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Sep 5, 2015

Nox App Player , now renamed as NoxPlayer is a newly developed free Android emulator with full Android features for Windows system. It runs from Windows XP up to Windows 10. The performance is fast and stable. You could not only play Android games on PC with it but also use it as a development tool and test applications.

Its main features include:
- Developed on Android 4.4.2 KitKat (5.1 Lollipop & 7.1.2 Nougat) kernel with full Android feature
- Google Play store integrated
- Better compatibility with AMD processors
- Customize CPU/RAM occupation and resolution
- Support input/output devices, gamepad and controller
- Superuser built-in
- Run multiple Android instances simultaneously with ease
- Easy Video record and Macro record feature

Official website:
Facebook Page:
Customer support: [email protected]

Download Offline Installer Now

[05/15/2019] Version release notes:
1. New Shortcut function, now you can create a shortcut of the specific game on the desktop, play the game just in one click.
2. Optimize drag and drop installation to increase installation speed.
3. Optimize emulator startup time.

Update history:

[05/11/2019] Version release notes:
– the gameplay experience under OpenGL+ mode
– the compatibility of the input method
– the compatibility issue of the game Fate Grand Order
– the game stability of Brawl Stars

[04/12/2019] Version release notes:
1. Optimized the memory usage of the emulator to improve the smoothness of operation and the number of multiple instances;
2. Optimized the performance of the input method and improve the input stability;
3. Android 7 officially released, more stable;
4. Fixed the display problem of the toolbar;
5. Fixed the game compatibility problem of “PES CLUB MANAGER”

[03/01/2019] Version release notes:
1. Optimized the macro recorder, retain the panel during the execution process and restore the recording process shortcut keys;
2. Optimized the input method;
3. Improved the feedback system, users will get more timely feedback;
4. Optimized the drop-down menu in the settings panel to avoid misuse;
5. Default Android 5 version, users who need to use Android 4 or 7 could add a new instance through Multi-Drive.

[08/15/2018] Version release notes:
1. Fully optimized keyboard control design and experience;
2. Solved the Multi-Drive getting stuck or loading slowly problem, added “quit” parameter, which can be closed during the upgrade of the Android version;
3. Optimized the turning speed of the emulator’s screen, and solved the problem of the screen being stuck;
4. Fixed the emulator crashes when saving some keyboard controls problem;
5. Optimized the boss key response speed;
6. Fixed the macro button key command is an invalid problem.

[07/20/2018] Version release notes:
1. Added a new Android7.1.2 version in NoxPlayer’s Multi-Drive(currently the test phase, application compatibility will be continuously optimized)
2. Optimized Macro recorder, added a slide, long press, click on configured button, input text and other functions
3. Optimized some issues of angle view in the shooting game
4. Fixed a series of known issues, optimized the product experience
5. Fixed an issue that could not be installed on WinXP
6. In Android system 7.1.2 fixed the problem of playing video in Instagram

[06/22/2018] Version release notes:
1. Allowed users to disable mouse acceleration in shooting mode
2. Notifications will pop up when official keyboard layout updates, and can be applied with one click

[05/26/2018] Version release notes:
1. Optimized viewing angle problem in PUBG Mobile.
2. Fixed the V6.1.0.0 startup and game compatibility problems.

[05/15/2018] Version release notes:
1. Macro recording added combined playback function, supports to combine existing macro recording arrangements into a new macro recording
2. Added new command line, can close the specified application based on the package name
3. PUBG supports WA, WD side running
4. Fixed some game compatibility and improved performance

[04/27/2018] Version release notes:
1. Added emulator repair and diagnostics features, some of which can be downloaded in the upper right corner - System Tools to download the corresponding repair tool for solve your issue
2. Fixed the NIC driver uninstallation error
3. Optimized wheel operation to make it smoother
4. Added a button to clean up the Google service component cache
5. Optimized experience and performance

[04/16/2018] Version release notes:
1. Optimized the experience of stimulating the perspective of the battlefield
2. Optimized sensitivity in shooting mode of Battle Royale games, increase readings
3. Some games that support keyboard operation can use WASD directly without configuration
4. Bridge connection added to display ID state function

