Nova Launcher issues?

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Aug 9, 2011
It happened the same to me with lawnchair. The 3rd party launcher occasionally crashes, so it loses default status and the pixel launcher comes back.
I installed after the latest beta of lawnchair and the problem is gone.


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Nov 30, 2012
had this issue too, but it works fine since i set it as the default launcher in the system settings two times. From there on, no more occourences of the pixel launcher at all


Aug 28, 2015
There are definitely issues with Nova and Lawnchair as launchers for this. Tried the latest stable and beta versions for both with no difference.
They redraw the homescreen apps when you come in and out of the multi-tasking app view.

People saying they are not having issues are likely just not noticing it, as it happens in a really quick blip - but it's enough to be annoying once you notice it the first time.

It doesn't always result in Pixel Launcher resetting to the default launcher - most of the time if you just see you homescreen apps flash in and out is all.


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Sep 2, 2006
Agreed. It all works but it's not perfect by any means. Don't forget the additional delay while the task switcher realises it needs to shift to the right to show the first app. Shame really. It was enough to make me stick to the stock launcher.


The issue is caused by gestures from doing some digging around. If you use on screen buttons, it will work fine. Something for Google to fix in the code... again!


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Feb 20, 2011
Anyone else using Nova Launcher on the Pixel 5? It seems to redraw when swiping up and keeps going back to pixel launcher every so often.

Is this just an android 11 issue?

I started using the Beta on my Pixel 2 and tried on my 3. On both phones, I had the issue of Nova losing default, and would have to launch it or restart. Eventually the issue went away by itself, after about 3 days. Same thing happened on Beta 10 as well.

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    Sorry but i cant believe you.

    I am able to reproduce several issues.

    Example, complete GUI does not respond to the first click after App minimize and you can see it refreshes the Launcher GUI.
    The most annoying thing is when you swipe from bottom to come back to the home screen, and then try to swipe from the sides to change home screen, because the "go back" gesture triggers.
    So you have to learn to swipe more like in the center of the screen instead of the border.
    Also not the best that swiping from the bottom when you are already on the Nova home screen, doesn't open the app drawer but keeps returing to the home screen... but that's a problem related to the gesture, not the launcher...

    I also noticed some sporadic framerate drop with Nova.

    Hope to get some fixes. I Still prefer to use Nova. I saw the stock launcher now allows to set the grid, but it's still a joke compared to what you can do with Nova.