[Nov 5,2014][KK4.4.4][ CM11-mac4a][Unofficial] Kernel 3.0.101 [ION]

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    Bringing to you CyanogenMod Kitkat 4.4.4. This is an unofficial ROM which is built from source by merging Evervolvs Legacy code and HD2 related files.
    Specially built for testing the kernel 3.0.101

    CM TEAM for the amazing features and allowing me to build the rom.
    EVERVOLV TEAM for the legacy codes.
    marc1706, Tytung, Sportsstar89, Securecrt, Xylograph, ph03n!x, datagr, Rick_1995, Daekin, BSDgeek_Jake
    texasice, marco.palumbi, Robbie-P, PixelFreak, chautruongthinh for all HD2 kernels, libs, mods, corrections
    And all those individual/teams who I might have missed.

    My Special thanks to marc1706, Nikez, Securecrt, chautruongthinh, gilbert32, Robbie P, HypoTurtle , Daekin, walter79, for their recent support on kernel 3.0.xx and ROM

    ROM uses new kernel 3.0.101 with ION.
    All the not working is related to kernel, not ROM..
    This ROM is mainly for testing.

    Kernel features:
    • Updated to 3.0.101
    • ION
    • CPU Governors: Smartassv2, Ondemand, Performance, Interactive
    • IO Schedulers: Noop, Deadline, Row, cfq, bfq (default), sio
    • Bcmdhd wifi drivers
    • pmem camera (works with newer aosp camera)

    Whats working:
    • Phone
    • Audio
    • SMS
    • Data: 3G/HSDPA
    • USB Mass Storage
    • Notification lights
    • Wi-Fi
    • Camera (New 4.4.4)
    • Camcorder
    • Panorama
    • 720p Video Playback
    • GPS/AGPS
    • Wifi tethering (should work havent tested)

    Not Working/Bugs:
    • Booting from wince/haret
    • rmnet on magldr (Using PPP for data in magldr)
    • Native USB Tethering or using 3rd party app
    • BT tethering (should work havent tested)
    • battery indicator (may be still havent tested) Nobody complained so assuming it is fixed
    • adb on windows PC's
    • art
    • turning off gps when wifi is on causes reboot fixed

    • Kindly do not port any system files in your ROM, you can use the kernel and its module though.

    • If you have a problem and want to post it please give us mininmum details such as Tmous1024 or EU448, MAGLDR or CLK, Nand, Data2Ext, NativeSD, System partition.
    • Also giving us logcats would be helpful
    • This is an unofficial ROM so do not post any queries or question about this rom in cm's thread/site.
    • Please dont post regarding any fucntion that is not working which has already been mention on the main thread

    DOWNLOAD CM11_mac4a Updated Nov 05 2014 > Read logs

    Installation Tips
    • System partition size 365MB
    • Boot partition size 11MB for MAGLDR bootloader and 5MB for CLK bootloader (Credits Robbie)
    • First boot may take around 10-15 min
    • Once you see language screen let it settle for 3mins, do not touch the screen.
    • Enable developers setting by tapping repeatedly 10 times on Setting > About Phone > Build Number
    • You can adjust animation as you like in developers setting but Just make sure you have Animation Duration Scale set to 0.5 Anything below 0.5 may cause display glitches
    • Enable Settings > Developers Option > Force Gpu rendering
    • you may need to Get rooted by Setting > Developers Option > Root accesss > select "apps" or "apps and adb"

    Please volunteer as this is a newer kernel so I need to know which installation method boots and which doesnt boot, so that I can try to fix it for
    also kindly give the following details below,

