Odin stuck flashing Stock Firmware to S21

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New member
Nov 30, 2022
Hi all

I'm having issues flashing stock firmware (XSA G991BXXU5DVJC - Android 13 latest) to a Samsung S21 (SM-G991B), which is also running stock firmware.
I've downloaded the stock firmware, extracted it, setup Odin and put the phone into download mode, but Odin (3.14.4) gets stuck on a harx.bin file.
There is no evidence or process showing on the S21 that the files are being downloaded to the phone.

I've tried:
  • Redownloading firmware
  • Switching USB ports
  • Switching firmware sources
  • Using a different version of Odin - 3.13.3
Appreciate any suggestions or assistance with this one