Official AOSP for Huawei (anne) - LeaOS-PHH (android 13 version)

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Jun 5, 2022
No , in fra3xr thread

I installed again all, but it didn't work. I don't know why.
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Jun 5, 2022
Never understood why people deal with bugs/slowness just to see their Android number go up by a single digit.
Not to mention, there is practically speaking zero benefit to doing so...
I didn't understand your comment, sorry. All of You do a great job, obviously it's just my problem. Excuse me


Dec 14, 2008
Great ROM, grazie. Magisk not work.
Only one little problem, GPS is very slow to fix.
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Apr 2, 2022
Bugs Report: Fingerprint reader writes when it is going to be used (it gets to write =) even disabling fingerprint gestures, I don't know if it's my mistake but for now it's the only error that happened to me from the rest excellent rom
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    LeaOS is a project which based on AOSP with trebledroid patches.

    Changelog :

    LeaOS-AOSP Feb 2023 version (24/02)

    • Move to android13-r29 (Feb SPL)
    • Add AGPS supl20 features
    • Add securize and pass safetynet (option in TrebleApp Setting)
    • Reduce lag UI

    LeaOS-AOSP Jan 2023 version (05/01)
    • Move to android13-r24 (Jan SPL)

    LeaOS-AOSP Dec 2022 version (08/12)
    • Move to android13-r16 (Dec SPL)
    • Support data encryption (stock huawei kernel only)
    • Remove Seedvault backup
    • Add Magisk support (need securize phone before)

    LeaOS-AOSP Nov 2022 version (09/11)
    • Add Android Beam NFC and HCE NFC
    • Move to android13-r14 (Nov SPL)
    • Fix offline charging (no need patch now)
    • Reduce img size by remove apex files in system_ext
    LeaOS-AOSP Oct 2022
    • Add Google Apps version
    • Fix NFC
    • Move to android13-r11
    • Add offline charging patch
    LeaOS-AOSP Oct 2022 version (05/10)
    • Fix screen-recorder crash
    • Enable adb root
    • Move to android13-r8
    • First release with android13-r4

    Pre-requisite :

    You must have TWRP installed, see this post to install it :


    More informations to install here :

    Source Code:

    ROM OS Version: Android 13.0
    ROM Kernel: Stock kernel or Phenix 4.9.302 and sup
    ROM Firmware Required: EMUI 9
    Based On: Google AOSP + TrebleDroid patches


    And all the others who tested my patches and helped me improve this ROM

    Kernel :

    Support Group
    Channel update
    Worked baseband thanks iceows
    - issue aosp screen record not working LeaOS 13
    I have honor play with kirin 970 chaps with emui 9.1 this GSI boot in my phone fine but camera not work in my phone , it is show Image but it is freezing and stop camera app after that
    Great ROM, grazie. Magisk not work.
    Only one little problem, GPS is very slow to fix.
    For gps slow, do you have flash the patch agps ? For magisk i don't found the problem (For the moment )
    Only for emui9 kirin65x
    This file disable data encryption