Nvidia recalls Shield Tablet due to possible overheating

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Aug 27, 2015
Same here

I'm in the USA and received the same email today about the delay.

I've got the LTE version


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Jul 27, 2010
And thats for the german shield tablets. The note says, you can "dispose" the old one. I already flashed BlissPop on it... ^^

Same here! :) And already went through one BlissPop update... works like a charm.

I must say, though, that battery / power management on BlissPop is much much less efficient than the official NVIDIA firmware... :)

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received mine today (not too long, from Eindhoven UPS ) brand new in box, no refurbished.

Same here! Moi aussi! And old tablet immediately flashed with new bootloader and BlissPop (using WinDroid for the bootloader) before it could be bricked.


Mar 10, 2011
I've received a message from nvidia on September 2nd:

Dear NVIDIA tablet owner,

We apologize for the delay in sending your replacement SHIELD Tablet.

We are fulfilling claims as quickly as we can, in the order in which they were received. In some cases, we are running behind our target delivery of 2-4 weeks. We’re doing everything we can to accelerate the schedule.

We’ll notify you when your unit ships. In the meantime, should you have any questions, please contact us [email protected].

Thanks for your patience.


It seems that some tablets are delayed. I'm in Brazil.

Another question, I'm worried about being charged by customs, since it's very rare they miss a tablet in the inspection. Will nvidia pay for the customs tax in some way?

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Aug 13, 2007
I got that message last week too. Don't know when I'll receive mine.
My wife and I both submitted our recall info on the day it was announced. Got the "delay" message a while back, and had just about given up until... Got an email today (both of us) that the replacements had been shipped, and that we should expect them in 3-7 days. Checked the tracking numbers and found they'd actually been shipped yesterday -- overnight shipping -- and they were waiting for us on the porch when we got home.

Unlike what others have said, there was a return shipping box (complete with label and even packing tape -- nice touch), so they expect the old one back. The good news is that the box CLEARLY is designed to only fit the tablet itself, but they sent me a complete retail package as a replacement (even had a new SIM). It's very clear that the extra power adapter and cable is mine to keep. The instructions say to remove all accessories from the old tablet, so I'm keeping the extra stylus too.

What the instructions do NOT say is how long I have to send the old one back. My wife is practically all of the way through S1 of the Walking Dead game, and since we've never rooted, she'll probably lose the save-game, which is important for starting S2. She's thinking about waiting for the Marshmallow update, which has a data-backup feature, and hoping that Google saves the day... unless anyone knows of a way to backup this app's data, without root. Does anyone have DIRECT experience that Helium works with this app?

Oh, one more thing... The typical Android "New Device" restore doesn't seem to happen on this device. So, my apps weren't automatically downloaded. No biggie, but something to watch out for. I took the precaution of backing up my storage using USB MSM, and placing the old device in Airplane mode before turning on the new device, so I have something to compare config settings.


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May 28, 2012
Hi all,
Just got an email from a UPS rep in India asking me to fill out a few KYC forms. Tab was shipped from Netherlands on 17th and will arrive at Mumbai on 19th.

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Oct 9, 2014
Hong Kong
After the the email update from 2 weeks ago, I still don't have anymore updates from nvidia... Getting a bit worried that I'll never get my replacement tablet now.


Aug 3, 2015
so just an FYI, if you connect a power source straight to the red and black wires going to the battery and short out the green and white terminals the device WILL boot and stay on without a battery…
working on possible setting it up as nexus player/shield tv

Mhh my doesn't boot, still dead. :( I have shorten out the green and white cables of the nvidia shield board and soldered black and red to the appropriate usb cables, but nothing happen when I try to switch it on. I've tried it on USB Port as well as on USB Charger. :crying:


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Jun 18, 2013
Bs As
Just received this mail. I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Dear NVIDIA tablet owner,

Your replacement tablet has shipped via UPS. You should receive it in the next 3-7 days. Your tracking number is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Please follow the included instructions to replace or dispose of your old tablet.

Please make sure to back up your photos, video and data files, so that you may access them from your replacement tablet.

As a reminder, when you set up your new tablet, your old tablet will be deactivated and no longer function.

Please remove all accessories – cover, SIM card, SD card, etc. – before returning your old tablet.

Thank you,

According to the tracking information I'll be receiving it tomorrow. I'll update further by then.


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Aug 27, 2011
In 7 day the new one is delivered and it's in new box to..
Upper box is new.


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Mar 10, 2011
Finally got my shipment email. There's a tracking code from UPS and it's coming very fast from the US to Brazil (about 3 days!).

Also, they've answered my email clarifying that all duty expenses will be paid by nvidia. So, no worries for me at all.

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Apr 11, 2011
When did you guys file for replacement? I did the whole recall process in August 12th and haven't received my replacement unit not have I got an email about delays in shipping. Only email I got was confirmation and a 3-4 week window.

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    so just an FYI, if you connect a power source straight to the red and black wires going to the battery and short out the green and white terminals the device WILL boot and stay on without a battery…
    working on possible setting it up as nexus player/shield tv
    Consider the ginormous screw-up that they did with the battery and reading the process on the page it would seem that they will send you a new tablet and when you open it, the other one will be rendered unusable which basically makes it a giant ball of turd or a brick :)
    Not sure if they want it shipped back or not but by what i'm reading they won't. Even so i don't mind keeping the blank one for spare pieces.

    Well I am not saying I will do this, but if the device no longer has a kill switch (custom rom) when I first boot the new device, And they don't want the defective device back... Well you see where I am going

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    NVIDIA has announced a recall of its SHIELD tablets, sold between July 2014 and July 2015:

    Information on how to obtain a replacement device: http://www.nvidia.com/support/tabletrecall

    Official nVidia notice: http://nvidianews.nvidia.com/news/notice-for-nvidia-tablet-customers
    does anyone know how to check battery type on non-stock roms? I have CM12.1 currently installed and I would rather not need to go back to stock just to find out I have the non-recallable battery type.

    Have a look at the faq: http://tabletrecall.expertproductinquiry.com/faq/6x1gnn

    Q. How do I know if my tablet is affected?
    A. The recall includes NVIDIA SHIELD tablets (both WIFI and LTE) sold between July 2014 and July 2015.

    Model numbers P1761, P1761W and P1761WX and serial numbers 0410215901781 through 0425214604018 are included in this recall. The model and serial numbers are etched on the left side edge of the tablets and printed on the packaging.

    Please go to www.nvidia.com/support/tabletrecall and follow the instructions. You will need to update your tablet with the latest software to determine if your tablet is affected.

    Alternatively call them and ask. :) Numbers are on faq page.
    Just received my RMA email. Old tablets will be shipped back to Nvidia.