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Dec 15, 2012
This is by far the best Android battery life ive ever had.
I have all max settings, in Standard performance mode. I get 6.5 hours of SOT, Light Mode almost hits 8
I have never hit over 5 hours SOT in any other Android phone I have ever had. S21U, P7Pro, etc etc.


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Sep 19, 2011
Looks like Facebook has changed their stuff, Frost.apk officially stopeed working 2023-06-08....

any Facebook agent alternative to keep this battery up !?


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Oct 29, 2015
Nokia Lumia 920
Nokia Lumia 900
Anyone with S23 ultra and using work profile (Microsoft Intune + SEP+ Outlook), how is the battery life? on S22u, work profile sucks the battery life!
I use outlook for work and other Microsoft apps and it is a beast. Really don't have any issues and like other users have noted this is by far the best android battery i have ever had with a high end device. First time i haven't thought about rooting and installing other custom roms as the experience I have had son far has been glorious.
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Jun 9, 2023
I'm using it, but something is wrong - getting huge battery usage (down 50% in 4 hours) and Accubattery is showing deep sleep only 11% of screen off time, even though I have PSM on screen-off enabled. What gives??


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Feb 3, 2010
How did you get 13 hours ,that's impressive
I noticed one thing, if I use the screen on more, youtube, video, telegram and others, it reduced my time of inactivity and vice versa. I am currently like this in the picture. By default, I am 24 hours with the screen inactive and about 6 to 8 hours with the screen on.By default, the phone is on 5G network, WiFi is on, screen FHD+ and 120Hz, battery is on Light mode, screen on automatic mode. Most applications are in Deep Sleep, the rest are in Sleep and none are awake.
I don't know what else to write, this set on youtube that I made is at 60-70% of the screen, I watched clips in the channels I have a subscription to and then I had a big problem with vanced, namely that constantly when pausing or turning off the screen it was throwing out the profile and what I was looking at. It took me a week to find out that the problem was in Vanced Micro G and deleting and a new clean installation fixed this problem.


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GoJo ^^

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Dec 2, 2011
AccuBattery reports : 87% to 49% in 8h05".. And 47" of screen on.. Checked app's battery usage, it shows about 10% used.. That's scary, what's happening here?!


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Jan 18, 2009
Same problem here. Before I have between 5 to 6h SOT, from 100% to 15-20%, 1.5 days of use. Now it's more 3 to 4.5h if I'm lucky, and only 1 day.

When I unplugged the cable after the charge is finished, 30min later I already lost few percentage without even use it.

On AWF1 update on a S9180, for already one week.
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    I am extremely happy with the battery on the S23 Ultra. I routinely have 5 hours SoT with 50% battery left. I even let the phone not charge overnight and got all the way to 4pm the next day without a charge. I do a mix of normal social media stuff (I do have facebook installed), youtube videos, bluetooth audio at work, navigation, etc.

    I am on 1440p, 120hz, nothing specifically shut off, usually on Wifi or mixed. Location always on. Blown away honestly.
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    Will try that overnight 👍
    What puzzles me is the amount of battery used in "deep sleep"....guess it's not that deep anymore.
    And I was happy as a pig in s.. before this update 😡
    Depends if you need Google backup, I don't. Disable Google Framework and Backup Transport if you don't use Google backup. Playstore is another I disable and OTA updates.
    Google Firebase is another one if you don't use it, all Google/manufacter/app/carrier feedback as well. Even with all the above disabled, temporarily disabling Google play Services will yield another 1% or so an hour SOT.
    Note: Gmail is a dependency of Google play Services. Gmaps needs it for some functions.

    I don't update or upgrade, this is one reason why.
    A fast, stable platform that fulfills its mission is all that matters. When you screw with the firmware you change the playing field for better or all too often worse. Arbitrarily doing updates/upgrades is a losing proposition as far as I'm concerned.

    This stock N10+ is still running quit well on Pie; last update was 11.2019, last factory reset was over 3 years ago. No malware since the last reset. Even on an old battery rated at about 3500 mAh it's getting about 10 hours SOT. I like that.
    Anything from Android 9* and above is relatively secure unless you do stupid things.

    *there was a huge hole in Android 12 (if memory serves me correctly) when first released but they quickly patched it. If it ain't broke don't upgrade it🤣
    So the beta added a good feature in battery breakdown, detailing each app'd consumption and if its keeping the device awake. While they have screwed up with the SOT reporting, this feature would be really helpful to narrow down on battery drain culprits
    The social media apps shouldn't be installed.
    Cloud apps can suck a lot of battery.
    5G can as well. All Samsung's should be optimized or they will eat battery.

