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Aug 31, 2020
I think @Gomeman like to say "Original Magisk causes a boot stuck on MTK Oreo 8.1 vendor devices". For such devices, phh-Magisk has been a rescue with respect to A10 & A9 GSIs (but not A11 GSIs).
You are right.
MTK oreo 8.1 vendor devices = No luck installing original magisk , not even Phh magisk on A11 GSIs. Just gets stuck on logo phone. I extracted the boot.img through custom bootable caos gsi rom using platform tools and patched it (magisk-manager v22) then flashed it witth fastboot commad. Wiki magisk says to use this method if ramdisk=yes.
Also i downloaded the stock oreo rom for this phone and patched the stock boot.img . Tryed lower versiones of original magisk and phh magisk.
Not a big deal not having A11 and magisk on this non daily use phone.
All fhis upgrading stuff just entertans me.
The solution:
Go back to an A10 gsi with a working phh magisk at least.:)
But good work though.


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Dec 2, 2020
Hi, I flashed v302 (+ AIO fixes for my device) on Huawei p8/9 lite 2017. I’m experiencing weird issue regarding ADB. In recap: adb install … works, adb pull … works, but when I try adb push … /sdcard I’m getting: adb: error: failed to copy ‘…’ to ‘/sdcard/…' remote fchown failed: Operation not permitted
Also tried without AIO fixes, with the same result. Anyone has an idea how to fix it?
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May 16, 2017
Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite


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Mar 13, 2021
United Kingdom
Hey all, I recently installed this GSI on my phone (Redmi Note 9/Merlin), and it works quite well. The only issue I have right now is that the refresh rate seems to be set at 45 Hz (so it says from adb shell dumpsys display and from the overlay that I activated from the developer options).
From what I gather, this same device with MIUI on had a refresh rate of 60 Hz, and as a result the system feels quite sluggish now. Is there any way to change this back to 60 Hz? I know the device can do it as it was doing it before, when MIUI was installed.

EDIT: I didn't properly search the thread before writing this, I've seen that a couple of users before me reported the same, I'll try reverting to v300 and see if that fixes it.

EDIT2: The system feeling sluggish might not relate to the refresh rate being set at 45 Hz: I installed LOSQ on the phone and, while that install also has a framerate of 45 fps, the system feels much smoother to use.
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Mar 25, 2008
Issaquah, WA
The offline charging patch seems to be almost working now on my Samsung tablet...right up until charging is done and it doesn't power back down. You've basically got to do a hard restart to reboot into the system partition properly.

Anyone have any hints on how to get the charger binary to exit low-power mode when it's supposed to?


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May 16, 2017
Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite


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    C A O S

    Your warranty is now void!
    We're not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    you point the finger at us for messing up your device, we will laugh at you

    CAOS (Custom AOSP OS)
    is a project which based on @phhusson's Treble GSI AOSP 10. I began it because original project have not only pros (stability, speed, support) but also some issues and limitations - pure AOSP code have some bugs / haven't much useful things and it's a hard way pulling it. So i did this fork. System can run with SELinux enforced state, as an original Phh AOSP GSI. Fully compatible with PHH-Treble patches exclude few low level changes: no root app, no "su" binary in system; by default exist file /system/phh/secure (for Google Certification PASS), so if you can boot AOSP GSI, but can't boot CAOS - try to removing that file

