[Note 9][OneUI Pie][JetBlackUI][03-Jan-2020][v22] LightROM

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Jul 16, 2016
Really great ROM, used it on my Note 8 and now on my Note 9. Would anyone happen to know how I could get the "Record" button on the call screen instead of the "Add Call" button, like so?


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Feb 10, 2020

Genuinely Love this ROM. the brightness does it for me. Complemented by Zeus Kernel, man, I came here not knowing what Im doing, but I am really enjoyin it, so thanks. May we always make the same smartphone purchase decisions. :mad:
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Oct 11, 2013
HI and Hello All

So my Note runs android 10 march sec update
and I love to go back to pie and try this rom
when i flash it thru TWRP the device just stuck on first Samsung logo
I Triesdboth stock and TPG kernel but no luck
Any advice here to downgrade to pie with this rom please pals??
thanks and sorry for my bad english


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Sep 2, 2008
Hello. Using this ROM now for playing Pokemon go on my note 9, but after following tips on the magisk pogo thread i still get the message about modified or incompatible phone after a few minutes.

Using the Riku core and isolated storage mods to stop pogo from trying to access my twrp folder and other stuff, hiding root from pogo and play services to.

Passes safety net.

Any tips or ideas?


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Apr 19, 2020
I bought a galaxy note 9 online and it worked great for 3 weeks then ,bang it shuts down and i get this rent-a-center freeze lock device and i cant use it at all Ive written to them emailed and even called after no response through numerous emails i finally called and they have no record of my phone says the iemi # was in their system but it was paid off and there's nothing they can do my question is why was it locked and wtf , really so this phone was paid for and still locked. they wanted me to send it in cant bring it in had to mail it sounds like a bull crap scam i hate rental places always have this just seals the deal for me . i have tried Odin with the stock zip files and combination files andi get error code binary not compatible. help i need to somehow wipe it or disable Knox Ive tried the calculator trick nothing it keeps booting back yo the rac lock . please helppppp..


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Jan 25, 2018
can't install samsung stock camera

After flash this rom, I can't see samsung stock camera. I tried to install it from apk on internet but not successfully. I flashed this rom again, tick on install samsung camera. But after that, samsung camera still not installed. Give me solution. Thanks. :):)

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    What's LightROM?
    LightROM Means Light System.
    This Can Be One Of Your Choice.
    (ROM Contains Basic Mods/Tweaks & It's Extremely Debloated For Seamless Experience)


    -Supported Variants - Note 9 SM-N960F/FD
    -Aroma Supported
    -Jet Black UI (System Apps Color Has Been Set To #000000)


    (If You Find Any Bugs, Report With Logs & Screenshot)


    Samsung & Google - Stock Firmwares
    TeamExyKings ROM Users
    Developer Groups:
    TeamExyKings - Support/Guides
    Elite Crew - Support/Guides
    Devs Group - Support/Guides
    TeamExyKings Members:
    @SomAdsul @AleR95 @rameshdbad @griffin98 @yash92duster
    @FevaX @duki994 @adityasingh78627 @HyperAlvi @prashantp01
    @cnkzlyr @Hunnymdn @JashanCheema @rohit9757 @wajdi_muh @adithyadinesh96
    Kernel Devs:
    Samsung - Stock Kernel
    djb77 - TGP Kernel
    6h0st - Phantom Kernel
    TWRP Recovery:
    corsicanu - TWRP Recovery
    topjohnwu - Magisk
    Chainfire - SuperSU
    amarullz - Aroma Installer
    SuperR - SuperR's Donate Kitchen
    Ticklefish -Tickle My Android APK Tool
    osm0sis - Busybox Installer
    osm0sis - AIK
    ASSAYYED - Assayyed Kitchen (EOL)
    Boot Animations:
    DRSDavidSoft - Galaxy Animations
    ryan42680 - Galaxy Animations
    Samsung Fonts:
    Winb33 - SamsungSans 1060 Fonts
    Winb33 - SamsungSans 50 Fonts
    Smali Modder's/Tweaker's:
    Samsung Smali Modder's - Smali Mods
    amtra - Tips/Guides
    somadsul - Tips/Guides
    tdunham - Tips/Guides
    edzamber - Tips/Guides
    ::indie:: - Tips/Guides
    thereassaad - Tips/Guides
    BlackMesa123 - Tips/Guides
    geiti94 - Aroma Base Template
    khongloi113 - Secure Folder Patch
    ananjaser1211 - Refined CSC Tweaks
    AlexisXDA - Dolby Fix Stock S8/N8 & S9 Ports
    ambasadii - ROM Settings Custom Logo Guide
    Ouweshs28 - Magisk Data Mount Fix, Tips/Guides
    Alucard (Ridwan_Sn) - S9+ Port 3D Emojis Tips/Fix
    thereassaad & Grouxho - Screen Recorder App Mods
    asc1977 and koolkunz - Fingerprint After Reboot Guide
    venkat kamesh - Changelog Menu To SecSettings Guide
    edzamber & AbrahamGC - Iris Unlock After Reboot Guide
    KiLL-SwitCH - Fingerprint Skip SecSettings Guide, Tips/Guides
    corsicanu - MicroSD/Sim2 Tray Bypass, GoodLock App Mod, Tips/Guides
    KiLL-SwitCH - S9+ Port Dolby Fix, S9+ Port 3D Emojis, S9+ Bixby Vision Fix
    Bulldog74tsm & geiti94 - System-As-Root Device ROM Cooking - Tips/Guides
    Grouxho - Reboot Recovery Power Menu, MTP ByPass AutoPop, Tips/Guides


