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Notification delays only with SD card

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Sep 9, 2014
Hi all,

As you may know, delay issues in notifications have always liked to Huawei P7 when the mobile is conected to mobile data (not with wifi, where there is no problem at all)

In the Spanish forum (htcmania) we have realiced that we only have delay issues in notifications (whatsapp, facebook...) when an external SD card is used.

Users without SD card don´t have any issue.

I have chequed it. I removed the SD card from the phone, uninstalled whatsapp, restart, installed whatsapp again...and voila!!! Notifications worked with no issue or delay. Then, I inserted the SD card again and I started having delay issues again.

So the problem is in the SD card. We have tried different SD cards, different brands, different capacity...with no difference.

We have this issue in all roms in kitkat and lollipop.

Can anyone help with an idea?


Senior Member
Oct 1, 2015
Would it be possible to write something that disconnects automatically the SD card when the phone is locked and if you unlock the phone the SD card would be connected to the phone again?
Or is there a reboot/reinstall needed?


Senior Member
Oct 1, 2015
I also read about this issue. I can tell you that I have a SD card and I haven't had this issue.
Did you put Whatsapp in Protected Apps?

Great... The xda app didn't send my first massage so here is the second one -.-

I have tried so much now... I searched in the Internet for solutions but all I tried didn't worked...
Protect the app in settings
Slide down to lock the app
Install it as an system app
Install PNF app

All didn't work... But I tried the trick form superpascu and it worked...

But I also noticed that if your screen is off an you push a volume button all notifications come in. So is there a way to get an app that simulat a button e.g. every minute?

I have root (xposed don't work at the moment)