Note9 N960N android 10 stable/OneUi 2 [DSLC]

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    the stable version is out.
    you can download from sammobile or frija.

    I installed successfully all the 3 files using the links provided in this thread, using adb.

    • Installation guide ( credits goes to @Arteush):

    • With ADB :

    - Download and extract SDK Platform Tools
    - Rename the downloaded .bin file to
    - Copy it to the same folder where you previously extracted SDK Platform Tools
    - Reboot your phone in recovery mode (Hold power+bixby+volume up buttons while rebooting)
    - Select Apply update from ADB
    - Plug the phone to your computer and start a terminal in the folder containing the and the SDK Platform Tools
    - Execute the command ./adb sideload
    - It will start the update and reboot your phone once it finish

    • With a microSD :

    - Rename the downloaded .bin file to
    - Copy it to your microSD
    - Reboot your phone in recovery mode (Hold power+bixby+volume up buttons while rebooting)
    - Select Apply update from SD card
    - Navigate and select the previously copied
    - It will start the update and reboot your phone once it finish

    this is the link to Arteush thread:

    this is the link to the main beta file to be flashed first and than download from the links provided from our friend Pichai.
    Download link - beta 1 from CSJ1 to ZSK6
    donwload link - beta 1 Hotfix only
    download link - beta 2 ZSKH

    Its seams that we are quite behind from the international model in the beta updates-with links provided for manual updates.

    I did some research and i didn't found the fota links for update 3/4... i have to postpone my research because i have some exams but feel free to post it here if you come by those links.

    Thanks so much my friend.

    Even thought you posted only the 2 last betas i was able to find the main beta link using your link.

    Thanks again.
    No updates yet!
    Samsung Forum Korea, note9(질문/운영자-노트9베타나정식버전-업뎃언제/m-p/3067158#M712)!

    ---------- Post added at 06:06 AM ---------- Previous post was at 05:56 AM ----------

    Steps to make dual card on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 N960N:
    1.Open your phone and go to Settings> Developer Options and enable OEM unlock and USB debugging
    2. Open Chimera Phone Utility and connect Note 9 to your computer. When prompted, remember to check the "Always allow from this computer" option
    Click Restart> Read Certificate
    3. After successfully reading the Cert, you need to refresh the TWRP recovery.
    4. When finished, press the power + volume down button to turn off the phone. Next, immediately quickly press Bixby + Volume + + Power button to start TWRP recovery.
    5. Click Wipe> Format Data and enter yes. The computer will immediately detect your phone's internal storage.
    6. All you need now is to copy the custom ROM to your phone and flash it.
    7. When finished, just restart your phone. Install Root Explorer to check root access. If your Galaxy Note 9 is not yet ROOT, you should delete or update Magisk on your phone
    8. Open Root explorer => set permissions => Root => EFS => find PROP and edit.
    9. Original:
    ro.multisim.simslotcount = 1
    ro.vendor.multisim.simslotcount = 1 = SS
    Edited as:
    ro.multisim.simslotcount = 2
    ro.vendor.multisim.simslotcount = 2 = DSDS
    10. Connect the phone to the computer again. When you see "SIM card has been transferred", please use it alone, do not restart the phone.
    11. Re-open Chimera => tick on Imei 2 => write certificate, this is what I read before
    12. The tool will warn you with some notifications. Just ignore it and click OK => OK => Write ...

    I use a dual SIM card on the N960N, so I can't go back to the official system, he will invalidate my second sim! If you are interested, you can also use two sim cards on N960N!
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