[OFFICIAL][12.1] PROJECT ELIXIR for Redmi K20 Pro [Raphael] [ROM][AOSP]

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Mar 20, 2019
Redmi K20 Pro
I'm on pixel experience plus and i want to flash this rom, but support fast charging?
I'm using a GaN charger rated for fast charge with this device and its not fast charging at all, probably due to battery temps reaching a certain threshold. So... no. i think its not enabled/supported. EvolutionX has had the same problem when it migrated over to android 12
Isn't this rom encrypted by default? can't install work app because of this. Encryption should be mandatory.



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Oct 25, 2013
[BuG Report]
Set swipe lock screen and install and play a song in Poweramp music player and just lock and unlock screen with power button.play and pouse it with Bluetooth device buttons
The result:
A Turning on and off screen :)) and I will pouse the playing music to solve lock screen and stop this funny loop ➿ :))


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Aug 12, 2018
tap Build-Number
and it write error code 1d1ot and other fine things. EDIT my mistake in A*13

I think youre a uncool guy and i will change to another ROM thx
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Jun 17, 2016
Hello all,
I have the stock firmware and rom MIUI 12.5 with A11. I know I need to install orangefox recovery and unlock the bootloader but after that can I flash directly elixir 3.4 with A13 ? Anything else ? Thanks


Jun 17, 2016
Hello everybody, I have a question. my mi9t pro "raphael" is now updated to version 3.6 from 3.5 and I am facing 2 issues:
- after typing the sim's code the screen goes black for 10-15 secs, it works locking and unlocking the screen manually
- double tapping on the black screen (screen locked) doesn't wake the device, it works when tapping the unlocked screen. I tried to wipe cache and dalvik then rebooting but no expected outcome

any idea? flashing again the ROM ?
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    CLEAN FLASH (Moving From A11 to A12)

    - Download the latest build
    - Take a backup for safe side
    - Boot to Recovery
    - Format Data by typing yes
    - Flash the latest build

    - Reboot :p

    What works?

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    - Android OS version: 12.1
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    - Build author/Device Maintainer : Pallavjparikh
    - DEVICE: Redmi K20 Pro/Mi 9T Pro
    - DEVICE CODENAME: Raphael

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    Hello, is it possible to pay them with cryptos? like USDT, it is worth the same as the dollar, because I don't have paypal
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    Project Elixir v1.9 OFFICIAL Update | Android 12.1

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    - Settings: Elixir : Redesign about phone
    - Settings: Elixir : Make litte changes in our whole UI
    - CustomClocks: Cleanup some useless codes of ButterCupSyra clock
    - SystemUI: Import QS panel changes from FluidUI & make it optional
    - SystemUI: add Pulse and Ambient notification bars (Edge Light)
    - GlobalActions: Redesign Power Menu
    - base: Force fullscreen for Google Dialer
    - Use navigation handle dimens from Android 13 Beta 3
    - Themes: Add lots of signal icons
    - vendor: Add nothingdot font style
    - Import More Fonts Overlay
    - Themes: Introduce PUI iconpack

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