[03/26/2018] Version release notes:
1.The area that can be dragged up and down in the game supports scrolling with the wheel, such as backpacks, chat frames, etc
2.Fixed after parachute landing/getting the car unable to change FOV problem in PUBG Mobile
3.Multiple operation synchronizer added pin to top feature
4.Fixed APK file sometimes cannot install issue
5. After using the boss key, operational tracks of Macro Recorder are also hidden.
6. Fixed the issue of incomplete display of Vietnamese input
7. PUBG Mobile global release supports HD and 1G memory
8. Fixed known issues and optimized performance
9. Added occupied space tips in MultiPlayer
10.Added command line tool noxconsole.exe to provide convenience for script users

[03/16/2018] Version release notes:
1. Optimized keyboard control in Battle Royale games, supports the automatic exit of shooting mode while opening the backpack,
2. Added keyboard control saved location one-click function, to avoid losing configuration
3. Virtual location able to display the current location of the country’s cities
4. Windows 10 supported bridge connection
5. Added some tutorials and optimized some details
6. Fixed Lineage 2 Revolution display issue in DX mode

[02/08/2018] Version release notes:
1. Right-click to move function in all games
2. In Advanced settings added restore window size function
3. In Multiplayer you can choose to synchronize the particular instances
4. Fixed keyboard stopped working issue when connecting to VPN
5. Fixed known issues and optimized performance

[01/23/2018] Version release notes:
1. Improved Macro recording, support restart emulator timely, automatically run the script after startup, batch import and export script, added slow play script function
2. Support moving the entire emulator data to another storage location
3. FPS and Battle Royale games support setting the right mouse button to open the fire
4. Keyboard control added 2.5D / 3D games to move the view feature
5. Macro button added “Home” and “Back” commands
6. Fixed known issues and optimized performance

[01/09/2018] Version release notes:
1.Added locking the mouse function, after locking the mouse will not go beyond the instance window, hotkey F10.
2. Optimized the keyboard control experience of Battle Royale games
a) Fixed FOV problem when you press Alt.
b) Support Ctrl key in keyboard control.
c) Fixed unable to change FOV problem, when you picking things in the shooting state.
d) Support the adjustment of mouse sensitivity in the shooting state
3. Added more models of mobile phones.
4. Some games support Enter key to send a message, if you are playing the game does not support one-click send, you can send a feedback to our customer support.
5. Fixed video recording vertical screen application is stretched problem.
6. Fixed bugs and lot of known issues

[12/15/2017] Version release notes:
1. Fixed some known issues and bugs

[11/29/2017] Version release notes:
1. Some popular games automatically apply keyboard control
2. Virtual location the default is set to the language capitals
3. Restart Android button on Side bar integrated one-click refresh desktop function
4. Added the restart operation, when you want to close emulator
5. Fixed disk clean up instability problem
6. Fixed overwrite installation may cause data loss problem
7. Fixed when multiplayer’s data too big may cause back up and import operation stuck at 99% problem
8. Fixed video recording black screen in the latest Win 10 system problems
Game compatibility:
9. Solved device cannot support problem in “Survival Royale”game
10. Solved ” Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage ” cannot run on Nox problem

[11/16/2017] Version release notes:
1. Upgrade NoxPlayer engine, improved memory usage, internet speed, game fluency, screen display, the quantity of instances
2. Added batch operation, multi-instance arrange, multi-instance settings, search function etc., created the strongest Multiplayer
3. Added synchronize multiplayer function
4. Update to Android 5.1.1, can be added in Multi-drive management panel
5. Added how to use keyboard mapping to play Android games on PC (Applies to NoxPlayer and above versions) tutorial
6. Added instance copy, delete, backup/import command line
7. Solve a variety of error-reporting and may cause stuck and crash problems
8. Full support for OpenGL3 games
9. Fixed some game compatibility

[10/30/2017] Version release notes:
1.Add Error message and corresponding solution when anti-virus such as Avast falsely block the startup of NoxPlayer
2.Fixed Korean input issue in Windows 10 rs3 release

