[Oct 27] Official XDA One Forum App [Alpha] [APK] Version 0.1.14

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Jun 21, 2014
You probably new here or has been under rock for quite some time. blk_jack started a new app very long time ago, it's called XDA Labs

I wonder why this thread isn't closed yet
Yes. That app “xda labs” is totally worth a praise. It makes navigation faster and easier for those who are new to xda.

That link I will share as much as I can to spread awareness about it.:D
I find that xda labs isn’t too well know yet. I found it after a few months after joining xda actively :confused:


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May 9, 2007
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Aug 25, 2011
This issue comes while I was using new app. Don't know which thread it was. But logcat isn't possible as idk how to reproduce the bug.
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    XDA One has a successor. It's called XDA Labs. Click here to get it :D

    Greetings all! :D

    When we launched the 2015 new forum template, we promised that we were also getting ready to release XDA One, which is the first forum app for XDA developed entirely in-house (thanks to @tilal6991 for working on the code, @rwestergren for building the new API, @bitpushr for helping with server stuff, and @jerdog for his coordination). In its current (alpha) state, XDA One is a fast (and nice-looking) way to browse and post in the forums. You can access our mention/quote system, see your subscriptions, send PMs, and more. In the future we plan to add tools for moderators, integration with our Development Database, support for tablets, and more to make it the "One" place to experience all of XDA on mobile. :victory:

    We have open sourced the app so that any can help make it better. Please access the XDA One GitHub repository to see the source code and/or to contribute. :highfive:


    Why is this app in alpha?
    It's not done yet and bugs still exist. As we put finishing touches on the app, we'll move closer to a beta release which will go on Google Play. Until then, we want XDA members to give it a try and help us find bugs.

    What are you doing with XDA Free, XDA Premium, and Tapatalk? Will they still work?
    For the foreseeable future, these apps will continue to be supported.

    Why is it called "XDA One"?
    As mentioned above, our vision for the app is for it to be the "One" place where you can experience all of XDA from your mobile device. In the future we will more deeply integrate the app into the site.

    Are you going to charge for XDA One or will it be free?
    Our plan is to make XDA One ad-supported.

    I found a bug! Or, I have a feature request!
    Post them in this thread. If reporting a bug, please describe the issue, steps to reproduce, and tell us what hardware and ROM (OS) you're using.

    A couple of technical notes:

    XDA One is developed using the Android Studio IDE. A simple debug build can be compiled using the XDA-One:assembleSimpleDebug gradle task. We will adopt the "Fork & pull" model of collaboration. Collaborators are encouraged to fork the project and submit pull requests for XDA's review, in order to be integrated back into the main release.

    0.1.13 Release 16/3/2015

    XDA One has a successor. It's called XDA Labs. Click here to get it :D

    See Post #2 for updates and change logs.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [Oct 27] Official XDA One Forum App [Alpha] [APK] Version 0.1.14, App for the General Discussion


    Version Information
    Status: Testing

    Created 2015-11-05
    Last Updated 2015-11-06
    I was going to release this build last week but I had some issues with Marshmallows permission system. I didn’t realise Google had changed the protection level for External Storage access from normal to dangerous. So when I tried to download an attachment I got an FC. There is a slight issue with the dark and black theme, device images appear to have a white background. I’m not sure what to do with this, maybe disable the device images and revert to the placeholder Image?

    Note: you may need to remove the old version before you install this one; I had some issues with my old signing keys.

    - Links are now clickable
    - Fix KitKat FC when viewing posts
    - Make thread divider more visible in dark theme

    - posts: edit snackbar action
    - gradle: move verisonCode and versionName to gradle
    - posts: fix FC if the download folder doesn't exist when downloading an attachment
    - permissions: implement Marshmallow permission system for download attachments
    - textstructure: fix code container FC
    - devices: theme the find your device fragment
    - strings: update
    - search: implement back press listener
    - profile: layout improvements
    - posts: fix pager position
    - posts: scale images down if they are too big
    - posts: cleanup
    - posts: fix floating paging header in threads that have only 1 page
    - strings: fix type
    - posts: enable text selection on posts text
    - strings: improve settings strings
    - settings: add an option to load a certain view when the application starts
    - posts: fix post attachment color
    - pm: show snackbar for new private messages on launch
    - profile: cleanup
    - profile: redesign user profile section
    - settings: fix signature not being added correctly when quoting posts
    - theme: adjust post quote colors for the dark and black theme
    - theme: adjust post action button colors for the dark and black theme
    - fragment: add back press listener
    - theme: add theming support
    - settings: show signature when creating a post if the option is enabled
    - gradle: update libraries
    - prefs: enable option to show post signature
    - prefs: enable option to disable double back press to exit
    - prefs: change backpress option from checkbox to switch
    - prefs: add option to change subscribed default view
    - prefs: Implement settings functionality - part 2
    - prefs: Implement settings functionality
    - global: switch to support library tablayout
    - gradle: update libraries
    - settings: add subscribe default view option
    - gradle: update