    latest build: 2020.10.29
    treble patches: v222+
    SPL: 5 Oct 2020

    • no in-built root
    • supports signature spoofing
    • changed Phh Settings "Main Icon"
    • and Phh Settings moved to the bottom
    • in vanilla builds used Bromite webview
    • changed visual style, color accent (like Pixel)
    • search bar removed from the launcher main screen
    • no problems with alarm Clock and SMS notifications
    • added three-fingers-swipe to screenshot gesture
    • added call recording in Dialer (not supports on all devices)
    • added QS tiles: NFC, HeadsUp, Volume panel, USB-tethering
    • tuning of the status bar, icons more tightly to each other
    • fixed status info of security patches (system and vendor)
    • in default launcher added double tap for screen-off gesture
    • now some pre-installed Apps can be disables from Settings
    • fixed doze pulse notifications (wake-up screen, ambient mode)
    • fixed offline charger to works in enforced mode (still not for all devices)
    • disabled "Customize your Pixel device" and other annoying suggestions
    • fixed issue leads to enter deep doze and disable GPS when driving
    • on battery saver auto dark mode disabled, you can choice light/dark theme
    • in stock camera removed HAL3 green artefacts which exist on few Xiaomi devices
    • fixed error when uninstalling some programs (when plugged SD-card with vFAT FS)
    • replaced apps: Gallery, Keyboard, Calendar, Dialer, Messaging, Contacts, Calculator - all supports dark theme
    • disabled some disputable Google components, for sample is fixed overall WiFi speed in the aggregate with GPS + Bluetooth
    • added header padding tuning - set top-indent for QS and Settings screen, useful for devices with huge display (now is experimental, not all settings menus support this)
    • in Display menu added an custom options to choice: color accent, font, icons style, icons shape, QS rows&columns, dark theme style etc
    • on my device (with stock vendor) Google Play certification passed without any patches and Magisk, just works out-of-the-box
    • option to set system UI optimization level (use careful, do not set IPS level for OLED)
    • fixed DeskClock widget (with the GoogleSans font was cropped)
    • added 0.2x, 0.8x and 1.2x to the animation speed selection menu
    • set default animation speed to the 0.8x
    • turned off the indicator flashing when the battery level is low
    • added option "Swipe for notifications" for fingerprint scanner
    • in Dialer added option to set fullscreen contact's photo
    • disabled advance anti-falsing classifier on the lockscreen
    • stock AOSP sounds replaced with Q Google sounds
    • DPI change setting is now in the "Display" section
    • IMEI info is hidden under each available SIM card
    • option to hide pill in full gestural navigation mode
    • added additional CLI utils: 7z, ntfs-3g & vim
    • added SELinux status info into the Settings
    • French and Russian translations for custom settings
    • added autobrightness icon to the QS brightness slider
    • removed annoying build number in QS footer
    • added recovery option to the reboot menu
    • removed ugly divider lines in Settings UI
    • added doubletap-to-sleep on lockscreen
    • added height controller for Q-gestures
    • separated toggle for screenshot sound
    • for Mi A2 Lite LTE is set by default
    • updated Redmi 6 Pro overlay
    • OOS style switches
    • added option to set statusbar edges padding
    • added 3x2 QS tiles sheet
    • replaced Launcher3 with Trebuchet
    • added option to invert navbar buttons order
    • few changes to reduce consumed resources - more space, more speed, more battery life
    • few security changes from GrapheneOS (switched to Cloudflare DNS, increase default max password length to 64 etc)
    • reworked Gappsed variants: used stock launcher & webview, no setup wizard
    • added System UI Tuner (Display menu)
    • tweaks for Xiaomi Redmi 9 'lancelot' and Redmi Note 9 'merlin' (audiojack, brightness, fp touches)
    • changed minimal brightness level for Redmi Note 8 Pro
    • import OnePlus 8 Pro 'instantnoodlep' overlay
    • initial Redmi 9 'galahad' overlay
    • added DT2W support for QIN 2
    • another navbar inversion option (Phh settings > Misc)
    • added custom Google Cloud restore option (Settings > Accounts)
    *grayed options not realized yet

    vanilla, gapps: all architectures
    gapps-go: only ARM A-only

    Some information you should know about knowing what type of gsi it is


    <ARCH> can either be arm, a64 (arm32_binder64) or arm64
    x can either be a or b
    y can either be v, o, g or f
    Z can be N or S

    b = a/b
    a = a-only

    g = gapps
    o = gapps-go
    v = vanilla (no gapps included)
    f = floss (free & open source apps instead gapps)

    N = no superuser
    S = superuser included

    so in most common example "arm64_avN" is ARM64 A-only vanilla with no superuser

    > telegram group
    > project page

    • excluding fixes, the same as on AOSP Quack (in some cases doesn't work: broadcasting on TV, calls via BT; offline charging does not work normally; problems with GPS etc etc)
    NOTE: always test ROM first without Magisk (with clean boot ramdisk). and don't send me bug reports if you have:
    a) Magisk installed
    b) modified/custom vendor or kernel
    c) dirty flashing rom without wiping data
    d) modified props values (another device fingerprint and so on)

    persons: @phhusson
    projects: TrebleGSI • BlissROMs • crDroid • PixelExperience • ION • neon-OS • Havoc-OS • LineageOS • Evolution-X • LiquidRemix • ExtendedUI • GrapheneOS • abc rom
    Screenshots of v221

    Update (2020.07.25)
    • added QS tiles: volume panel, USB-tethering
    • (again) fixed error when uninstalling some programs (when plugged SD-card with vFAT FS)
    • reworked speed UI overlays, test them manually on your device for speed/battery improvements
    • disabled some disputable Google components, for sample is fixed overall WiFi speed in the aggregate with GPS + Bluetooth
    • added header padding tuning - set top-indent for QS and Settings screen, useful for devices with huge display (now is experimental, not all settings menus support this)
    • in Dialer added option to set fullscreen contact's photo
    • also small fixes for Dialer: dark theme, translations

    CAOS R 2021.01.10 (beta7)
    download /// changelog
    CAOS R 2020.12.25 (beta6)
    download /// changelog