    My N10+'s old battery is rated at about 3500 mAh and it's tearing these newer more efficient phones to pieces on SOT. No social media, sales or banking apps installed and about 70 factory loaded apps disabled. It gets about 10 hours SOT, 12-13 with a new battery.

    With its huge 5002 mAh battery, a more efficient SOC and ram this new flagship should be able to best it... especially with 5G disabled.
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    Do not forget to disable all smart features as well, use it on lowest brightness available, only 2G, lowest resolution available. Or even better buy nokia phone with buttons. You'll be amazed with 1month battery.

    Dude seriously your suggestions are out of this world. People are buying smartphones and you are suggesting to not use features/apps that makes this phone "smart"

    Are you using camera? Asking because it will drain battery a lot
    how do i turn off Google settings turn off Firebase

    thank you
    Pull up your Google account in settings.
    Go through all of them. It's near the bottom.
    So much junk... damn technocrats suck.
    It's a good idea to explore all the settings as you get the time. Lots of surprises.
    I've debloated around 160 services/apps using universal android debloater (UAD), which were surplus to my requirements. It hasn't broken any features that i use, and even if it did, i just reenable the service. My phone works perfectly fine. 0.20% drain p/hr overnight. I go to sleep and wake up with only 2% drained over 9 hrs. I'm currently on 9hr 22 mins SOT with 57% battery used.

    I took this, enabled some apps I use and transformed it into a script
    Use at your own risk
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    I came searching Xda just to see if anyone noticed the same.

    My phone has gone from easy 36 hours usage, to now barely 24 and needing to charge again before I go to bed

    Might have known it was only a matter of time before Samsung broke that dream battery life!
    Google play Services has a bunch of dependencies. Disabling it will particularly disable them ....
    I don't understand why you paste this long reply (I remember having read it earlier)...

    I am just suggesting to check whether GP-services are updated... I've seen several cases of high battery usage by GP-services while it was more than 4-5 months not-updated - for whatever reasons.

    My GP-services use less than 0.5% per 24hrs. I have not disabled anything and I use the phone as intended/bought.
    I have 2 sim cards (many times in poor reception conditions in outback), mobile data is always on as are BT, WiFi and location. GW4 is always connected. Daily automatic backups are scheduled.
    No power saving settings used.
    My battery takes me through the day, with 6-8 hours SOT. I charge phone once per day to 85%.


    Furthermore, I am not at all interested in stories about the Note 10+. I had the Note 10+ for 2 years, never an issue, then the S21U; those phones are gone and forgotten...
    it's not a question of fake but if you remove all the options that make your phone called a high end device and you use it as a low end device it's normal that you can hold 150h of screen on time I saw your previous post where you use the energy saver WiFi no gps no social network apart from YouTube. might as well buy a galaxy a52 at 100 euro and you get exactly the same experience as you
    John, I think what he's trying to say is that while different users will have very different use cases and variables and cannot compare phone performance apples-to-oranges between them (as you very correctly pointed out), it is possible to gauge this on the same setup. His setup may be very different than yours so he cant compare his SOT, etc with you. But he should have an accurate idea on how the phone behaves on two firmwares on his exixting setup (no changes to usage or apps, etc), so in his case, maybe the firmware did change things that affect his setup (network, apps, framework, etc) but not yours. I don't think most people posting here come and try to spread misinformation, most are here just like to talk to other tech-inclined people and figure out what's going on.
    Yes, and I'm not arguing here that he has a GREAT battery life and that he can't tell the difference in his own case between the two firmware.

    The problem is that he is basically STATING that OTHERS can't have better battery backup with a new update because he has had a bad experience with a new update. His argument is: It's bad for me, therefore it's bad for everyone with the new update.

    Read his replies, that's what he literally stated a few times.
    The ones saying it's same as before or "increased" or such, either have no idea about what it used be before June or giving wrong info for whatever reason..
    This argument presents a false dilemma fallacy and seems uncharitable, in my opinion. Additionally, it's worth considering that individuals reporting no change or even improvements in battery life may have different setups compared to those reporting a significant decline. Given the numerous variables that can influence battery life, it is entirely plausible that system updates may only adversely affect specific setups.