    Build from 23rd of July 2015

    - gradle: update support libraries
    - post: show snackbar when toggle thanks
    - subscribed: fix toolbar elevation issue
    - global: add elevation to more toolbars
    - cab: improve cab icons
    - message: show message actions
    - message: prevent fab from covering message
    - global: implement design library fab
    - forum: implement snackbar
    - profile: add toolbar to user profile view
    - navdrawer: reorganize navigation drawer items
    - dialog: fix keyboard not showing with the create and reply dialogs
    - pm: improve private message reply dialog
    - pm: improve private message layout
    - posts: adjust FAB padding
    - dialogs: improve dialog layouts
    - dialogs: resize create post, message and thread dialogs
    - news: show news images
    - post: fix FAB covering post action buttons
    - navdrawer: reset email on logout

    Source Code
    So here it is, just uploaded the latest build. I’ve made quite a few improvements over the past few weeks.

    If you’re on lollipop (API 21) you’ll have elevation on most, if not all, ToolBars now. I’ve also added the floating labels from the new Design Support Library on the login screen.

    I’ve implemented a News Reader so we can view articles without going through the browser, I did create the same ToolBar sliding effect using the new CoordinatorLayout and AppBarLayout widgets. No code was needed; however there were too many bugs so I’ll add it later when they are fixed. I’ve used palette to dynamically change the ToolBar to match the colour of the image too, which gives it a nice effect.

    - gradle: update support libraries
    - news: implement news reader
    - thread: fix item selector
    - news: improve palette detection
    - news: improve palette speed
    - news: improve the way data is handled
    - mainactivity: change to gravity compat
    - colors: lighten selected item color
    - subscribed: add elevation to toolbar
    - news: increase window dim level
    - news: improve tablet ui
    - forum: improve selector
    - global: add toolbar elevation to more views
    - messages: improved the pm layout
    - thread: close cab on back press
    - forum: close cab on back press
    - news: add floating window support for tablets
    - forum: fix long press FC
    - prevent FC if we get a null response when pressing thanks
    - news: make hyperlinks clickable
    - global: improve the way backpress events are handled in fragments
    - post: increase margine between action buttons
    - drawables: improve no feed icon
    - login: add toolbar
    - login: added floating labels

    I’m aware of the following bugs:
    - News Reader : Blue squares (It’s actually where images are supposed to be, I haven’t implemented an ImageGetter)
    - News Reader : Occasionally there might be left over CSS code
    - New and All tabs not working correctly
    - Log In issue (Something went wrong)
    - Thanks issue? I think it’s because I hit my 8 thanks limit (Its working fine for me now :D)
    So here it is, I've pushed all the source code/resources for the changes into my GitHub repo. There's probably a few more changes I have made but I can't remember. There's still more that needs to be done, however, this can be done later. Enjoy :)

    Credits go the original developers and contributors of XDA One, without them this wouldn't be possible.

    GitHub repo

    Main App
    - Change colour scheme
    - Changed most image resources
    - Added double back press to exit
    - Prevent FC during long press, not fixed!
    - Added some changes to the create thread, post and reply dialogs.
    - When searching XDA the SearchView is now expanded by default.
    - Few changes to the SlidingTabStip
    - Added list item divider

    Thread View
    - Added 2 lines for thread titles
    - Added 3 lines for thread content
    - Switched subscribed Thread and Forum around
    - Enabled thanks count for your own posts
    - Redesigned thread view to a similar look and feel to Google+ (Gives us more room to fit content)

    Post View
    - Redesigned the post attachments, now looks similar to Gmail
    - Added 5dp margin to the attachment image view

    Navigation Drawer
    - Redesigned header to adhear to Material Design
    - Re-Added user account email (Under username)
    - Removed icon tinting
    - Increased avatar size
    - Navigation drawer now appears under the translucent status bar

    XDA news
    - News items now use CardView
    - Added dirty method to retrieve hi-res news images from XDA (Would prefer a JSON tag)
    - Disabled news content TextView for now.
    I am posting this in response to the posts questioning progress.
    I have decided to share builds from 2 different branches of the app using my XDA-One_Blue Theme

    First I compiled the latest commit to the Master Branch https://github.com/xda/XDA-One/pull/56.
    I have called this v0.1.12 due to it being a commit ahead of v0.1.11 This is just my naming and is not an official release
    This version uses the most up-to-date sources of the XDA-One /Master Branch and my Blue Theme.

    For those that want to use the cutting edge ALPHA app.
    I have compiled the Lollipoop version.
    This version uses the current XDA /API-21-Changes branch for the app.
    It brings the latest Lollipoop features implemented in the XDA One app, Like color changing status bar. :D
    This not from the master branch for the app and is also not an official release.

    Thanks to @El Daddy for testing the colored status bar and screenshot :D He is all about the Lolli :p

    For a non lollipoop device, like my Xperia ION on jellybean, I use Xposed and the "Tinted Status Bar" Module to change the color of the status bar. ;)

    These are just my builds so please do not report bugs here.
    I am just sharing my success in finally getting the API-21-changes to compile. :D