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Dec 19, 2019
So far I have not had any bugs and everything is going well. I like it a lot and I think I will keep it as one of my favorites.

Je trouve juste dommage que la traduction française ne soit pas complète ... si vous avez besoin d'aide n'hésitez pas
Miracast does not work

Miracast does not work 👁️


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Jun 25, 2019
So far I have not had any bugs and everything is going well. I like it a lot and I think I will keep it as one of my favorites.

Je trouve juste dommage que la traduction française ne soit pas complète ... si vous avez besoin d'aide n'hésitez pas
Miracast does not work

Miracast does not work 👁️
Please help us with crowdin


Jul 24, 2019
Really like this rom!
Just one thing I can't find the setting to spoof signature for Micro G as supported by the rom.
Please kindly show me how.


Jul 24, 2019
Some settings, default apps or app permissions for example, are unchangeable when smart pixels is enabled.
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Dec 3, 2020
I discovered a problem with NFC. Whenever I read a generic NFC tag (only have Mifare Classic 1k to test), the NFC functionality inside the device "crashes" and I have to reboot to make it work for a single read, again, just so it can again crash.

Whenever a tag is read, the NFC functionality crashes and the NFC settings also disappear. Then, NFC apps also complain, that the device does not have any NFC functionality. The device has to be rebooted, to be able to read a single NFC tag, again.

Did anyone experience a similar issue? Is this common across ROMs or this one?


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Dec 3, 2020
I found a different NFC Tag to test with: Mifare Ultralight.

Actually, everything works fine with Mifare Ultralight. Mifare Classic 1k on the other hand, constantly keeps crashing the NFC functionality, after every single first read, after reboot.

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    OctaviOS is an AOSP based rom focusing on Unique and Smooth UI with handy features. OctaviOS is a reborn of pie based PearlOS.
    * Your warranty is now void.
    * We are not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone by installing any custom ROMs and/or kernels.
    * You do it at your own risk and take the responsibility upon yourself and you are not to blame us or XDA and its respected developers.

    This rom comes in 4 Variants prebuilt vendor Vanilla and G-Apps and custom based vendor Vanilla and G-Apps
    Download ROM


    -Reboot to recovery
    -Take Backup (Not Necessary)
    -Flash your firmware(If required)
    -Reboot To Recovery
    -Flash the vendor (if you are using pre built Vendor versions )
    -Flash the ROM
    -Flash Gapps (If using Vanilla Variant )
    -Flash magisk (optional)
    -Flash DFE


    -Lineage OS
    -Superior OS
    -MSM Xtended
    -Pixel Experience
    -Extended UI
    -Havoc OS
    -CrDroid ROM
    -Fluid OS
    -Others, I forgot to mention

    Based on Android 11.0

    What's working?

    Everything I guess

    Known issues

    Nothing yet
    You tell me


    OctaviOS Source

    ROM Source:
    Octavi-OS Sources
    Device Source: Raphael
    Kernel Source: Perf+ Kernel
    Perf + Kernel is prebuilt

    As soon as the problem occurs, take a logcat!
    for more READ THIS[/CENTER]

    OctaviOS for Raphael/RaphaelIN
    Device: Redmi K20 Pro
    Maintainer: SPS-IrongFly
    Build Type: Official

    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.9
    ROM Firmware Required: Must be on Latest Firmware
    Based On: AOSP

    Android OS version: 11
    Security patch level: November 2020
    Build author: Irongfly

    Version Information
    Status :
    OctaviOS v1.0 Changelogs :-


    Source Changelogs:-

    - New BatteryMeter view
    - Beautified Quick Settings
    - New VolumePanel Design
    - OOS 11 Settings UI
    - Enabled SystemUI Tuner
    - Added Custom Clocks
    - Volume Rocker Wake
    - Volume Rocker Cursor Controls
    - Volume Rocker Music Controls
    - Torch Long Press Power
    - Wake on Plug
    - HW Buttons Custimizations
    - Accidental Touch
    - Fingerprint Authentication Vibration
    - Double to Sleep on Statusbar and Lockscreen
    - Volte & Vowifi User Selectables Icon
    - Show 4G Instead of LTE
    - Lockscreen Charging Info
    - Three Fingers Swipe to Screenshot
    - Added Vooc Charging Support For Realme Devices
    - and many more

    OCTAVIA Device Changelog (13/10/20) :

    - Added Aod Toggle (thanks @sushank21x)
    - Fixed default apn settings
    - Force Vowifi with props (thanks @Raaj52)
    - Moved A11 status to BETA from ALPHA
    - Updated G-Cam GO with night sight
    - Added star wars pop up sounds
    - Included ANX
    - Added System Spoofing
    - Added support for MIcro G
    - I use nik gapps omni (So nobody keeps asking me)
    - Open G-APPS aren't present in A11 , please don't report bugs flashing Android 10 Open G-Apps

