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Now you can not change CSC code with firmware + SIM-card

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Sep 4, 2021
How do I search that ? Carrier is Ooredoo whose sim I have in the phone during firmware update.
I used MID, XSG, INS. All pertaining to Middle East and India. Nothing worked. Still shows as attached image.


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Aug 12, 2010
Somewhere in Connecticut
First off, I don't have experience with Exynos phones, which is what you have, so I will speak to what I know which is based on Snapdragon devices. That being said, I think this would work, but I can't guarantee it since your phone has different hardware... so you may want to review with people who know the Exynos better.

Anyway, according to https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet...5Zmmi9mLZH4wPFZZQBbWyS-rs/edit#gid=2050731693 there are a few options. You need to get one of those versions and install that. Alternatively, there may be a multi-CSC ROM that supports it as well (MultiCSC will auto-adapt to what SIM you have, in some cases). I don't know international versions well enough, so you may need to ask around. It looks like you're running OXM, which is a multi-CSC, but maybe it doesn't support the Oman/Ooredoo.

Without the correct original ROM, it may not change over. In addition, I have personally found that some ROMs simply don't change at all - here in the USA I have a phone with VZW that refuses to change to TFN, but fortunately TFN uses VZW frequencies anyway, so the phone works. In your case, you might find that one of the non-multi ones in the list above might work even if it doesn't change over in the reading. I would start with one of those ROMs (looks like there are 4 options).

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    After some help and tips from Luke301 and Orlandson I also was able to make it work.

    1. Buy 3 credits (can't buy 2) form this seller that Luke301 recommended to me for 6,60 usd total: animeman65
    (2. If you don't know how to flash official samsung firmware (which will not trigger KNOX), check: XDA: How to update the firmware on any Samsung phone)
    3. Flash official samsung OXM firmware I downloaded with Frija (not sure if necessary but in the Samkey application it says you need to do this first). You can also use sammobile but downloading takes very long (6 hours).
    4. Enable developer options on your phone: Settings > About phone > Software Information > Tap "build number" 8 times or until you see a pop-up message that says "Developer mode has been enabled".
    5. Turn on usb debugging on your phone: Settings > Developer options > USB debugging > Allow USB Debugging > Tap "OK"
    6. Install and open the Samkey application on your computer > Connect your phone to your computer with a usb cable > Login witch the credentials you received from the ebay seller.
    7. Insert the CNC code you want into the "Change CSC (Buyer)" field > Click the "Change CSC" button > Confirm that you want to spend 2 credits.
    8. Let the application do it's work after which it will reboot and then you're good to go.


    Ps. If I do a factory reset will the csc will stay?

    I just did a factory reset and can confirm the that the CNC you changed it to will stay. No need to do it again :)
    Looks like after upgrade to Android 11 / One Ui 3.0 code *#*#27262826#*#* in Google Phone stopped work. Here i collected alternative methods for accessing PreConfig (CSC Change) Menu, may be one of them will be applicable in your case:

    Samsung Dialer (standart system dialer):
    • *#243203855#
    • *#272*IMEI#
    • *#24320#
    • *#243203855#
    • *#272*IMEI#
    • *#272*62826#
    • *#170582*IMEI#
    • *#272837883#
    • *#487634751964#
    Google Phone:
    • *#*#83052020100812173552301071192687#*#*
    • *#*#27262826#*#*
    • *#*#22623277326634424320#*#*
    • *#*#272837883#*#*
    • *#*#3472867046185743#*#*
    Wow! It was so easy. Just changed from BTU to XEO in 5 minutes with SamKey.

    All I had to do was:
    - buy 2 credits from ebay (around $5)
    - download samkey
    - enter the login details
    - disable fingerprints or lock pattern (disable lockscreen completely)
    - make sure that you have right connection with the phone by Read Info ADB
    - write your desired CSC on the field and click Change CSC
    - phone will reboot two times itself and operation will be completed!

    My data and configuration were not tocuhed at all! All good

    This is how proper log looks like:
    Loading ADB module..OK
    Starting ADB module...OK
    Searching for SAMSUNG ADB device...OK
    Checking device authorization...OK
    Reading ADB device information...
    ADB Serial Number : xxx
    Model Name : SM-G973F
    BL version : G973FXXU3ASH6
    AP version : G973FXXU3ASH6
    CP version : G973FXXU3ASH3,G973FXXU3ASH3
    CSC version : G973FOXM3ASH3
    Android version : 9
    Country : UK & IRE
    Sales code : BTU
    Serial Number : xxx
    Debug Level : MID/LOW [0x4f4c]
    Setting DEBUG level to HIGH...OK
    Waiting for Reboot...OK
    Warranty VOID : 0
    SIM operator : N/A
    USB Settings : MTP,ADB
    IMEI : xxx
    Sending data to SERVER...OK
    Waiting for SERVER response...OK
    Change CSC in progress...OK
    Operation successful.
    The CSC will change depending on what SIM card you have in the device when you flash. ?

    I think you need root if you want to manually change CSC.
    For me I also flashed with ZTO fw which seems multi and i can´t start the phone with brazil CSC. I´ve tried everything. If someone can help would be much appreciated.

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    Please how is it works? I´ve tried everything and I can´t change my CSC after flashing it with ZTO fw which suppose to be multi. I appreciate your help

    Flash the phone with the firmware for your region with the SIM card in the device using the wipe CSC package, i.e. the one that doesn't start with "HOME" in it's name, and then when the phone restarts it should detect the SIM card region and load a CSC for that country.