[Nougat][7.0] TESLA-N [AOSP][Beta][unofficial][Oneplus3] 15.10.16

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Oct 2, 2010
I like Battery stats, post away buddy. Battery is great. It's OMS. Not cm14. If your gonna talk about something at least know what theme engine the rom runs on..before you try to degrade someone.. Lmao..
Lol! Your keyboard has used more battery than your browser!
Hahaha. You guys these stats are not impressive.

Please go away with the battery e-peen posts.

I'm on a CM13 based ROM and have 38% battery left, over 5 hours screen time and used a good bit of Facebook, YouTube, XDA and Internet browsing. I've even left it on overnight off charge and lost 1% battery in 7 hours. (And at least there are multiple apps shown in my battery stats lol)

BUT.... again this proves nothing. Go post battery boasts in the battery boasting thread. You can all group together and marvel at the fact your phone screen looks nice every time you switch it on then off again to boost screen time.

And now with 8% left and 6hrs 52mins screen on time. Phone has been off charger since yesterday morning and it's now 1pm.

Honestly, these ROMs all get you pretty similar results unless there is some faulty coding at work.

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Feb 15, 2011
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This ROM is leaps ahead of CM14 for oneplus3. OMS/Substratum works flawlessly and I'm totally digging the new notification (initially hated it) after installing Mono dark theme.
Imgur gallery of screenshots: http://imgur.com/gallery/lEcqB







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Nov 22, 2012
Does Android pay work? Dual sim functionality?

if i'm coming from hydrogen os - do I just flash OS and gapps? or do I need to worry about the "firmware" that's been circulating on the CM thread?

Thanks in advance!
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Jan 27, 2015
Does Android pay work? Dual sim functionality?

if i'm coming from hydrogen os - do I just flash OS and gapps? or do I need to worry about the "firmware" that's been circulating on the CM thread?

Thanks in advance!
I don't believe Android pay works. Last time I tested it, it didn't work. Its definitely NFC related. Safetynet passed and for some reason I couldn't make the payment. Kept saying card isn't supported, same thing happened on CM14.

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all thx to @martinusbe
someone tested the oxygen cam posted in the op ?
I'll do my best and test it.

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    Special thanks and all Credits to @martinusbe and the complete GZR team for the Sourcecode.
    Google Plus Community

    - Make a Nandroid
    - Make sure u have 3.2.7 firmware
    - Wipe data, cache, dalvik and system
    - Flash ROM and N gapps.
    - Reboot

    Installation Files

    Oxygen Cam by @siankatabg
    Open Gapps

    XDA: DevDB Information
    Tesla Rom for Oneplus3


    ROM OS Version: 7.0.x Marshmallow
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Status: Beta

    Created 13.09.2016
    Source Code Kernel
    Tesla is just a base to work with now, it was far from ready for public.
    As @kentexcitebot says in his thorough test report, the build/vendor repos still have our 6.0 stuff
    Nothing has been done to the rom other then getting device stuff working.
    I guess we can't stop unofficial builds, but i wouldn't have made a thread for it in a long time.
    So here is the deal: Do not ever tag me on issues here. Do not pm me issues. Do not .... do anything involving my name, since i'm not even mentioned in the OP. And same goes for that Validus thread. I mean, really, you guysmake unofficial threads for anything that builds, no matter what the issues. But the pm's on here, hangouts, telegram, where ever they find me, come to me. And then people wonder why i don't answer pm's any-more.
    Official Tesla N beta build is up, come on over. We have cookies;) https://plus.google.com/+martincoulon/posts/Sxr8KWDomPZ
    Alright! Another Nougat build, another extensive test, and another YUGE feedback :D

    Big thanks goes to the developers at Ground Zero ROMs, especially @martinusbe for making this possible. Seriously, you guys rock! :)

    Like my previous run with @Taker18 's CM build, I've tested this for several hours -- from benchmarking and stress testing to average, typical everyday usage a user may incur on their device.

    Do NOT install this ROM if you want a tested running system
    ! This build is a pre-alpha build that contains the newest and most unstable development of Nougat. The ROM is useful ONLY if you are a developer and are not afraid to encounter CRITICAL BUGS. For everyone else, please save a nandroid backup so you can revert back. You've been warned!

    Unlike the other Nougat ROMs on the forums that run Cyanogenmod, this build is purely based on AOSP running a modified version of the CM kernel. It ships with only a couple of additional add-ons. This itself has its benefits of speed, stability, and fluidity, but with a cost of missing features.

    Oh, I almost forgot: there is NO ROOT built in. You must flash the super user zip manually! And yes, no Xposed either. Do NOT flash a custom kernel on this!