    OctaviOS v1.1 Changelogs:- (13/10/2020)
    Source Changelogs:-

    - Merged October Security Patch
    - Added Face Unlock (Only For Official Builds)
    - Revamped Settings UI ( You Asked For It We did it ❤)
    - Added RGB Accenter
    - Added Colour Bucket Which Includes Themes Like PitchBlack Dark etc
    - Added Few More Clock Styles
    - Added Advanced Reboot Options
    - Added Battery Light Customizations
    - Implemented Cutout Force Full Screen
    - Added Battery Health Overlay
    - Added Network Traffic Indicator
    - Added Few QS Tiles Like SoundTile,Reboot/Recovery,Mono Audio
    -Added Partial/Full Screenshot Tile

    Source Changelog: (27/11/20)
    - Merged November Security Patch
    - Added OctaviClear Theme
    - Added Few Tiles Like AOD, weather,Headups
    - Added FOD Animations
    - Revamped QS
    - Added Left Clock To Expanded QS
    - Revamped Settings (Insipired From OOS 11)
    - Improved Statusbar Network Traffic
    - Added Battery Styles
    - Added Optional Screenshot
    -Added Headup Options
    - Added Toggle to Disable/Enable QS Tint
    - Added Visualizer in Lockscreen
    - Added LockScreen Media Artwork
    - Added WeatherStyle on Lockscreen
    - Added CustomDoze Support
    - Option to Add QuickSettings on Lockscreen
    - Added Option for Haptic feedback on QS Tiles
    - Added CM Screen Security Option
    - Added Call Recording Support
    - Added CustomDoze Support
    - Added VolumePanel Styles
    - Added Option to Enable Charging on AOD
    - Added Toggle for Navigation Bar Visibility Control
    - Added Option to config pulse brightness
    - Added Charging Animations on Lock Screen
    - Added Wireless Charging Toggle Too
    - Added Statusbar Clock Customizations
    Added Ability to restrict data/wifi/vpn usage for an app
    - Added Pulse and Ambient Notifications Bar
    - Fixed Face Unlock Crash
    - Added Option to Disable Scrolling Cache
    - Added Option to Hide Notification Headers
    - Added Option to Center Notification Headers
    - Added Adaptive Playback
    - Added Navigation Mode Settings
    - Added PixelProps to Spoof Some Google Apps
    - Few other minor fixes

    Device Changelogs (27/11/20)
    And MIUI QS Panel like OneOS (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.treydev.micontrolcenter&hl=en_US) can easily by done by apps ,so stop asking for it . K thanks

    • Moved to STABLE
    • Added Touch Sampling Rate
    • Added ANX
    • Updated G-Cam to GCam 8
    • Fixed settings missing first pane of settings in dark mode
    • Moved AOD Settings to display .
    • Added battery style's.
    • Added lock screen clocks.
    • Added QS blur
    • Added Recents blur
    • Added ability to select text in recents
    • Made enforcing ( Banking apps will work easily Yono ahem ahem)
    • Fixed brightness jump before locking
    • Fixed stuck status bar issue in some Games
    • Added OSS version
    • Octavi Boot Logo instead of MI Logo Available
    • Added FOD Animations
    • OK Google Fix (OSS Veisions)
    • Allowed all apps to use smart replies
    • Added Legacy APPS Support
    • Added raise to wake
    • Made thermal profile name completely generic
    and many more

    Kernel : (OSS Only)
    • Used modded immensity with kcal
    and many more changes

    Just to clarify every version will have anx and gcam 8 inbuilt , because people dm-ed me about it and anx now supports memoji like apple

    Device Changelog (18/12/20):
    Added Super Mario Sounds
    Fixed Battery Health Strings (Thanks KARTIK)
    Fixed Extreme Battery Saver (Thanks Srinand E.K)
    Updated Vendor Sepolicy
    Made Pixel Props Default
    CTS passes without magisk
    Switched to Redfin December fingerprint
    Listed available colour modes
    Switched fod colour to #ccccac

    OctaviOS v1.4 Changelog:-


    Source Changes:-

    - December Security patch
    - Center QS clock with Date
    - New brightness slider
    - Added New Battery animation in battery page
    - New about phone UI
    - Implemented Miui volume panel with expanded UI
    - Fixed Odd icons and layout in Settings cardview
    - New Settings Header UI
    - New implementation of QS Columns and Row editing
    - Theme more elements to make them looks consistent
    - Tons of FOD related fixups
    - Screen Off FOD
    - Fix chrome Sign in issue
    - Added OOS 10 volte & Vowifi icons
    - Added Double tap to wake on Doze
    - Added back gesture hide feature
    - Added Heads-up Blacklist
    - Enabled Oreo like slashes on QS tiles
    - Added Extreme Battery Saver

    For More You Can check the Source at GitHub

    If You Liked Our Work You Can Donate Us At
    Paypal:- https://paypal.me/sagarrokade982

    [email protected]
    Don't get offended but this guys or octavi Devs keeps asking for money on even a simple question. I asked for a g drive mirror and they told me to pay for server, I mean what's wrong with this guys? People donate you after their satisfactory, there is no free money here. All Devs gets donation when we're satisfied with the rom. Very unfortunate to reply like this.
    OctaviOS v2.3 Changelog:-

