Note FE - International firmware (N935F) available to download

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Jun 2, 2013
Ah, forgot about that.

Not sure if it'll show on Smart Switch, cause the device seems to be modified (cause it shows KT in settings), but try it out. Smart Switch usually does flash the entire stock firmware so if it does prompt an update, go for it.

Hopefully it'll show up. I really like the phone but if I'm not going to be getting any updates on it, I might just have to go for a Nokia with some plain ol' Android One, which I'm actually looking forward to. Cheers!

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Dec 31, 2014
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Have anyone try to flash the SM-G935F rom into a SM-N930X ?
I have a Live demo Unit that was able to flash using a custom rom for 7.1.1 but I would like to try to get it to Oreo 8.0 but I read a lot about that you can brick the phone.
If anyone have try it, please advice I would like to try get to Oreo on my N7
thank you in advance.

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    What is the problem with using this Korean ROM? What is different from the expected international? Will it not be possible to change to an international version with a Korean version? I mean stock without root.

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    You can't cause odin won't allow you. It's not the same model number. You will get an error at beginning with bootloader error. So it's impossible to install the N935F stock firmware on the Korean N935S, K, L. The only way it's with custom rom [emoji6]

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    Do you have any carrier logo when booting up the phone? also any carrier app pre installed?

    Thanks :good:


    Just wanna clarify,by no means is the Note FE F/DS without it's share of bloat:
    While there aren't any carrier apps to be found or boot animation,since it is a SIM-Free/Unlocked phone,Samsung saw fit to include not only their full suite of apps,but,quite a few from Microsoft & a couple from Yahoo.
    Not the worst thing in the world,but,as with some of Samsung's apps you can't uninstall 'em,less root.
    I highly recommend BK Disabler to DISABLE,not uninstall the apps you deem as bloatware/unwanted.

    BK Disabler::

    The app is very user friendly & gives guidance/recommendations on what's safe to disable.

    Also, do you know if the s-view cover for the Note FE is available? I'm not sure the one on ebay are definitely compatible for the Note FE.
    As for functionality, nothing exists. The Original Note 7 S-View case, while it will fit, provides protection only, none of the software features.
    If you see sale listings for OEM Note FE cases, the description is disgenuous, it's actually a Note 7 case.

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    Any idea on how to get the F model of the phone?
    Here's a blue F/DS version on eBay:

    I bought a black one from the same seller,great phone,no issues,the seller is quick to ship.

    Not sure if you can import direct from Samsung,but,here's the Malaysian site:
    i tried to flash the N935F firmware to my N935S and it failed.
    i have attached screenshots of ODIN and my phone screen below