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Odin + ROM available for Samsung S20 FE SM-G7810?

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Dec 4, 2016
BTW, please, I have some Galaxy-newbe question...

May we flash other subversion of stock ROM than it has been already on a phone when buying it?

I have got a phone from my carrier with its ugly branding, and I want to have the generic one, i.e. from the manufacturer.

What's more, the carrier injected into its ROM some specific procedures like e.g. the "warning" message which pops up when inserting a SIM card from a different carrier.

Are such procedures within very ROM or somewhere else?
Is changing ROM going to help with this?

It is SM-G781B/DS
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    Already a real answer to this? I did order the S20 FE 5G , SM-G7810 from Hongkong.......

    Curious if call-recording works out of the box on the HK-firmware
    there are some S20 firmwares floating around on sammobile.com/firmwares but not for your specific model. The FW's have been cross compatible for the last 5 galaxy s devices so long that youre using the FW for the processor type you have. I have a 781u1, for which there isnt a FW available for downloading ATM. If its a qualcomm, you should be able to flash any other qualcomm based FW, but youll likely need patched Odin to do it so it can ignore the version errors that surely will crop up

    Translation: The Chinese version is exactly the same as the Hong Kong version, so it can be written. If you want to write to other versions of ROM, make sure they have the same hardware.
    On a Hong Kong version I was able to flash the Chinese ROM. I did it because call-recorder is working then and essential for me.

    I suppose the other way, from Chinese tot Hong Kong rom will also work.
    How can I flash Hong Kong rom is there a guide for this? Thank you.