[OFFICIAL][11.0][SIRIUS] crDroid v7.2 [11.01.2021]

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Nov 27, 2013

I have a problem with the music from phone to car radio by bluetooth, It pairs ok but the sound freezes and sound is terrible. With other phones works fine.

Anyone with this problem?

Thankss UIxDess waiting impatiently cr 7.7


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Nov 27, 2013


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Sep 14, 2021
Hi. Im currently running 7.9. However volte doesnt seem to work.

Im new to flashing and using custom rom. I dont know if this is rom, app, or android related issue. Ive duplicated apps into work profile using island. However whatsapp/telegram on the work profile cant seem to find the image ive captured using camera. Is there any settings or it just dont work that way?

And, when i first booted after flashing rom and gapps, there are only a few google apps. no other apps are on the phone. Im wondering if crdroid comes with no native apps or i did something wrong when flashing gapps.
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May 26, 2012
I really really like this ROM on my Mi8SE however I was not able to make google assistant work. I have tried everything and when i try to activate the "Hey Google" option it says something like "not available for your device"
Anybody knows is it possible to make Assistant work on this ROM

Here is something I found from another ROM


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Dec 3, 2015
Hi, after installing the new ROM I had problems with quick charging, which would not work with any charger I tried. Using the Ampere app, it said that the maximum current which it could carry through the USB is 1100 mA. Thanks in advance.

Kyle M.

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Hi, it was working great so far until I realised the maps were not working. (Xiaomi 8 SE Sirius). More specifically, GPS Test apps can give me coordinates but whenever I open any map apps like Google Maps and so on, it cannot locate me. Has anyone come across this issue before?

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