[09/28/2017] Version release notes:
1.Introduced brand new Video Recorder feature
2.Support re-arrange recorded Macros through mouse dragging
3.Added new Internet bridge connection feature. You could connect with friends in Local Area Network (LAN) games such as in Soul Knight (not available for Windows 10)
4.Added Windows balloon tips notification option in System Settings to conveniently turn it on/off
5.Optimized keyboard input language display
6.Support setting Tab key as Keyboard Control option
7.Optimized in-game walking by right-mouse-button to ensure smoother gaming experience
8.Fixed input issue caused by setting special keys as keyboard control function keys
9.Improved overall performance and game compatibility
10. Fixed random app keep crashing issue

[09/05/2017] Version release notes:
1.Added Macro Key edit and multiple-strike effect to keyboard control feature. You could save more than one set of keyboard control preference for one game.
2.Improved keyboard control for MOBA games (especially Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor). You could manually adjust the damage area of skill casting and the accuracy of walking using the right mouse button.
3.Fixed the problem that NoxPlayer may automatically hide after disable the Boss key
4.Various minor bug fixes and user experience improvements

[07/25/2017] Version release notes:
1.Re-designed the user interface of NoxPlayer to comply with flat design principles and give the users a whole new experience
2. Added Theme center. We are the only Android emulator that supports this feature. You could change between different themes to give your Nox a new touch.
3. Dramatically improved the engine to boost NoxPlayer’s performance
4. Added Rotate button to change Nox screen display from vertical to horizontal or back with just one click
5. Changed the interface of Keyboard control settings and File share between PC and NoxPlayer

[06/16/2017] Version release notes:
1. Improved compatibility with CATS
2. Fixed some known issues and bugs

[06/02/2017] Version release notes:
1. Support overwrite installation with the old data preserved. You can update directly without back up anymore since this version.
2. Support creating shortcut to each existed instance to desktop directly.
3. A newly designed installer with updated interface.
4. Added MOBA game skill casting assistance.
5. Fixed known problems and errors, improved user experience.

[05/06/2017] Version release notes:
1. Support right-mouse key control game character movement in MOBA games such as Vainglory
2. Enriched list of Mobile phone model to choose from in System Settings
3. Fixed Android log print issue
4. Fixed screen flash in video recording
5. Added feedback window in the drop down menu on upper right corner of NoxPlayer window. Users could more conveniently provide feedback and report problems.

[04/20/2017] Version release notes:
1. Optimized compatibility with games/apps
2. Improved location accuracy in Virtual Location feature

[04/12/2017] Version release notes:
1. Fixed some minor bugs
2. Update Google Play Store to the latest version
3. Optimized carrier information

[03/31/2017] Version release notes:
1. Renamed Nox App Player as NoxPlayer
2. Optimized controller compatibility and settings. We now support XBOX Controllers.
3. Fixed display issue with games such as Lineage II
4. Add Favorites feature in Virtual Location
5. Fixed some installation and startup errors
6. Add input preview function which allows you to view the typing process
7. Allow Hide/Unhide performance optimization notice
8. Fixed Boss key malfunction

[02/17/2017] Version release notes:
1. Fixed “A digitally signed driver is required” problem on some Windows 10 PC
2. Added Google Play Hot game board
3. Improved overall performance. There will be fewer startup errors.

[01/11/2017] Version 3.8.0 release notes:
1. Fixed Nox App Player unable to run on Win 10 Insider Preview Build issue
2. Optimized virtual location feature
3. Add ES File Manager for your convenience management of all files
4. Increase the limit of customize resolution settings to support 4k screen (4096*2160)
5. Optimized the display of sidebar when Nox window is resized
6. Fixed some installation and startup error for better performance
7. Fixed compatibility issue with Dawn of Titans and Dominations

[12/19/2016] Version release notes:
1. Fixed compatibility issue with Summoners War
2. Fixed compatibility issue with Lineage 2 Revolution
3. Updated Nox Launcher