    • HD2 type: EU (448MB) or Tmous(1024MB)
    • Type of installation: NativeSD, Nand, Data2ext
    • Bootloader: cLK or Magldr
    • Recovery type and version
    • Radio
    • Partition size : boot, system, data, cache, sd-ext, sdcard
    • Type of sdcard
    • Type of battery: Original hd2 or extended battery
    • kernel logs (kmsg) and logcat if possible ( if kernel wont boot, you wont be able to get logcat but if you have a working NativeSD ROM you can get the kernel logs (kmsg)
    How? If kernel hangs during boot, open the battery cover, use a pen or something and hit the red reset button (do not remove battery as if battery is removed you will loose the kernel logs) now when the device reboots boot into the working nativesd rom and then open any root explorer and copy last_kmsg in proc folder. (/proc/last_kmsg) then past it to the sdcard and upload to website. alteratively you can do "adb shell cat proc/last_kmsg" from you computer with the usb cable connected and upload the contents

    Note: This Kernel and ROM are ION based unlike other ROM/kernel so now that has been published are PMEM based
    So this kernel is not compatible with any other ROM's, so do not waste your time trying
    Also this ROM is not compatible with any other kernels, so again do not waste your time trying
    I have many user doing this an saying it is not working so I have to mention this over here before any else tries

    CM11_mac4a Download
    • installer fix (hopefully)
    CM11_mac4 Download
    • Updated CM
    • Reboot on gps turn off fixed
    • Echo on voice calls (havent tested but should be fixed, was using wrong file: default.acbd)
    • Compiled kernel using gcc 4.7

    CM11_mac3 Download
    • Updated CM
    • Fixed GPS/AGPS (big thanks and credits to tytung, for sharing his gps work on github
    • Fixed Camcorder and 720p playback (big thanks and credits to tytung, without him making it working first I would never had attempt to compile camcorder and 720p, also Gangster41 and KonstaT )

    CM11_mac2a Download
    • Reduced system size so that EU Nand users dont have too much problem . Replace Latin_ime.apk with GoogleKeyboard.apk, Replace Nova Launcher with Trebuchet Launcher (reduced 20MB)

    CM11_mac2 Download
    • Updated CM and Gapps
    • Compile using JustArchi toolchain Linaro 4.7 optimise
    • Fixed Bluetooth

    CM11_mac1 Download
    • Initial Release
    • kernel x11
    • This kernel was build on evervolvs 7x30 3.0.101 as base and porting commits from marc1706
    • Apart from what marc already fixed on kernel 3.0.16 the following was fixed
    • Compilation on using linaro 4.9
    • USB detection for battery charger
    • Used older regulator, seems to help PM during suspend
    • Fix supsend on clk due to boot vector
    • Power down of device
    • Enabled HD2 offmode alarm (not tested)
    • Data: Earlier data was working on using rmnet on magldr and not on clk (ppp) and also had lot battery drain. Now data works on clk using ppp with minimal battery drain but breaks rmnet.

    Kernel sources: https://github.com/maniacx/android_kernel_htcleo-3.0
    plz, help me....this rom is too slow to use ....not usable....plz make it smoother......otherwise delete it from forum.....my phone hangs alot with this ram....one thing i like about this rom is gud battery performance.

    Delete it from the forum? Really? wow!!
    Why dont you read the whole thread before downloading?
    That way you can decide if u should dowload/install the ROM, rather than getting pissed at me.

    OR even better compile and fix ROM urself
    Work started .... :D

    # begin build properties
    # autogenerated by buildinfo.sh
    ro.build.display.id=ev_leo-eng 5.0 LRX21M eng.walter79.20141110.200659 test-keys
    ro.build.date=Mo 10. Nov 20:08:23 CET 2014
    Good news. I have managed to compile ROM full ROM with GPS, camcorder and 720p. No ported files. Off course credits to tytung without he doing it first, we would never think of trying to get 720p playback and camcorders working. I have clean wiped again and ROM is compiling right now. Hopefully no other issues pops up. Source codes will be shared once cyanongen team stops updating cm11, (android L is near) so that I don't have to update/merge my git again or if I manage to compile evervolv for bravo and commit to them. Whichever comes first. :)