There are common procedures to prevent this, root and non root ways..
But it's pita to do this over and over again.

What are benefits of this procedure ?
- you can reboot and do nothing else.
- apply a theme and do nothing else!

What do you need for this?
2 apps: Tasker and bk package disabler.
install them from playstore, and you'll need to setup and run bk package disabler before,
make sure you have disable other Theme Killer, and have Theme store accessible from settings.
then test if you can disable & enable both Samsung Themes and Themes from bk


1. ignore permission RUN_IN_BACKGROUND for theme store and themecenter using adb (you only need to do this once)
You need a computer / laptop for this.
more info about adb here:

in adb cmd , type:

adb shell cmd appops set RUN_IN_BACKGROUND ignore
adb shell cmd appops set RUN_IN_BACKGROUND ignore

2. open tasker and import these profiles and task (attached XMLs)
how to import:
Profile: long press in Profile tab, then choose Import > choose xml file.
Task: long press in Tasks tab, then choose Import > choose tsk xml file.

3. Set up Toggle Themes quicksetting
go to Tasker preferences, tab Action,
in Quick Settings Tasks row 2, click on magnifier button and select "Toggle Themes", close tasker
Now expand notification and edit button order (3 dots on top right),
drag the first "Unset" icon to inside of quick toggles box, click done.
Now you have shortcut to toggle between:
- disable all theme service (so themes wont revert)
- enable theme service then open theme store , for quick access and better experience :good:

4. Set up disable High Volume Warning (optional)
If you want to skip this, unlink task VolumeWarningOff in tasker profile DeviceBoot and ThemesTimer. And continue to step 5.
install attached Tasker_Toggle_Setting.8.apk
then set permission in adb ( only once after install )

adb shell pm grant com.tasker.togglesetting android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

5. Close Tasker by using back button,
Reboot and make sure Tasker profiles and tasks are still there..
Also turn on accessibility setting for Tasker, so it knows when theme apply finished.

6. Now you can apply theme without hassle.

theme update has broken the tasker method, disable profile ThemeExit in tasker,
and just use Toggle Themes from quicksetting :good:

use the quick toggle created in step 3.
and toggle should work like this:


Files You Need To Do The Above! Posted and need Tasker
And BK Disabler

View attachment DeviceBoot.prf.xml

View attachment SetVarThemestore0.tsk.xml

View attachment Themes.prf.xml

View attachment ThemesTimer.prf.xml

View attachment Toggle_Themes.tsk.xml

View attachment Tasker_Toggle_Setting.8.apk
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Any update on 0pt nav bar? Thats the one im waiting for :p
@Tigerhoods will answer that soon!

Before this thread get too long, I think it would be nice to post screens of the various layers. Some of these aren't readily apparent by the name.
I agree, tell @Tigerhoods to do that i am here to help, but i have my own projects to do on my Custom Samsung theme lol ??

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Aug 24, 2010
I'm very glad to see you guys are here. I've been really missing NavBarHeight30 overlays mod from S8+. Thanks guys.

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