Official 3.2 update thread!(please post all info in here)

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Aug 14, 2010
Okay since 3.2 is already here we need a thread to discuss it. We have too much going on all over in too many threads!

Post all your findings here, anything new found and any new updates etc etc

keep all in here

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Nov 22, 2007
definately quicker but a lot of programs crashing. DICE Player won't even start it crashes.

crap! the only program that will play my mkv's with ac3 audio and it doesn't work now :(


Feb 3, 2011
Playing videos (that used to play from both File Manager and ES File Explorer) seems to result in a darkened screen. Uninstalling ES File Explorer restores the ability to play videos. Default video player is set to MoboPlayer.
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Oct 23, 2010
Am I crazy, or is the scrolling with the trackpad reversed now? Swiping down with two fingers is scrolling up, it hasn't always been like that has it?


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Mar 6, 2006
It's true tough, why would you want a mouse/trackpad pointer to have such a large target area?

Havent you checked out the upcoming 3.2 compatible accessories for the Transformer??? Let me see if i can find the info.

TF-LG101BT - Connect a light gun to your transformer for the ultimate duck hunt 3.0 experience. Requires a BT 2.1 or higher connection and android 3.2 or higher. The oncreen target will assist you to become the best duck hunter this side of the hemisphere!

Ultimate Duckhunter HD from GluMobile will support in-app billing. Buy as many breadcrumbs as you like. Take your marksmanship to the next level.


They just turned the eeee-pad into "My first Laptop" with that hidious circle cursor. Perhaps, they should have at least put a point in the middle of the circle so you could pinpoint. For god sake ASUS, this one thing is absolutely aweful. Patch it quicky. Lets see how quick you can get this done to prevent dock returns to the retail outlets.


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Jun 18, 2010
Just did the 3.2 update ota. Hate the new curser (using usb mouse still uses pointer) The zoom feature is interesting although I haven't found an app to use it on yet. The yellow copy paste arrow thing seems to be a little over an inch off. Oh yeah, I can still write to the sd card in the dock with astro using copy paste in menu


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Mar 4, 2011
Everyone is complaining about the circle cursor. It's actually not that bad.
It doesn't affect me much as I rarely use the trackpad to select text.
It's easy for me to use the touchscreen to selec text.

Btw, the original cursor is still there if you use a mouse.

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    I noticed that ADWLauncher EX is broken. It works but the settings menu is broken.

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    anyone else having problems with pdfs? After the update the screen darkens but nothing happens when i try to open them. Same with my pdf books in the mylibrary app as well as downloaded pdfs from websites. Tried a couple of reboots with no results

    I can confirm they work. I had a similar problem rotate your screen and try. Then it will load normally from there out.
    Can someone say something about video playback? It's the stuttering still there?

    I immediately fired up a Top Gear to check and it appears reduced but still there.
    to scroll with the touchpad, you need to press with your two fingers then go up or down with the two fingers simultaneously... like grabbing the page... in fact it is a cool effect..
    i like it better then the split we had before
    I was pretty bummed by the new mouse cursor and the general lack of notable features in a significant version bump aside from the app resizing option - But one thing I've not seen anyone mention yet is that keyboard shortcuts for copy & paste work now. Ctrl+c, Ctrl+v, Ctrl+a, Ctrl+x - all go. HUGE bump to functionality here, makes the device as a whole much more useful for typing lecture notes on - which is, after all, why I bought it in the first place.