[12/13/2016] Version release notes:
1. Add disc space cleanup function
2. Optimized RAM consumption and allocation
3. Solved display issue when dragging Nox window on some machine
4. Solved startup crash on some system
5. Improved stability and minimized sudden data corruption of Nox App Player
6. Solved startup error caused by some antivirus
7. Improved compatibility with video and stream apps

[11/24/2016] Version release notes:
1. Add Android Menu button on the sidebar
2. Improved overall performance and reduced some startup problems

[11/09/2016] Version 3.7.5 release notes:
1. Reduced major errors in Nox
2. Fixed input issues with special characters including @
3. Optimized Tablet/Phone screen switch effect
4. Added Google Search to home screen
5. Fixed volume adjustment conflicts with boss key shortcut
6. Fixed sound disappearing issue in Nox
7. Optimized batch operation in multi-instance management panel and re-designed the UI

[09/29/2016] Version 3.7.3 release notes:
1. Improved start up time
2. Fixed Windows 10 Anniversary version signature issue
3. Fixed occasional keyboard control settings can’t save issue

[09/12/2016] Version 3.7.2 release notes:
1. Add System specifications and FAQ section
2. Add Frames setting in System Settings >> Advanced
3. Fixed black glitches in games
4. Fixed Russian input issue with capital letters
5. Fixed Macro recorder cannot record @ symbol issue

[08/02/2016] Version 3.7.1 release notes:
1. Improved gaming experience of Pokémon GO on PC
2. Support all GPS-based games including Ingress. Players could walk and change speed with keyboards
3. Optimized sound and internet connection
4. Fixed multiple instance disappear issue
5. Fixed Google Play crash “Your device is not compatible with this version” issue

[07/15/2016] Version 3.7.0 release notes:
1. Support Pokémon GO on PC
2. Added brief Tutorial to guide user through the basic functions
3. Optimized all the error messages window
4. Fixed data loss and crash due to abnormal close down of Nox App Player
5. Added Settings function in Multiplayer Management Panel so you could change settings before start a specific instance

[06/17/2016] Version 3.6.0 release notes:
1. Support assign fixed window size and position for each Nox instance
2. Greatly reduced the file size of videos recorded by the in-build Video Recorder
3. Added two finger pinch and swipe functions
4. Optimized resolution and fixed display error in the Video Record and Macro Record window

[05/13/2016] Version release notes:
1. Enriched Script Recorder functions. You could now define repeat times, intervention and speed by yourself!
2. Enabled transparency degree setting to keyboard control.
3. Shortened startup time.
4. Fixed some VPN connection issues.
5. Optimized video card performance.
6. Lower CPU consumption.

[04/12/2016] Version release notes:
1. Add batch operation option in multi-instance management panel
2. Fixed mouse scroll intrigue click action problem. If this ever happens again, click Ctrl to fix it.
3. Add Google Contact
4. WASD key mapping in keyboard control is now customizable
5. Add support to DirectX rendering
6. Set Nox App Player’s MAC address to be in concordance with the hosting PC
7. Fixed access failure to internet and made it possible to connect to internet in virtual machine
8. Add Vietnam network operator information
9. Fixed startup error caused by double installing of VM
10. Solved My Documents access error under some systems
11. Optimized the startup time
12. Fixed adb connection loss due to ROM restart
13. Fixed numerical keys and Tab key mapping issue
14. Improved Macro Recording feature
15. Add support to synchronize Nox App Player date and time with hosting PC’s timezone
16. Add Russian in system language settings
17. Change the default Android space to 64 GB
18. Able to run in Virtual Machines (with DirectX mode on and VMware version over 6.0)
Edit: Nox not able to properly run on Virtual Machine yet. - 09/12/2016
19. Optimized UI for 4k computer monitors

Version release notes:
1. Preloaded a Facebook Lite version that is compatible with Nox App Player
2. Removed Nova Launcher and the app drawer, using Nox own launcher now, all newly installed games/apps will be displayed on the main screen directly
3. New video recording feature, users could record their game play with ease. It’s also useful if you want to record a tutorial on how to use an app
4. New macro recording feature. Macro recording will enable automatic repetition of some tedious work in a game.
5. There’s a reboot Android shortcut on the sidebar. You could reboot the Android kernel without closing and restart Nox
6. There’s also a controller management panel shortcut on the sidebar from where you could connect and manage the controller/gamepad connection with Nox
7. Redesign of the layout of Nox System Settings: more organized and more options to explore

Nox just released a new version 2.5 on 24th September with the following notes:
1. New Feature: backup and restore main Nox instance data
2. New Feature: on/off button for root mode
3. Fixed startup errors with some processor and operating systems
4. Increased compatibility, stability and account security
5. Perfectly compatible with Angry Birds 2, Dungeon Striker and more.

