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[OFFICIAL] [11.0] Pixel Experience 11 - OnePlus 5 & 5T [DUMPLING & CHEESEBURGER] [STABLE]

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May 9, 2010
I am unable to utilize a USB OTG USB-C to Ethernet adapter on this ROM.

  1. USB OTG checkers within Android indicate OTG SW stack is enabled and functional on the ROM.
  2. The OTG device is properly enumerated by the OS including vendor/chipset/capabilities.
  3. The OTG device is specifically advertised as USB-C OTG.
  4. The OTG device link LED lights up, but no network activity LED.
But the "ethernet tethering" setting never becomes available when this device is plugged in. There's no indication that it can be used, no interface or setting to toggle. There doesn't even appear to be a standard ethernet connection--forget tethering. It's just... nothing. This is the second USB-C OTG ethernet device I've tried, both brand new. What am I missing?

Oct 11, 2021 cheeseburger build. Nothing special about my install.


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Hello. Thank you for a great rom. One issue that I've been having is that Google Clock does not always vibrate during alarms. This is particularly a problem when I have vibrate-only alarms, that are completely silent.
The logcat dump has entries like:
11-21 19:58:54.882 E/VibratorService(1562): Failed to issue command to vibrator HAL. Retrying.
Did you flash a custom kernel?


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To be honest I'm not the power user when it comes to ROOTs, Magisks and SafetyNet. I had some expirience with custom ROMs on my old phones but with 5T, I'm still on stock because I don't want to loose payment features.

Can you tell me please, if I unlock bootloader, change recovery to TWRP and then install latest november PE 11 for 5T, will I be able to use Google Pay with NFC or do I have to dig deeper and instal root & magisk to use NFC (GPay) or other banking applications? Under what circumstances my phone will pass the SafetyNet?

Thanks in advance for your answers!
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