Nougat Beta for G935F(Edge) No password (Links posted)

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Dec 16, 2016
Flashed wrong CSC... it's CSC without the HOME...
Flash BL + AP + CP + CSC (NOT HOME_CSC)..
You also after need to boot into recovery mode and clear cache then wipe data/factory reset.


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May 13, 2010
Flashed wrong CSC... it's CSC without the HOME...
Flash BL + AP + CP + CSC (NOT HOME_CSC)..
You also after need to boot into recovery mode and clear cache then wipe data/factory reset.

Right, but im already on Nougat BTU. There's no DBT Nougat out, unless the odin for BTU Nougat is out already? I Cannot flash BL AP CP as that will downgrade me down to MM, with DBT CSC.

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    Sorry for making another thread but there's like 100 thousand people waiting for the beta..

    Download link: Mega link was corrupted and old so here You have many great nougat roms - XDA Link.

    Flashing Guide:
    Add all of them in proper places in Odin and just flash them
    It will wipe Your data and storage probably too so backup before flashing!

    Works only on G935F so far.(G935FD users be careful!)
    Screenshots are in the closed thread.





    Is it safe?
    Is it smooth?
    So far, yes.
    What's new?
    Whole SystemUI is new, camera app is new, apps are new, keyboard is new, browser looks different too, InCallUI is different, AOD is interactive finally, 3rd party notifications work too, notification design is also new, there is performance mode like in MIUI that gives Your device extra boost, fingerprint scanner works a lot faster and finally it's crazily accurate with only one fingerprint scan. Any questions? Just ask me! ;)

    Attention! To get normal non laggy performance change Your resolution to 2k and then enable performance mode!!

    Many people ask here how to do, what to do, and where they are :confused: so I will make a guide how did I flashed Nougat without any fc or bugs so far. I am not a fan of dirty flashing and saving some data from previous version of android so this guide is for clean install Android 7.0 Nougat. Maybe If author can stick this to the OP it will be better.
    1. Download the firmware
    2. Download Odin 3.11.1
    3. Unzip the firmware you should have 4 files
    4. Run Odin and add files to the coresponding lines, so AP to AP, BL to BL etc...
    5. Switch off your phone and go into recovery(volume up + home + power) and make wipe/factory reset, afterwards do a reboot and right after your phone reboots make a combo to download mode(volume down + home + power) it should appear immidiatelly
    6. Connect the phone to pc and click start in odin
    7. Let the phone boot, (during the boot process, dont worry if the phone reboots a few times its normal behaviour)
    i cant believe i wiped everything for this update just to see that the registration is closed. this is bulls*it. bye samsung.

    Really it's Samsung fault. Stupidity at it's best.

    1. Samsung listened to users feedback and made a lot of changes and improvements in beta 3.

    2. They opened beta registrations for a second time giving a second chance to users that missed out on the first opening.

    YOU missed the opportunity to register in the beta TWICE because you were TOO LATE to apply. It doesn't matter if you were busy or lazy, what matters is that you were TOO LATE to apply. YOU are the ONLY one responsible so STOP whining and blaming Samsung.
    Knox stays 0x0 99% (unfortunately no one with knox 0x0 flashed it yet)
    S-Health doesn't work because it needs to be updated by samsung.

    Those images are downloaded straight from Samsung so they shouldn't change knox. But even while flashing stock roms from sammobile there's a risk that Your knox might change for no reason. Why? Because electronics aren't diamond stabe. They have some weird random issues sometimes. But it really shouldn't change knox, after flashing those my download mode says Samsung Official, so 99.9% it won't affect knox :).

    I have Knox 0x0 and flashed this via Odin and still 0x0 :good:.
    Does the root method from Android 6 work on that Firmware??