NV ram error. Imei null

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    SPFT = SmartPhone Flash Tool.

    Donglbox »» KS Tools (?)

    ENG ROM = Engineering ROM

    From what I know, there is not an ENG ROM available for this device, unless in the technician community, they share a dumped ROM, among them, but not for public.
    Exactly, that's what I thought
    Hi everyone. My phone is null with IMEI after the format all and update. In order to rewrite the IMEI with SN tool. I need help from you guys. MD1-DB and AP-DB files for MTK6785 realme 7 rmx2151 files. can some1 help me to get this file. OR any alternative tool to write IMEI number? I have my original IMEI. Help me @xda developers..
    Many of us, are in the same boat, no way to recover as of now, it seems that newer MTK devices do inaccessible the partition where’s IMEI is placed. If someone knows some solution, can share here.

    If you had made a backup, you could restore it though, not totally sure if it can be re-written this way though.

    There are other files called data apart the ofp file that can't be flashed using SP Flash tool, these are -I guess- for calibration, and could allow recovering them.
    To recover the baseband you should flash any RM6785 ROM, for IMEI, no luck with it.
    finally found a database for mt6785 for SN tool. use Original IMEI.. i am not responsible for any activity. Do it with your own Risk. password= pacha123
    Thanks, but these files are available in the ROM for R7, SN Write tool needs DB and AP files, these files used to be found in other devices with MTK, anyway SN Write tool doesn't recognize properly the device, and the result is always "fail", it seems that this device needs something like a permissive kernel to pass, not completely sure though.
    Mer, can you help me about mtk-client, i found CMD version in "Github" or exécutable version,witch version i get, and setup to instal TWRP and Thank you for your recent help.
    your welcome,
    you can follow this tutorial here :