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May 14, 2022
Yo guys, can u help me with annoying problem.
note7 updated to the last default rom miui 12 (last possible what miui updater gives you)
mi account, oem/usb debbugging done
but when i try to connect account with device in Mi Unlock status
its tell me every time: Connect to network and try again
but mobile data is working, wifi turned off

i google alot but dont see any way to fix it
only 1 thing i got while i looking for solution - instal last global or china ROM from xiaomi for unlock
any ideas?


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Feb 17, 2016
Settings - Apps - Xiaomi SIM Activation Service - grant permissions to SMS

Settings - Accounts & sync - Xiaomi Cloud syncs - sign in to mi account and grant permissions for - Find device

Settings - Mi Account - add the phone no to account and wait for verification SMS. when phone no is bonded to mi account, enable OEM unlocking (again) and reboot to bootloader.

Login to Mi unlock tool with the same mi account and unlock device. if it shows waiting period, try again later.
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May 14, 2022
Tnx for advice! gonna check it tommorov cuz its my mom`s phone.
2nd question if Mi unlock tool shows me with locked mi unlock status - << please use the common user tool >>
with latest mi unlock version from xiaomi resourse i suppose to try another versions 1 by 1 till i get one wich unlock it?