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Hello, you all may remember me from my ROMs for pixel 5, pixel 4, 8t, 7t, 6t, Shamu, and J7..

I left 8t development a few months ago to have some fun with a pixel 5, and a month ago, dusted the ol' kebab off and jumped back in. I keep most of my ROMs on the silent side of things and don't use xda but for official releases. Hopefully, This unofficial build will become official. I think you all will love it as much as I do. It comes with my own branch of neutrino kernel, as does all my ROMs, it's entirely based on neutrino, but I add klapse, hbm, vibration tuning, etc, and some other kernel options that I don't care to add device tree side. This is a beta build so it has a couple weird small bugs, and no they do not affect anything.


1. At first boot, soon as you see the setup wizard, it will show you a toast, phone is rebooting, it reboots then setup continues not to happen again. This affects nothing. Not sure why, but don't really care either, as it all works ferociously fine after.

2. Occasionally, up at the left most corner, where the status bar clock is, a slice of the hour part of the clock is sliced off, it doesn't exist all the time, just sometimes. It is perfect in quick settings view and typically corrects itself only to randomly get sliced. I probably have a duplicate overlay for the dimensions related to that spacing. Will fix next chance I get.

That's it for any issues.


All the current bootleggers features for "Rimbon". Perfect fingerprint, face unlock, endless theming options, larger quick setting icons for easier tapping, proton aosp blur, proton aosp optimizations, Verizon support, dual sim support, enable/disable fingerprint vibration, Dolby, raise to wake, app lock, the list goes on. More features will be coming once I add them, prob fod animations and edge notification pulse.

Things I don't care to add-

fod screen off, safety net spoofing, sm8250-DeviceSettings(we really don't need them at all)I added and they're redundant, and call recording, oh yeah gaming is for PCs and consoles I don't add it to phones. If you want these things. Bootleggers is not for you.

All my builds are fastboot update zips and include gapps. I'm a Google guy and need all their stuff and yes I don't care they can have mine too. Haha.

Flashing- no matter what you are on currently, for best performance flash oos stable first, then format data via recovery, reboot bootloader and the command is fastboot update bootleg_kebab_v7.zip *note, you must open terminal in the folder where the zip is to give this command, other wise fastboot update HereIsLocationToTheZip.zip. after it does it's thing and flashes it boots and then at first boot shows the setup wiz and reboots as declared in "bugs" section.. Root if you would like to use kernel features, this requires the same old process we have used for 3 android versions, I hope you know how, lol. If you have troubles, re read this entire post.

Thanks- to my testers, my friends, the entire kangarooster squad, and the couple android geniuses who shared their wisdom teaching me the ropes the last 4 years of source building.

@xstefen @dpryor88 @omariscal1019 @Neo @wrongway213 @semdoc @hondajohn88 @varund7726 @abalam @ZVNexus @return.of.octobot @aer0zer0 and countless others who I will add once I figure out their xda name.




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Oct 30, 2011
MTP working for you?? Thanks in advance
Just connect your phone with pc, go to dev menu and hit this. Choose what you want

Deleted member 11043203

Hey, I tried to flash your ROM using the method you recommended, But it only spat out,

Is there something I am doing wrong? Many apologies, I haven't flashed a ROM like this, This will be my first time.
Prob need to msm first, sounds like your partitions are funky, or as abalam said, update platform tools
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    Deleted member 11043203
    Nothing to see here
    Deleted member 11043203
    New update folks:

    fastboot update zip as usual

    * Same clean install bug, soon as it flashes and setup wizard appears, it reboots. This is normal.

    * if you want usb behavior to be file transfer do not try and set it without first going to development options and choosing it as default behavior. This bug is since android 9. No, I won't add some other open source usb stuff when it works fine.

    New stuff includes:
    op9R display blobs, and

    op9 brightness array, (auto brightness is even more amazing now and has a lower minimum brightness)

    Digital wellness removed(it prevents deep sleep)

    Carrier Settings removed

    Oos vibrator fun(finely tuned to mimic the only thing oos has good imo))

    Subtle tick vibration enabled when swiping down from quick settings(pixel 5 feature)

    TWS BT enabled

    UI changes

    No more crash dumps all randomly like it occasionally did

    Other optimizations adapted from Proton aosp, thanks @kdrag0n for his work as he has singlehandedly improved the quality of aosp.

    No, the rom doesn't have a throw up pile worth of customizations. It shall remain a fun, highly themeable, and rocket fast adventure that exudes stability and on occasion will have some cool extras added.

    The next thing which I am working on is fp animations, so long as they do not inhibit the perfection which is the fp experience on this rom. If they suck, they won't exist. I test everything myself for days and days before sharing.

    Oh and I updated the custom gcam. Have fun and thanks for stopping.

    And yes if you flash this 8t build on 8 pro your refresh rate will not be 120. 8 pro build coming soon for my dude rocking this on his 8 pro in 60 vs 120..Eeeek!

    Updated 5/27 11:30 EST
    Deleted member 11043203
    ROM source here: https://github.com/Bootleggers-BrokenLab

    And chat here: https://t.me/keepthebootleg

    Remember this is not an official build so builds won't be here ^ and unofficial support, chatting, etc, are not allowed here so please respect the rules.

    *Bootleg 8t Chat coming soon..
    Deleted member 11043203
    Deleted member 11043203
    Just kidding 😂