    *In TWRP Recovery Format The Following:
    --"Internal, System, Dalvik/ART, Cache"
    *Flash ROM Zip
    *Reboot And Enjoy The ROM
    *** It May Take A While For ROM to Boot, So wait patiently ***


    AFH: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=301838

    [Addon's] JetBlack UI Mod Apps:
    Flash JetBlackUI Apps, Only If You Choose Modded Apps In ROM Aroma Installer
    AFH: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=301202

    [Addon's] Custom Fonts, Boot Animations, AdAway & Busybox:
    AFH: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=301199


    (Check Changelog.txt Inside Rom Zip For Complete Changelog)

    Changelog v22
    -Note 9 N960FXXS3CSI5 Android Pie Firmware
    -Android Security Patch Level - 01 October 2019
    -Odex Base
    #Basic Mods/Tweaks
    -Rom Logo For SecSettings
    -Device Status To Official
    -Camera Flash Light 1% Mod
    -SystemUI UI Tiles Updated
    -Enabled Outdoor Mode in Settings
    -TouchWizLauncher - 10 Icons to Dock
    -WRITE_MEDIA_STORAGE Permission To SD Card
    -Team Website Link For User Manual Tab In Settings
    -Install Old Package On Top ( Package Installation )
    -Navigation Bar Height Set To 40dpi (Stock dpi is 48)
    -Dual Sim + SD Card Hack ( Bypass MicroSD/Sim2 Tray Lock )
    -Secure Folder(KnoxSecure WorkSpace)
    -Auto MTP Connection (Connect To Laptop via USB Without Any Confirmation Pop Up)
    #Jet Black UI Mods
    (System Wide UI Color Code Is Set To JetBlack)
    #Enable Night Mode For JetBlackUI(#000000)
    -Framework-res.apk / SecSettings / SystemUI
    -Accessibility / Contacts / ClockPackage / Dialer
    -Digital Wellbeing / Gallery / InCallUI / Messages
    -MyFiles / Device Care / TouchWizHome Launcher
    #ScreenRecorder App v4.0.24
    -Selectable File Name Format 
    -Stop Recording When Screen Is Off & Max Recording Time When Screen Is Off.
    -Set Max Recording Time & Max Recording Time.
    -Show Time Text In Floating Button & Its Color.
    -Customize Floating Button BG Color & Button Color.
    -Stop Recording Added To The Custom Tile.
    -Notification Time Limit According To Selected Max Time.
    #CSC - Enabled Additional Tweaks
    #Build Prop - Enabled Additional Tweaks
    #Floating Feature - Enabled Additional Tweaks
    -Stock Kernel
    -TGP Kernel v1.6.4
    #Latest Bootloader & Modem
    #Under The Hood Optimizations


    ACR - AFG - AFR - ATO - AUT - BGL - BNG - BRI - CAC - CAM - CAU - DBT
    DKR - ECT - EGY - EUR - ILO - INS - ITV - KSA - LAO - LUX - MID - MWD
    MYM - NEE - NPL - ORX - PAK - PHE - PHN - ROM - SEB - SEE - SEK - SKZ
    SLK - THL - THR - TPH - TUN - TUR - XEF - XEH - XEO - XEU - XFZ - XFE
    XME - XSG - XSP - XTC - XXV
    BTC - BTU - CEL - CPW - GLB - LYS - MAT - MM1 - NZC - OPS - PCL - PNG
    PTR - SIN - SMA - SMP - STH - TEB - TEL - TMC - TNZ - VAU - VFJ - VNZ
    WTL - XFA - XNX - XNZ - XSA


    Stock Kernel
    Source Code: http://opensource.samsung.com/reception.do

    TGP kernel
    Source Code: https://github.com/TheGalaxyProject/


    *You Prefer To Make Modifications To Your Device, So Kindly Proceed With Caution.
    *Flash Custom ROM's At Your Own Risk.
    *We Are Not Responsible For Bricked Devices.
    *Always Backup Your IMEI/EFS & Your Personal Data To External Storage.
    *Your Warranty Is VOID After You Flash TWRP Recovery.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [Note 9][OneUI Pie][JetBlackUI][03-Jan-2020][v22] LightROM, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

    ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
    ROM Firmware Required: Samsung Galaxy N9 SM-N960F/FD, TWRP Recovery

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: v22
    Stable Release Date: 2020-01-03

    Created 2019-01-15
    Last Updated 2020-02-08
    Dear LightROM Users,

    I've Started Uploading new builds.

    13/26 uploaded so far

    Good day