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Dec 12, 2013

I downloaded and dirty flashed this rom in the link.(8.04.12 version)

It's really nice and stable. I didn't want to use money asking developer's rom. I dont like his idea and i stopped using KISASANYA's rom.

Thanks for the link :good:
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Hi guys just wanted to know if the last stable built given on this thread (miui 9.5 v6) perfectly stable or not? I just want to stick to a stable miui ROM for some time. Can you please review in short ? Any bugs you faced? I only need stable version. Thanks in advance :)


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Apr 21, 2013
The last version of this rom is very stable and smooth. Good battery life.
The only bug I found is to unblock apps with fingerprint..... doesn't work.


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Please PM me when you see this

This whole thread seems to be just a flagrant breach of rule 8 and only to make one user money. Let me spell this out.
XDA RULES ---> Here
8. Donations.

As a user, you're allowed to ask for donations in your signature as a thank you for your hard work, however donations up front are not allowed. This forum is about sharing and not about getting paid to do something... that is what your job is for

Until the OP gets in touch to explain how his thread has been used like this it will remain closed. Any questions, PM me. @Korneich you can always PM as well.
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    :) Great work Kisasanya. ROMs for KENZO & KATE .

    Choice and flash it.*

    Nougat Update for KENZO & KATE (18th March'18)
    1) Stable Update v V6 for KENZO & KATE
    2) Developer ROM Update v 8.3.8 V4 for KENZO & KATE

    Aroma Installer is in Russian Language. See translation on page 17

    Not my work…… It was there on miuipro.by forum. All credit goes to forum, their members, Karamultuk (Administrator) and Kisasanya.


    Stable ROM:

    Device: Redmi Note3 Pro (KENZO) and Redmi Note3 Pro SE (KATE)
    Version Android: Android 7.0 (Nougat)
    Version of the V9.5.1.0 Stable

    Updated to V6:
    Direct download link https://yadi.sk/d/knZSUE5j3TUvKr

    Link with English Aroma Installer is added:

    Developer ROM:

    Device: Redmi Note3 Pro (KENZO) and Redmi Note3 Pro SE (KATE)
    Version Android: Android 7.0 (Nougat)
    Version of the V8.3.8 V4 Developer

    Updated to 8.3.8 V4:
    Version 8.3.8 Developer
    Direct download link https://yadi.sk/d/hoxVHQM93TUvnu

    Updated to V11:
    Direct download link https://yadi.sk/d/J_Gv7ELC3TTK6F


    Voice and video calls to Skype
    problem fixed with AGNi_Control now after reboot the settings are not reset !!!!
    Eraser when editing photos in the gallery.
    On \ Off screen when charging is connected Item Settings \ Screen \ Turn on screen when charging
    Modified the mode for painting the network, you can now choose the transparency of the color. Thanks namin78
    Removed sound modifications leading to the bootlap.
    Fixed translation in English localization
    Default kernel AGni 11,6
    Magisk 16.1
    Unified Installer for KENZO \ KATE devices
    New kind of notifications !!! Thanks MiuiPro
    Unlocking by the face !!! (Face ID)
    Gestures in full screen mode !!!
    Activating 4G mode for 2 sim cards Thanks to Ploik and MiuiPro
    Activating VoLTE for 2 SIM cards Thanks to Ploik and MiuiPro
    Advanced "Restore Menu"
    Now you can change the root system, Kernel, install applications, tweaks, etc. not resorting to a full phone reflash !!!
    Kernel AGni 12.5
    New items in Aroma installer:
    "Install Mi Browser GD" Thanks MiuiPro
    "Install Mi Music GD" Thanks MiuiPro
    "Install Mi Explorer GD" Thanks MiuiPro
    Theme "Business" Thank you MiuiPro
    "Install You Tube" Patched YouTube
    "Install AGNi_ScreenModes"
    "MTS Music", "Music for free"
    "Yandex Music", "Music for free"
    2 new menus in Aroma installer:

    New items in the "Recovery Menu" in the Aroma installer:
    "GPS config # 1"
    "GPS config # 2"
    "GPS config # 3"
    "Sew the stock modem for KENZO"
    "Sew the stock modem for KATE"
    3d click on the default Settings \ Optional \ 3D pressing
    2 new styles in the status bar Thanks MiuiPro and Receptive
    1. My Style
    2. IOS2 Style
    Optional function for fingerprint scanner.
    1.When you shortly press "Lock screen"
    2. When long pressing "Calling the reset menu"
    3. When 2 tapes on the sensor "Turn on the flashlight"


    1) Developer ROM :

    Added : unlock face (*FaceID*)

    English-speaking Aroma Instaler*https://mega.nz/#!ciAURIYZ!fy3sx-_Dk...QVwwHBfZU0PXBs

    2) Stable ROM:


    English-speaking Aroma Instaler*https://mega.nz/#!xjJghBKK!YRhLUtl6P...ZBD5FglFtUts5I

    ************************************************** ************************************************** ******

    Kisasanya’s PayPal address for donations :


    * Removed all old links from the thread to avoid confusions.
    As I have received word that the ROM dev will only release updates in return for donations, then this thread will remain closed as there is no place for this on XDA. Go and earn money elsewhere, Your solicitations for money are not welcome on XDA.

    who can not understand the Russian language of the aroma installer, I wish it was english!

