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Dec 25, 2017
tried this but i'm getting error invalid header .
For me i dirty flash from 3.5 to 3.8, 3.6 did not work, i do not know if clean flash works, but you can try with 3.8 (changed metadata or course)

PS. Open file in winrar, open metadata in notepad, change the lines, and save it within winrar.
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Mar 17, 2019
Hello. Why is your build very slow graphics, what Adrino drivers did you use? Why does your photo editor not work?


Jun 6, 2023
@xrpdigital after installing version 3.9 sound is not working in whole phone
music player shows error on music playing , youtube , call , games and other services are running without voice


Jun 6, 2023
Now i am trying fastboot devices command and its shows nothing or waiting for fastboot devices



Dec 25, 2017
Now i am trying fastboot devices command and its shows nothing or waiting for fastboot devices

Join telegram channel, many users who might have solution



Mar 17, 2019
Hi all.Tell me please , am I the only one who has 1080/60Fps not working in the camera, and is there a solution to fix this error?Elixir v.3.11


Jun 12, 2017
Hi, Is there any detailed instalation guide, I dont do such things for years.
1. From where download LOS recovery and how to install it?
2. Install via recovery required ROM on SD, correct?
3. I have installed official A13 realme UI 4.0, can this ROM be directly installed on mine?


Feb 18, 2022
when hotspot enabled the apn won't change automatically to the hotspot one but remains to mobile data apn

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    Project Elixir realme GT Master [RMX3360-RMX3363]

    * Your warranty is now void.
    * We are not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone by installing any custom ROMs and/or kernels.
    * You do it at your own risk and take the responsibility upon yourself and you are not to blame us or XDA and its respected developers.

    "This is a user-friendly thread, all your suggestions, and proper bug reports are important to us but don't be disrespectful to anyone here. Your suggestions and proper bug reports will be taken into consideration.."​


    Project Elixir is another aftermarket AOSP ROM which basically offers minimal UI enhancement & close to Stock Android ROM with great performance, security and stability. Most of the OEMs' these days will provide slow and untimely updates, but we don't do that here. We closely follow Google to bring the latest updates to our users, and even prolong support for devices that have been declared obsolete by OEMs. Our ROMs' source code is open-source, secure, stable, and outstanding. Your experience while using Project Elixir will be butter smooth without compromising the quality of the Android experience. In short, it's perfectly balanced between Great Performance, Security, stability, minimal UI & awesome features including pixel goodies So do not hesitate anymore, join us now and start enjoying the beauty of stock Android. Download and enjoy Project Elixir on your respective devices!


    - Saurav - Founder / lead Developer

    - Nishant - Co-lead Developer / Team

    - Probir - Developer / Team

    - Developer / Team

    And Also Our Hardworking Maintainers


    // Checkout the latest changes you get //

    Latest Changelog:

    NOTE : In Project Elixir you get all the useful features and with updating source every month it's hard to keep all the threads updated everytime everywhere so kindly visit our website for latest changes and screenshots.


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    NOTE : In Project Elixir you get all the useful features and with updating source every month it's hard to keep all the threads updated everytime everywhere so kindly visit our website for latest changes and screenshots.


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    Please keep in mind that these are Gapps Builds and there is no vanilla build of this rom available.

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    NOTE: It is STRONGLY recommended to fully wipe your device before flashing.

    CLEAN FLASH (Moving From A12 to A13)

    - Download the latest build
    - Take a backup for safe side
    - Boot to Fastboot mode
    - Flash latest LOS Recovery
    - Reboot to Recovery
    - Format data, sideload
    -Reboot System

    What works?

    Wifi | RIL | Mobile data | GPS | Camera
    Flashlight | Camcorder | Bluetooth | Fingerprint reader | Lights | Sound | vibration
    Almost everything

    What doesn't work? or Any Bug ?

    You tell me!


    As soon as the problem occurs, take a logcat and please inform us via Telegram or XDA.
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    - Pixel Experience
    - LineageOS
    - Proton AOSP
    - Arrow OS

    XDA Banner and Template Credit goes to Amaan

    - Others, I may have forgot to mention


    - Android OS version: 13.0
    - Security patch: Sep 2022
    - Build author/Device Maintainer : <itsXRP>
    - DEVICE: <realme GT Master>
    - DEVICE CODENAME: <RMX3360-RMX3363>

    ---- Sources and Documentation ----

    -- ROM Source Code --

    -- Kernel Source --

    -- Documentation & Maintainership --



    // Giving a little can HELP a lot //

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    ### Project Elixir for realme GT Master RMX3360/RMX3363 Changelogs

    ### v3.11 lunaa(RMX3360/3363/3361)

    - August Sp
    - Completely rebase trees
    - Limited AOD to 60hz
    - Switch to aosp doze service for better lift to wake detection
    - Switched to AIDL bluetooth audio service
    - Included Oplus Dolby Atmos
    - Updated CarrierConfig from Nothing Phone 1
    - Switched to realme GT 2 Camera stuff
    - Imported power hint from coral
    - Add support for HBM(For better our door visibility)
    - Updated Hotword Blobs
    - Fixed Calling issues
    - Much more just try it.

    ### v3.5 RMX3360/RMX3363

    -Jan Sp
    -Updated Carrier Configs from Stock
    -Merged latest sm8350 changes

    ### v3.4 RMX3360/RMX3363
    //////Merry Christmas! Everyone///////

    -December Sp
    -Update some blobs from android-13
    -OSS composer
    -Fixed battery meter not updating
    -Fixed Calls distortion issue
    -Fixed Green Output of Screen Recording
    -Added prebuilt TWRP
    -Added prebuilt XRecorder
    -Pin LDAC Blobs from kebab
    -Match status bar with stock
    -Add number of phys SIM slots
    -Improved UDFPS Haptics (Thanks to bheatleyyy)
    -Switched to THUD Effect

    ### v3.2 RMX3360/RMX3363

    - Oct Sp
    - Fixed Screen off FOD
    - Implemented Oplus Extras
    - Added FPS overlay
    - Added Fast USB Charging
    - Added Per App Refresh Rates
    - Added High Brightness Mode
    - Added AOSP Dialer

    ### v3.1 RMX3360/RMX3363

    - Initial Android 13 Build
    - Switched to AOSP BT
    - Fixed 60Hz lag issue
    - CTS Passed by default
    - Selinux Enforcing
    - Fixed Lock Screen Charging info
    - Improved Haptics(Thanks to PJ)
    - Merged latest sm8350 changes
    Elixir v3.5 will be updated soon!
    v3.2 will be pushed soon guys
    codename has changed from RMX3360 to lunaa, or go to official website of ProjectExiler and download from there