What it does at a glance:

Main UI:

Clash of clans:

Clash Royale:

Marvel Future Fight:

Run multiple Android instances at the same time:

Customize CPU/RAM/Resolution and more:

New system settings layout since version 3.1:
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Jul 5, 2014
Spalding, England
Sigh, no go on turion x64 tl-60...99% and "system failed to start"...ehhh...virtualization's on, btw.
On the other hand - quitting antivir AND firewall is rather WEIRD solution...even that is not working.
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Sep 17, 2015
Nice find!

I can't get AMI DuOS to start no matter what and Andy feels painfully slow to me.
Looks like this is mainly centered around playing Android games on PC.

Anyone know how to import/share files between Windows and Nox? I've tried dragging and dropping MP3's, but I can't find them using the file manager.

---------- Post added at 11:43 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:38 PM ----------

How to set virtual location?


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Jul 22, 2009
Anyone know how to import/share files between Windows and Nox? I've tried dragging and dropping MP3's, but I can't find them using the file manager.
I used Es File Explorer to make a network connection via LAN


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Sep 30, 2015
too bad
~ can't play GAMELOFT games
~ Can't Rotate with 2 finger ( 360 degree screen ) in simcity buildiT
~ no swipe up swipe down control
but ... i love this Emulator :eek: :good: ... i can play NFS - Most Wanted

work 2 finger control (multi touch), same with MEmu just put pad control on center screen, example use letter "Q" ~ save, and press left mouse and hold, you can rotate your screen on SimCity BuildIT ( Q + Hold Left Mouse ) :laugh: :good:
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Sep 5, 2015
Nice find!

I can't get AMI DuOS to start no matter what and Andy feels painfully slow to me.
Looks like this is mainly centered around playing Android games on PC.

Anyone know how to import/share files between Windows and Nox? I've tried dragging and dropping MP3's, but I can't find them using the file manager.

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Which version are you using? To import and export files in the latest 2.5 version, you will have to turn on the root mode in system settings first since this operation requires super-user role which is disabled by default now.
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Sep 30, 2015
Anyone know how to import/share files between Windows and Nox? I've tried dragging and dropping MP3's, but I can't find them using the file manager
~ Root must On
~ Put your file system C:/user name/My Documents/Nox_Share/Other
~ Open ES File Explorer SDCards/Download/Other/ .... you will find your file

Just click the fourth button <Virtual Location> on the side bar, choose your preferred location and Click Apply.
Can I skip VGA Card update driver when i want instal this NOX ... in BlueStacks, i can skip update driver VGA with change setting in regedit.exe . . . . how about NOX :confused:
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Jun 2, 2008
Stuck at 99% loading Nox in Windows 10 (after being using it for a week).
Tested all suggested things in the web: Virtualization is ON, Hyper-V is not installed, Graphical card is updated (NVidia)...
Not impressed...


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Nov 2, 2015
NOx auto update never worked for me,I have to reinstall every time so to have the newest version

Sent from my Lenovo A2010-a using Tapatalk
народ, подскажите. заходил через разные версии Nox в такую игру как Summoners War и фпс при открытии игры 7-8 на острове, в битвах 15-30 (когда включил эмуляцию в Bios - стало 13-14 и 40-60 фпс) но всё же 13-14 фпс это очень мало + так видео снимать нереально будет...
уже как только в настройках программы не крутил... CPU, разрешение менял.
помогите повысить FPS с 13-14 на 30-40
видео карта geforce gtx 660
amd FX(tm)- 6300 six core Processor 3.5 GHz
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