    Dated : 24/04/2021

    Source Changes:-

    - OxygenOS 11 QS Footer layout is now added in octavi for better accessibility
    - Added collapsebar in settings
    - Rebased vendor with new implementations for better integration
    - Reverted AndroidS MediaPlayer View to old A11 view
    - Added QS Style Tint Option with more options like OOS / Accent / Android S
    - Added Navbar Styles Option
    - Added Settings Icon option now you can give your settings a new look with this
    - Added OctaviOS LockScreen Clock (Thanks to Madness)
    - Added Toggle To Disable FP Icon on Lockscreen and moved it under weather
    - Implemented GVisual Mod Navbar Color
    - New Implementation of PerApp Network Isolation
    - Add Support for global cleartext penalties
    - Wifi Timeout Feature
    - Bluetooth Timeout Feature
    - Few FOD Fixes
    - Added Few FOD Icons
    - Added TouchGestures
    - Add Option to instantly lock app on Closing
    - Fixed the crash in using AppLock when you don't have FP/Face registered
    - Improvements to AppLock code
    - Added a call to hide ringer button if your device has Alert slider (OnePlus devices)
    - Optimization to Appinfo page creation
    - Fix bug on High contrast text
    - Fix creation of brightness thumb on diff icon packs
    - Imported entity headers from OOS
    - Fixed an issue where content goes behind toolbar and yet visible
    - Fixed Volume panel animations a bit
    - Various improvements in sepolicy of source
    - Added Option to Disable StatusBar on Lockscreen
    - Improved Vanilla Clock app to match Google clock UI
    - Rebased Launcher3 From ShapeshiftOS
    - Added some translations in octavi lab

    April Patch
    - A hell lot of Translations (Thanx to those who contributed)
    - Redesigned stock Calculator app (Use vanilla to get it) and its open source
    - Fixed the issue where some devices can't have playback, either it gets black screen or it freezes
    - Fixed an issue where ANX crashes on some devices due to mediaplayer function error
    - Introduced Android S media player QS slice from Project - 404
    - Added Applock from AOSPA
    - Added Android S like QS tinting from Project - 404
    - Removed old QS tinting switch in favour of S style tinting
    - Added ReTicker from Descendants (Still WIP)
    - Added Shapeshift LS clock
    - Added Biometric Authentication in Applock
    - Implemented new Face Unlock with support in Applock from PE
    - Enabled IORAP by default
    - Disabled Fullscreen keyboard in landscape mode (It was annoying)
    - Removed some annoying warning / Confirmation dialog boxes
    - A bit of more optimization that doesn't matter to add in changelog but gonna improve the user experience while using the ROM itself
    OctaviOS v2.1 Changelog:-

    Dated : 05/03/2021

    Source Changes:-

    - Merged March Security Patch
    - Added MIUI Type Headers In Settings
    - Added GVisual Mod
    - Added Option for Gesture Bar Radius
    - Added Sensor block package list configurable
    - Added AboutUs App (Check in System)
    - Added Smart Pixels
    - Reimplemented FOD Commits
    - Added Few More FOD Icons
    - Fixed PowerOff Torch Completely
    - Fixed Bubble Crash Issue
    - Added FPS Info Tile
    - Added CPU Info Tile
    - Fixed NetworkTraffic Indicator on Light Theme
    - Updated DND,Aeroplane,Hotspot and few statusbar Icons
    - Fixed Issues With VoWifi Icons
    - Added Option for Gesture Bar Radius
    - Fixed Crash on Receiving Notification on Ambient Display
    - Improved Notification Header Toggle
    - Added Option to Swipe up for Face Unlock
    - Fixed Old Mobile Type Icon
    - Added Long Press Header Date to access calendar
    - Added Long Press Header clock to access Clock App
    - Reverted Use App Icon instead of md2 icon on statusbar
    - Added InCall Vibration Options

    Source Changes:-

    - Merged Jan 2021 security patch
    - Fix QS date not refreshing on system date change
    - Made brightness slider less thicker
    - Added OOS icons in QS / volume panel
    - Added toggle to position QS clock
    - Move all theming related stuff to OctaviLab ( System > Octavi Themes)
    - Re arranged OctaviLab in a organised manner
    - Introduce Greeter
    - Fix Username on Settings header
    - Fix Google and Wellbeing card on different languages
    - Added heads up tile
    - Added volume steps
    - Added system animations
    - Added Screen off animations
    - Added all degree rotation, now you can auto rotate to 0, 90, 180, 270 degrees
    - Added more options in lockscreen weather, now u can add city/temp or weather image on lockscreen
    - Fixed battery stat resetting on reboot
    - Add option to set Max notification count
    - Added notification counters
    - Added less boring heads-up
    - Allow to open running services from QS
    - Added Pocket lock
    - Added Gaming mode

    - Improved samsung clock layout
    - Added Sammy highlight clock
    - Added accent color on lockscreen clock option
    - Added animated lockscreen clocks
    - Added Switch Styles
    - Added Smart Charging
    - Added delete option in screenshot intent
    - Improved partial screenshot
    - Improve permission management
    For More You Can check the Source at GitHub
    Are these MIUI Vendor or OSS?
    I just want to make sure I'm flashing the right one. I'm looking to flashing the MIUI Vendor.

    View attachment 5172157