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Apr 13, 2013
Hello, and great rom, thank you!
Can someone help me fix in call bluetooth for G970U1



Jan 8, 2021


Thank you but the patcher is for the stock rom, Im looking for BlissRom fix


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May 16, 2017
Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite


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Aug 31, 2020
It was my favorite rom and daily use a few months ago.
Only sensor doesnt work is fingerprint. But never worked since i updated from AOSP 9 gsi or other mods.
Good rom. Hope updates continue. And figure out how to pass safetynet.


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Aug 31, 2020
read changelog, sample is there
1) i saw sample video. But not working or video not clear for me.
Do not now how to change Model in About the phone to Mi A2 lite. Tryed modifying build.prop file, but doesnt do nothing.
2) BUG .... the command ".adb shell" reboots my device. (LiR and caos doesnt do that)
3) no option for root debbuging in developer option also.


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Jan 2, 2012
Really nice ROM, but I have one problem: the navigation bar is always on after a reboot.
If you go into the buttons settings the navigation bar visibility option is off and you have to enable and disable it for the buttons to go off screen. But then after reboot they are back again.

Oh one other thing is the Dark Mode theme has a grey background for certain dialogs making them hard to read with certain accent colours. This occurs on the Blissify settings page as the background for the buttons and also on certain google app settings pages. Setting the primary colour to Bliss Black helps a little bit.
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    BlissROMs 12.12

    Your warranty is now void!
    We're not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    you point the finger at us for messing up your device, we will laugh at you

    BLESS is a project which based on BlissROMs with @AndyYan's and @phhusson's Treble GSI patches. Built with some Andy's patches & recommendations, also even without "ALLOW_MISSING_DEPENDENCIES=true" flag. And system can run with SELinux enforced state, as original Phh AOSP GSI. Fully compatible with PHH-Treble patches exclude one low level change: by default exist file /system/phh/secure (for Google Certification PASS), so if you can boot LineageOS GSI, but can't boot BLESS - try to removing that file

    base: BlissROMs 12.12
    latest build: 2020.10.15
    treble patches: v222+
    SPL: 5 Oct 2020

    • no root, no SuperUser app, have "secure" file for SafetyNet
    • Phh Settings moved to the bottom
    • tuning of the status bar, icons more tightly to each other
    • added option to set statusbar icons spacing (need reboot to properly apply changes)
    • few changes to reduce consumed resources - more space, more speed, more battery life
    • fixed the display of the status of security patches (GSI specific)
    • now some pre-installed Apps can be disables from Settings
    • fixed offline charger to works in enforced mode (still not for all devices)
    • fixed call recording in Dialer (not supports on all devices)
    • deep sleep fix included (based on patch by @Hami_Do)
    • on battery saver auto dark mode disabled, you can choice light/dark theme
    • slightly fixed system UI theme (QS bottom icons padding, search bar in Settings etc)
    • in stock camera removed HAL3 green artefacts which exist on few Xiaomi devices
    • disabled some disputable Google components, for sample is fixed overall WiFi speed in the aggregate with GPS + Bluetooth
    • option to set system UI optimization level (use careful, do not set IPS level for OLED)
    • fixed DeskClock widget (with the GoogleSans font was cropped)
    • turned off the indicator flashing when the battery level is low
    • added option "Swipe for notifications" for fingerprint scanner
    • in Dialer added option to set fullscreen contact's photo
    • reworked dark mode support for few apps (Files, Calculator, DeskClock)
    • replaced apps: Gallery, Dialer, Messaging, Calculator
    • added dex-optimisation rule (for the services)
    • French and Russian translations for custom settings
    • for Mi A2 Lite LTE is set by default
    • updated Redmi 6 Pro overlay
    • fixed boot on Mi 10 (Lite), K30 (Pro)
    • removed Updater (useless in GSI)
    • fixed AOD settings
    • have ARM A-only Go (1.9+Gb)
    • fixed Google cast (audio mirroring) and AirAudio
    • added back old AoD settings from 12.10 version
    • all builds now have system root 'su' and Superuser, also no "secure" file
    • due to those changes no SafetyNet pass by default, you should set it manually
    • added custom Google Cloud restore option (Settings > Accounts)
    • by default enabled automatic brightness and LiveDisplay
    • added DT2W support for QIN 2
    • initial Redmi 9 'galahad' overlay
    • added few patches from GrapheneOS
    *grayed options not realized yet

    vanilla, gapps: all architectures

    Some information you should know about knowing what type of gsi it is


    <ARCH> can either be arm, a64 (arm32_binder64) or arm64
    x can either be a or b
    y can either be v, o, g or f
    Z can be N or S

    b = a/b
    a = a-only

    g = gapps
    o = gapps-go
    v = vanilla (no gapps included)
    f = floss (free & open source apps instead gapps)

    N = no superuser
    S = superuser included

    so in most common example "arm64_avN" is ARM64 A-only vanilla with no superuser

    > telegram group
    > project page

    • excluding fixes, the same as on all Q GSI (in some cases doesn't work: broadcasting on TV, calls via BT; offline charging does not work normally; problems with GPS etc etc)
    NOTE: always test ROM first without Magisk (with clean boot ramdisk). and don't send me bug reports if you have:
    a) Magisk installed
    b) modified/custom vendor or kernel
    c) dirty flashing rom without wiping data
    d) modified props values (another device fingerprint and so on)

    persons: @phhusson, @AndyYan, @electrikjesus
    projects: TrebleGSI • BlissROMs • crDroid • LineageOS • Havoc-OS • GrapheneOS
    Update (2020.08.28)

    • phh-treble patches v222+
    • current BlissROMs 12.11 sources
    • Snap camera replaced by AOSP Camera2 (for better GSI compatibility)
    • also did a much works for GSI compatibility, 12.11 haven't support ARM32 by default
    • added Gapps variants: used normal webview (no errors to installing Chrome), stock launcher with Google Feed (and without crappy search bar)
    • size of gappsed version is huge! arm64 2.7GB+, arm 2.1GB+, a64 2GB+
    • few changes to reduce consumed resources - more space, more speed, more battery life
    • set generic nodes for QS system info
    • Bromite webview updated to v84.0.4147.121

    DOWNLOAD //all architectures
    BLESS R 2021.02.25 (beta1)
    download /// changelog