    I made translations look like this.
    *extract MIUI9_MiuiPro_Port_Hydrogen_to_KENZO_7.12.14_MOD_K ISASANYA_Aroma_v3 folder on PC
    *Open and extract the aroma-config.zip file translated into English
    *follow this into rom file / META-INF/com/google/android/aroma-config
    *find aroma-config folder
    *Replace with the aroma-config file I shared
    *come back from the files, close the rom file and zip again.
    *Flash from TWRP or Wolf and wipe-cache and reboot.

    English language patch for Aroma installer for MIUI9_MiuiPro_Port_Hydrogen_to_KENZO_7.12.14_MOD_KISASANYA_Aroma_v3

    Translation in English

    Is aroma in English , if Russian then which option have to choose?

    Ones you have done advance wipe & swiped to flash ROM in TWRP, it will take you to aroma installer. From that point, I am sharing screen-wise translation. May not be 100% accurate but enough to understand the nature of option (whatever I opted, have highlighted below):
    Screen 1:
    Everything is ready for installation:

    Click Install for firmware or go back if you want to change something
    Back NEXT

    Screen 2:
    MiuiPro for Redml Note 3 Pro,
    Version 7.12.14 Date December 18, 2017 Basis:
    MiuiPro - click to install.
    Back NEXT

    Screen 3:
    Select one of the options:
    1. Orientation menu allows you to roll back, and restore the system.
    2. MiuiPro_MOD_KISASANYA - Installing full firmware with tweaks and settings

    Back NEXT
    Screen 4:
    Select the applications that you want to remove:

    1. Remove junk MUI - Uninstall applications that do not affect the operation of the system
    2. Delete Mi Browser
    3. Delete Mi Video
    4. Delete mpu
    5. Remove Mi Explorer
    6. Delete Mi Notes
    7. Delete Mi Search Instead, it will Google
    8. Remove Daily wallpaper
    9. Delete MI Gallery
    Back NEXT

    Screen 5:
    Select the required tweaks:

    1. Install Busybox what it is, but many need ...
    2. the clock in the center of the clock will be displayed in the center
    3. Edit The alternative weather image of the weather in the curtain.
    4. Logo operators status bar - Adds operators' logo to the status bar
    5. Set Live wallpaper- In permissions to expose crab access the table.
    6. Delete ads from МiuiPro
    7. Native menu reboots
    8. Alternative icons- Large pack of icons with rounded edges
    9. Another pack of icons that I like

    10. Wasting watches additional watches
    11. This clock
    Back NEXT

    Screen 6:
    Choose one of the options:

    1. Thanks to the modifications. Default will be installed
    2. Enable HI-FI mode - Increase the volume and sound quality in Hi-Fi mode
    3. Improve sound quality in LP Increase the volume and sound quality
    4. Install Dolby ATMOS - Improve sound quality
    5. Set Viper for Android For work need root Magisk or Super SU
    6. Install XTREME Music Sound Mod- The stock equalizer will be deleted
    7. Set SONYSOUND- The stock equalizer will be deleted
    8. Set Sound Symbiosis- The stock equalizer will be deleted
    Back NEXT

    Screen 7:
    Select one of the options:

    1. Thank you and so everything like- It will be no changes
    2. About Reduce the nest at the entrance - Reduce the plies by default
    3. Stock Picture Miui- Stock photo
    4. Ghostbusters- Will be installed by ghost hunters)
    5. Smiley telephone - Smiley will be installed with the phone
    6. Smiling smiley Smiley smiley will be installed winking smiley smile
    7. Winking smiley face will be set up dude dude There will be a dude in the circle

    8. One more chuva dude
    9. Bataan sknie - will be installed will be installed Batan from the book
    Back NEXT

    Screen 8:
    Select the applications:

    1. Total Advanced Explorer
    2. About the telegram,
    3. ES Explorer - The file manager
    4. Root Explorer - Probably the best conductor
    5. Kernel Adiutor – Customize Core
    6. MX Player - Video player
    7. Titanium Backup - Backup and restore
    8. True Phone -advanced application for contacts
    9. QuickPlc Gallery
    10. Sberbank online -The patched version of Sberbank who is rooted
    Back NEXT

    Screen 9:
    Choose one of the options:

    1. I do not need Root rights,
    2. Oh Yes, I want to install Root Super SU
    3. Yes, I want to install Magisk
    Back NEXT

    Screen 10:
    The firmware will be installed with modifications and selected and components.
    To continue, click Next.

    ROM with Aroma Installer in English
    Device: Redmi Note3 Pro (KENZO) & Redmi Note3 Pro SE (KATE)
    Android Version: Android 7.0 (Nougat)
    Mod Version: V9.5.1.0 Stable
    There are "New notifications"
    Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vImcyj-rW7bsqwUSFUn1KBqyzcwpJsUH
    MEGA: https://mega.nz/#!nI4F1Dba!cOumGsQIEIAFuy-6euAL2L0vWeCPRuwjqJAe9AllSAs
    MD5: F4900CBE970243426BBC776DF587D24C
    The Google Drive link is valid for several days