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Mar 7, 2011
This method:


[HEADING=1]Troubleshooting: OEM Unlock Missing[/HEADING]
What to do if there is no OEM Unlock in Developer Options on Samsung device? It could be due to lock period set up by Samsung for 7 days that won’t allow you to find the OEM Unlock option or your device is running on Snapdragon in some regions of America.

[HEADING=2]Fix OEM unlocking not showing[/HEADING]
For Galaxy A10e OEM Unlock missing or for any other similar Android device, follow the steps below:

Step 1: From the home screen of your device, go the Settings.

Step 2: Find General Management and tap on Date and Time.

[IMG alt="turn off automatic date and time to fix OEM unlock missing on Android"][IMG][/IMG][/IMG]

Step 3: Here unselect the Automatic date and time and then tap on Set date and select date from previous month. This is how we will trick the system that we have had purchased this device more than a week ago.

Step 4: Go back to Settings menu, select the About Phone option › Software information.

Step 5: To activate Developer options tap on Build number option 7 times.

[IMG alt="turn off auto update system to fix OEM unlock missing on Android"][IMG][/IMG][/IMG]

Step 6: Now in new Developer options, unselect Auto Update System.

Step 7: Then, also unselect Download updates automatically from Software Update menu.

Step 8: Now, you will tap on Download updates manually. You might get an error but that’s completely fine.

Step 9: Now, you can reboot your device. OEM Unlock option will be visible in Developer options.

Luckily, there’s a workaround that will allow you to access the OEM unlock option and enable it if it’s missing on your device. Follow the steps below to fix the missing OEM unlock in developer options on your Samsung device:

[*]Go to Settings > About phone and tap on Build number 7 times to enable Developer options.
[*]Head back to Settings and open Developer options. Scroll down and look for the Enable OEM unlock toggle – if it’s present, great! If not, continue to the next step.
[*]In Developer options, go to Default USB configuration and set it to MTP + ADB.
[*]Connect your phone to your computer via USB cable and open a command prompt or terminal window.
[*]Enter the command “adb reboot-bootloader” and your phone should reboot into fastboot mode.
[*]Once in fastboot mode, enter the command “fastboot flashing unlock” – this should trigger the unlocking process on your phone. Once it’s finished, you’ll be able to se

NOT works with S22+5G
Is there anyone check it out ?
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