    If you compare this build to the early Nougat build from @Taker18 , you'll see that a lot of development has progressed. Let me start with what's fixed in this build in comparison to the CM 14 build @Taker18 released that's dated back to Sept. 4.

    - Calling! You can now call people using Nougat!
    - Dash Charge! Like the wicked fast charging of the OnePlus 3 but missed it when you transitioned to Nougat? Well, you've got it back :) I was worried we had to wait for OnePlus to release the sources, but nope!
    - A ton of stuff broken in CM ("O-click", "Now-on-tap", SystemUI issues) gone because they don't exist :p (Now-on-tap not possible on this ROM due to missing shortcut).
    - The issue with copy-pasting tools gone, this ROM uses the proper implementation of it.
    - Installing APKs through local storage.
    - Notification LED fixed

    So a summary of what works:

    - RIL
    -Mobile data
    - SIM detection (only to a point though, still can't detect may carrier (T-Mobile)).
    -H/W decoders for video playback.
    -Bluetooth (Tested only by a file transfer, this may not work well with Bluetooth audio or Smartwatch.
    - Location through device's hardware
    - Sensors (Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Orientation sensor, Ambient Light, and Promixity all work)
    -Speakers and Microphone
    - Notification LEDs
    -Fingerprint Scanning
    -Wifi ( though no option exists to switch bands, it is capable of both 2 and 5ghz WiFi)
    -Capcitive buttons
    -Dash Charge
    -APK local installation
    -Chrome Cast/ DLNA rendering
    -Web browsing
    - Vibration motor.
    - Dynamic DPI in the settings
    -Volume keys
    -Headpone jack
    - Account Sync

    There are issues with the ROM though, and there are a LOT. I'm starting right off the bat with the installer:

    -Mislabeled as " Marshmallow " in the installer
    -Couple of errors related to its installation to /system, not sure exactly why it errors out.
    -Weirdness will happen if /system is previously formatted to F2FS. If user clean-wipes the device but leaves /system to F2FS as they install the ROM, the installer will freak out and throw a bunch of errors related to corrupt ext4 partition. To fix, you have to wipe everything again, change /system to ext4, mount it, and then install.

    Now onto the problems with the ROM.

    - Camera HAL is completely broken. Any 3rd party app I tried (Google Cam, Open Cam) won't boot up the camera. Forget taking pictures on this ROM, if you absolutely need to take photos then look elsewhere.

    - Like Taker's CM ROM, VERY BAD battery life. Normally I would be getting a day and a half of use of my phone, but my battery lasted only 3 hours. It would've been even worse if I hadn't switched the CPU governor (by default it was set to performance)

    - Thermal management is poor, phone gets hot to touch. In my screenshot, I've displayed my device's CPU temperature. Thats the temp you should expect when you leave your phone idling for a while. I believe the bad battery and terrible thermal is due to a current bug in Nougat: https://m.reddit.com/r/Nexus6P/comments/4zeb0i/psa_android_nougat_has_massive_battery_problems/

    -Flashlight. Not only is there no tile for this, but it's missing the proper libs to function.

    - NFC. This is a new bug that wasn't present in Taker18's CM ROM: the driver is missing altogether, so it won't activate at all. If you enable it, it'll immediately deactivate.

    - Adaptive Backlight. Though the sensor functions like normal, the bug resides in the ROM itself.

    - Alert Slider. The system recognizes the hardware switch, but thats it. Nothing else will happen.

    -Vulkan API seems to be disabled or broken at the moment.

    - Weirdness with the quick settings: If you enable the edit mode, you'll see a mysterious black rectangle on the bottom. Tapping on it will make the UI freak out, but it'll fix itself after a couple seconds. Strangely, this problem never happens if the phone is in landscape.

    - Buggy WiFi controls in the quick settings: At random times, turning off wifi through quick settings will cause SystemUI to FC.

    -Inability to reverse the capacitive keys to the proper Android style. Even after using the phone for a long time, I'm still not used to the Samsung-like controls. Absolutely hate this behavior.

    -Stock music app FCs.

    - Random occasional reboots. You'll know if your device is about to reboot when the whole screen suddenly turns black.

    Thats all I can find for now. As usual, I posted some logs of my session with Nougat, hopefully they'll have some use. In addition, I performed a benchmark on AnTuTu; have a look at my screenshots. Nougat scored 102,904. I'll be moving back to Marshmallow soon.

    Feel free to ask any questions regarding this build. :good:
    @Eliminater We haven't released any N builds, did you ask @martinusbe for permission to post this unofficial build of a supported device???

    ---------- Post added at 04:45 AM ---------- Previous post was at 04:34 AM ----------

    Not even any credit given to Ground Zero ROMs or @martinusbe , what are you thinking? @Eliminater You can't just take other people's work
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