[ODIN] Samsung Galaxy S7 (flat) SM-G930F/FD Nougat Beta (G930FXXU1ZPK4)

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Jun 21, 2015
Received update on UK BTU this morning.


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Dec 6, 2016
This morning i got another notification for update but nothing. I guess it's comming. I had beta and now 7.0 official.


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Mar 25, 2009
If someone still don't get and want to flash, then You can download BTU from sammobile or 4 files rom via samfirm tool


Jan 13, 2006
My phone is on DBT csc, is it possible to flash via odin using home csc from the BTU package without loosing all my data?


Jan 13, 2006
Just installed with home csc from last mm rom. VoLTE is gone for now. Everything else seem to work at first look.


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Jun 29, 2007
Since installing nougat My email app no longer has the option for push emails for Outlook / exchange email addresses. Anyone else get this?

Worked fine in MM

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Apr 9, 2011
Couple of days ago i decided to end my beta testing period, even though the last beta was really good. So i flashed the latest BTU Marshmallow, right after the first boot i get the N update notification. After the instalation finished i did a factory reset just in case, didn't want any leftovers from MM... Now, i am very satisfied with this firmware (DPLT), only one thing bothers me. Why the heck can't i put a normal weather widget on my desktop? By normal i mean the one which works without any gps or agps enabled. Is this some kind of a "feature" in UK firmwares, because it's really frustrating to me. With other firmwares i coud manually set a weather widget for my home town but now i only have an option for a location-based widget. Is there any way to correct this besides wait for local N update? Can i maybe flash home_csc from non BTU MM?
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Apr 9, 2011
I know what you mean, i had that before (the option to manually select a city), but now all i got is this :(


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    Firmware info

    Model name: Galaxy S7
    Model: SM-G930F/FD
    Version: Android 7.0
    Changelist: 9658725
    PDA: G930FXXU1ZPK4

    Galaxy S7/ Edge - Android 7.0 Nougat I 4k Quick Review

    Android Nougat For Galaxy S7 S7 Edge
    Installation and First Impressions

    - Its NOT Korean , It's the English BTU version -

    * Backup your data before flashing, flashing firmware with Odin wipes internal storage *


    Mirror Download link big thanks to @viking_vp3


    Samfirm Thread
    Has anyone tried to flash it with the same old HOME_CSC file that is already on the device, so that it doesn't wipe the device?

    OK, so I took the plunge and updated the firmware using 3 of the nougat files, but with the HOME_CSC of my current firmware (EVR 6.0.1). The result was......the update in odin ran fine, the phone updated fine, then got to the Apps updating screen which went fine, and everything seems to be running fine. no reset, no data loss, no force closes. The new Grace UX is lovely. Very clean. The new phone interface looks great too.
    4th Beta (As stated in their notes) facebook fix was not a beta release

    And the more betas, the more stable and optimised the final will be, why would you want them to push out the final when the betas are not stable yet?

    In order for the final to be 100% stable and optimised, the last beta they push needs to be near perfect, the final release is just a beta with a few more fixes and a different name

    Sound like these guys who won't install beta graphics drivers, and only use WHQL drivers... breaking news, they are the same beta driver but signed

    Do you know how many betas Microsoft push out for Windows 10 before releasing the final? A lot more than four

    Flash back to MM and stop complaining, it's a beta program for a reason

    Or sell the phone, buy one that already has the final Nougat

    Personally I would be happy to see betas into January if it meant my phone would be running the best it possibly could, rather than skip QC and rush it out to make the impatient ones who don't seem to understand what beta testing is for, happy

    First, the fact that it's another 7.0 beta release indicates Samsung is not ready with 7.1.1. Like I said before, Google announced that the 7.1 CTS will be available in January which means we will most likely not see any 7.1.1 except the ones on Google devices (Pixel/Nexus) before January. I don't understand all the talk about 7.1.x - if you want the latest from Google get a pure Google device.

    Second, Android 7.x is going to be quite important for Samsung specifically on the GS7/GS7Edge. After the Note 7 fiasco Samsung needs a device to pit against the iPhone 7 / 7 plus, the Pixel/Pixel XL and other "flagships" that can eat at its market share. It makes sense to thoroughly test it and get customer feedback (hence the beta program).
    It's actually great that we are getting another beta to test. In fact, I hope Samsung adopts the same approach as Microsoft and create a permanent open beta program and engages its customers much more.

    Third, as for Samsung's slow time to market - yes, it is taking forever.. but consider this, Samsung devices use a lot propriety technology and IP. It's harder to test and certify all these components.
    Google Nexus and Pixel devices are all Qualcomm SnapDragon SoC-based (and normally use Sony IMX camera sensors) which means as soon as Google releases to AOSP the relevant drivers are out as well making the life for the likes of LG, HTC, Motorola, etc (who use Qualcomm SnapDragon SoC sand Sony IMX sensors) much easier. With the exclusion of the Huawei Mate 9 (HiSilicon 960), I don't recall seeing any other SoC (Mediatek, HiSilicon) ready with a Nougat release (even the HiSilicon 950-based P9 which is due to get Android 7.0 in January)
    So it makes sense for Samsung to take longer for the Exynos-based phones, especially since some have Sony IMX sensors and some Samsung's ISOCELL.
    As for most of the SD820 based ones, they are carrier controlled which adds a whole boat-load of delays and testing...

    I'm pretty sure Samsung could easily update all their Qualcomm-based mid-range devices to Nougat but that would upset all the flagship owners even more.

    Finally, I think it's best for everyone involved to relax and enjoy the holiday season :). Samsung will release Android 7.0 or 7.1.1 when it is ready to do so.
    Here are a couple of screenshots post install on my 930FD



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    I'd love to share my experiences with second beta (ZPKC):
    - camera is getting closer to stock MM levels. evening shots are fine now, especially in pro mode with adjustments
    - they addressed the wifi toggle issue, even wifi signal is much better now, tested on 3 different routers.
    - battery issues are corrected, last night it drained 3% during 9 hours while sleeping. no more stupid 25% drains.
    - SOT is about 4.5-6 hours as someone confirmed above.
    - significantly louder music player volume (at least on bluetooth)

    It seems you can't register as a beta tester any more. However if you have registered earlier you'll get the updates even if you flashed the leaked samfirm fw with the CSC included.
    If you haven't received the second update yet and registered for the beta you should factory reset your device. Then go back to the update menu and finally it will say "registered for updates" and starts to download the ZPKC one (it's about 93mb). This is highly recommended, I haven't received any update until the reset and got mad because of the battery drain, while the patch was out already around Wednesday/Thursday.

    Hope I helped and sorry about the whining earlier.