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Apr 20, 2021
After the error ''This device is not certified by Play Protect'' I register my device on the google website, however, when I do the reset, the error appears again, and this disables the blocking of the Google account if someone tries reset the phone. in this case it leaves the device insecure, do you have any solution? Thanks


Sep 8, 2018
Hi! I am having problems with last several versions of this ROM on Huawei p20 lite device. At first everything is working OK. After restart the mobile connection becomes unstable. That does not apply only to mobile data, but on calls and SMS also. The phone became practically unreachable. The reboot sometimes fixes the problem, sometimes not. Even in cases when another reboot fixes the problem, the unstable connection became an issue again after some time. I have tried limiting connection to 2G, 3G 4G modes as well as mixed mode (4G/3G/2G). I am using only CAOS11 ROM installed on top of stock ROM, with TWRP and NFC patches installed.

After using LiR I did not notice this issue, but I only used it for a couple of weeks (not sure if I did any restarts during that time), than switched back to CAOS11. And in a couple of hours I got this stupid issue again. Now I am back on stock ROM and hoping to receive a reply about what is this bug that I am getting and how to get around it.


Senior Member
May 16, 2017
Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite
about what is this bug that I am getting and how to get around it
i had no issues with CAOS v312 and v313, and i have no same device - sorry, i can't help you
you need ask in my support TG chat and also in the XDA P20 lite threads

PS: i can help with one idea - check prop value with command "getprop ro.kernel.android.checkjni" should be none or 0

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    CAOS v313 2021.09.11
    download /// changelog
    I've already known this. For example, I'm making a root script USB SampleRate Changer (on the fly) using these dumpsys commands internally. It doesn't use magisk specific functions, but works only under magisk environment. I don't like using "setenforce" commands in it invisibly.
    if you want proper fix then you need ask phhusson, i guess need add specific selinux rule
    This new revision ( caos-v313-210911 ) runs fine on NFC pay and Google Pay. They are OK.
    Also, SafetyNet in Magisk is fully green !!!!!!!!!!!

    My Blackview BV9600 is working better.

    Congratulations. ;)(y)
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    C A O S 11

    < Your warranty is now void! >
    We're not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    you point the finger at us for messing up your device, we will laugh at you

    CAOS 11 (Custom AOSP OS) is a project which based on @phhusson's Treble GSI AOSP 11. I began it because original project have not only pros (stability, speed, support) but also some issues and limitations - pure AOSP code have some bugs / haven't much useful things and it's a hard way pulling it. So i did this fork. System can run with SELinux enforced state, as an original Phh AOSP GSI. Fully compatible with PHH-Treble patches. Has dynamic root which can be activated/deactivated without reboot - 'su' binary and SuperUser app (can works on all devices even with system read-only). Also has dynamic SafetyNet helper (but it compatible not with all devices), users have four ways to pass SafetyNet: a. just enable SafetyNet option (recommended) b. disable SafetyNet and enable "Spoof Pixel 5" then reboot c. enable both options and reboot d. mount system as RW and create empty file /system/phh/secure (legacy method), and in the Recovery do Wipe Data or Factory reset

    latest build:
    treble patches: v313
    SPL: 5 Sep 2021

    see Project page changelog

    vanilla, gapps, go-gapps: all possible architectures

    Some information you should know about knowing what type of gsi it is


    can either be arm, a64 (arm32_binder64) or arm64
    can either be a or b
    can either be v, o, g or f
    can be N or S

    = a/b
    a = a-only

    g = gapps
    o = gapps-go
    v = vanilla (no gapps included)
    f = floss (free & open source apps instead gapps)

    N = no superuser
    S = superuser included
    Z = dynamic superuser included

    -lite = for VNDK Lite vendors (also can help with broken camera even on normal VNDK vendors)

    so in most common example "arm64_avZ" is ARM64 A-only vanilla with dynamic superuser

    > telegram group
    > project page

    • excluding fixes, the same as on AOSP Roar (in some cases doesn't work: broadcasting on TV, calls via BT; offline charging does not work normally etc etc)
    NOTE: always test ROM first without Magisk (with clean boot ramdisk). and don't send me bug reports if you have:
    a) Magisk installed
    b) modified/custom vendor or kernel
    c) dirty flashing rom without wiping data
    d) modified props values (another device fingerprint and so on)

    persons: @phhusson
    projects: TrebleGSI • BlissROMs • crDroid • PixelExperience • ION • neon-OS • Havoc-OS • LineageOS • Evolution-X • LiquidRemix • ExtendedUI • GrapheneOS • ABC Rom • SyberiaOS
    CAOS v313 2021.09.11
    download /// changelog
    CAOS v312 2021.08.15
    download /// changelog
    CAOS v308 2021.05.27
    download /// changelog