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Notifications are not displayed on the lock screen

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A week ago I bought a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G (Snapdragon) phone. If I have a lock screen, I don't get notifications. Only sound is heard, but the display remains off and the notification does not appear. To see the notification, I have to wake up the display manually. Factory reset without effect.

My setting:
Notification > Brief > Brief pop-up setting > Show even while screen is off > Disable
Notification > Advanced setting > Show notification icons > All notification

Lock screen > Screen lock type > PIN + Fingerprint
Lock screen > Always On Display > Disable
- switch to Enable without effect
Lock screen > Notification > Details
Lock screen > Notification > Hide content > Disable
Lock screen > Notification > Notification to show > Alert and silent notification
Lock screen > Notification > Show on always on display > Disable

Software: G781BXXU2CUD1/G781BOXM2CUC9/G781BxxU2CUD1

Someone has no experience with this error? Thank you