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Feb 8, 2007
Ok, thats not in English! Wish this was as simple as jailbreaking an iPhone. Plug into computer, run app, install cydia, voilà!
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Apr 10, 2010
Forgive my newbie question. Since this is just root.. Do we still have to use the side load wonder machine to get the app on in the first place? Rooting just allows us to do all the good stuff but att restrictions are still in place with out a custom rom?


Feb 23, 2008
Can't downgrade rom

Can't downgrade. When trying to downgrade the rom I get to HBOOT but its says "Model ID incorrect! Update fail!" Am I doing something wrong?


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Feb 8, 2011
This is probably a stupid question (but I'm new to rooting and such), but can you still use an sd card for data storage after utilizing it as a gold card?


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Apr 10, 2010
I read in some gold card guide that while you could do that, it's better if you don't. I don't remember the reasoning though.

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Apr 10, 2010
I quickly read through those instructions. I believe you need an emulator on your phone and I'm assuming there isn't one by default. Any suggestions?

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Aug 3, 2010
I am confused right now, what is the gold card way everyone is talking about? When I rooted my Captivate(my first Android phone). I just used the odin3 one click root. Will this phone have that?
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    I did apologize in public and stand behind my apology. I will not continue with what seems to be an scape of your frustrations on newbies taken on me. I do believe that the new ones need to read and educate themselves before even thinking about posting, so to an extent, support your cause but not your delivery.
    This will be my last post regarding this incident.
    In another note...if you are so fed up with the way things are being done here and firmly believe that they will not get better with characters like me being here, then it will be me the one urging you to really think about your future here at XDA. I strongly believe that if someone is to upset that that person needs to insult others, then it may be time to take a breather and quit talking for a bit.
    I don't know you and don't plan to even act like I can patronize you or judge you based on two post in the internet so...why don't you try the same.

    Have a good day mate and the best for you, your plans and developments in the future.


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    You never apologized for censoring the entirety of my post. You never apologized for you screwed up attitude. You apologized in a back handed insulting fashion for possibly hurting feelings you never hurt. Like I said, I don't care about insults; I care about being effective and in fairness, something you seem to have no concept of. Deleting posts for zero good reason in my own thread is not working for me.

    Yes, I am disgusted with XDA moderation overall, but particularly you at the moment. This is a prime example of XDA moderation at work:

    That is screwed up about 100 different ways.

    So yeah, I am done here. If a mod can allow an edit to stand calling those who donate free time in our support channel jerks (yes it was worse, but clearly that is still inflammatory), then clearly you too many of guys are missing the boat. All we've ever done is require people to do their homework and respect our rules before asking for help. With all the information out there and in our own documentation, I don't think that's too much to ask. It's too bad you'd rather just count asses in seats than act responsibly.

    I'll do this from a blog - I don't care how many people it reaches. Those capable will find it.

    The people that support the hack kit does do need this type of XDA Developer support.
    I'm not trying to be argumentative, just trying to be constructive. This is a discussion after all.

    If even 1% of the people are having the "Nice Try" problem, and you have no idea what is causing it, then just responding with "Read the manual, it's in there" isn't exactly correct, is it? Sure, people can figure out how to get around the bad link, but is that how it should be?

    I get that you want people to read the manual, but it seems that the people that are having any trouble aren't having problems with the Hack Tool's functions other than the Pass Key retrieval.

    You're software performs the required function excellently (for me) and I thank you for the work that you put into it. I found that the poorly structured manual was unnecessary because the tool works so well. Is making people read it for what could be a one-click solution even necessary? Why not put the donation requests and FAQ in the tool, available only when needed?

    • This is NOT a discussion thread, and I really don't give a crap what you think. The hack kit is a work in progress, and has been honed over 70,000 downloads now. A lot of experience and feedback led to what it is today, including the pass key. And YOU are not supporting it.
    • If your environment were square, you would have had no problem with the process as is.
    • Many people NEED to read the effen manual to avoid getting jammed up, and to find out what to do if they do. Drivers, installation order and contentions are critical, and this is stressed.
    • If someone does not read the effen manual, the chances they get into a situation making the phone unusable until they can sort it out is far greater.
    • The Hack Kit will NEVER be a simple one click solution. People portraying it as such are greatly over simplying. There are pre-requisites - critical ones - everyone should read about them before they attempt this.
    • We support this in IRC. Obviously, we can't support everyone - people must read and read carefully. The pass key is there to make sure people are least look at the effen manual.

    mohammadsp said:
    Does anyone have a good how to video thats up-to-date and clear?thanks in advance.

    No, there is not. A video can't possibly convey what you need to know to do this process properly. The OP states my feeling on the topic -

    OP said:
    • Youtube videos are neat demos, but they make poor guides. READ THE EFFEN MANUAL. "There is no substitute for reading for comprehension." - GenePoole

    I am locking these threads. The questions are beyond inane at this point.
    Can't downgrade. When trying to downgrade the rom I get to HBOOT but its says "Model ID incorrect! Update fail!" Am I doing something wrong?

    Come into the irc channel.