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Jun 19, 2016
Volte function not working

I m using reliance jio 4g and it stands for only its lte network..internet is working fine but calling facility isn't working anymore in cm roms..for volte function i have to ho back for my stock original touchwiz rom which i dont like..plz guys help me out:confused:


Sep 11, 2014
Hola... Para cuando Cyanogen 13 para nuestro movil. Saben algo?
Un saludo.

Hello ... when Cyanogenmod 13 for our mobile. They know something?
A greeting.
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May 30, 2014
error setting
com and he can on clean installations with most versions tells me:
the application settings crashes abnormally?
I did wipe
I changed version but nothing
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Aug 1, 2016
Having an issue with NOTE4 (trltexx) CM12.1 and headphones /speaker when on the phone or trying to make a call. So if i put on loud speaker, returning back to normal phone they cant hear me any longer. Same with headphones. Have to call them back. When starting a call without headphones i cant then add the headphones, they just cant hear me at all. I can here them all the time. Seems very buggy... Anyone else had this issue with CM12.1?


Nov 14, 2010
Hi, I just installed this ROM, but my simcard is not detected, and my baseband is unknown. What can i do?


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Aug 1, 2016
12.1 note 4 trltexx BUGS

Hope this is the correct place to post. If not please forgive me and point me in the right direction.

Having an issue with NOTE4 (trltexx) CM12.1 and headphones /speaker when on the phone or trying to make a call. So if i put on loud speaker, returning back to normal phone they cant hear me any longer. Same with headphones. Have to call them back or continue using the loud speaker. When starting a call without headphones i cant then add the headphones, they just cant hear me at all. I can here them all the time. Seems very buggy... also the volume is still quite loud on speaker at the lowest volume setting...Anyone else had this issue with CM12.1? Thanks


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Jan 8, 2017
Problem with KeystoreService

Hi. I'm new to Android, but have some Linux experience. Now I am running on my SM-N910F. The ROM works almost fine, except on thing: the keystore service. Below I try to provide some debug information, could you please take a glance? Also, could you please explain to me / point to proper documentation, what hardware is used by the Keystore service?

Here is the snippets from adb logcat:
D/QSEECOMAPI: ( 2721): QSEECom_get_handle sb_length = 0x2000
D/QSEECOMAPI: ( 2721): App is not loaded in QSEE
E/QSEECOMAPI: ( 2721): Error::Cannot open the file /vendor/firmware/keymaster/keymaster.mdt
E/QSEECOMAPI: ( 2721): Error::Loading image failed with ret = -1
D/QSEECOMAPI: ( 2721): QSEECom_get_handle sb_length = 0x2000
D/QSEECOMAPI: ( 2721): App is not loaded in QSEE
E/QSEECOMAPI: ( 2721): Error::Cannot open the file /firmware/image/keymaste.mdt
E/QSEECOMAPI: ( 2721): Error::Loading image failed with ret = -1
E/QCOMKeyMaster( 2721): Loading keymaster app failed
E/keystore( 2721): could not open keymaster device in keystore (Operation not permitted)
E/keystore( 2721): keystore keymaster could not be initialized; exiting

As you can see, the kernel tries to find /vaendor/firmware/keymaster/keymaster.mdt which is not there. I've checked using adb, the file is really missing. I cant believe that Cyanogen authors just forgot to include the proper firmware. Probably, the problem is unique for my device. What can it be? Does CM ROM includes proper kernel? Or does it use the kernel from my first (stock) firmware instead?

Note, that I effectively donwgraded the Android version by flashing CM-12. The stock firmware was based on 6.x, while CM is 5.x

Thanks in advance


mount -o remount,rw /firmware
cd /firmware/image
cp skeymast.mdt keymaste.mdt
cp skeymast.b00 keymaste.b00
cp skeymast.b01 keymaste.b01
cp skeymast.b02 keymaste.b02
cp skeymast.b03 keymaste.b03

Thanks to this post
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    CyanogenMod is a free, community built distribution of Android which greatly extends the capabilities of your phone.

    #include <std_disclaimer.h>
     * Your warranty is now void.
     * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
     * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
     * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
     * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
     * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    I'm not associated with Cyanogenmod at all and most definitely not on their paylist. Just a hobbyist.


    How to Install
    * For 910F: Use TWRP for trltexx:
    * For 910G: Use TRWPR for trltedt:
    (I suggest to download the .img and flash that recovery image with the tool 'flashify' )

    After that, flash the Gapps of your choice BUT MAKE SURE THEY ARE LOLLIPOP GAPPS !! And make sure the version is compatible with the Android version of the ROM (current version: Android 5.1.1)

    If you come from Touchwiz, make sure to do a factory reset and wipe Dalvik cache.

    The ROM is rooted already ! You just need to enable it, which can be done in the developer options. If you don't know how to see developer options:

    Again, this is very important: it is rooted already DO NOT ROOT IT YOURSELF !!! If you re-root the ROM with for example chainfire, you can expect all kinds of issue's and problems.


    Q: Help I can't install it, my recovery says "this is for trltexx but you are on trlte".
    A: Use the correct recovery like pointed out above

    Q: Do I need to factory reset/wipe everything when I flash a new nightly ?
    A: If you were previously on CM12 I think you should be fine. However I suggest to always wipe cache and dalvik cache, if you only wipe the cache you ensure the system is not using old
    stuff. If you however are experiencing problems that no one else seems to experience, a full factory reset might be an idea.

    Q: Should I flash gapps every time I flash a new nightly ?
    A: No, only the first time you need to flash gapps.

    Q: Does this work for 910C, 910U, 910T or whatever other variant ?
    A: No. This ROM is only for 910F and 910G. Some other Snapdragons like the 910T have a ROM out, but check those forums. Exynos users like 910C are still out of luck although someone is working on a very early alpha ROM for it:

    Q: I want a cooler device (or more performance).
    A: You can lower the throttle temp (cooler device) or increase it (more performance) with for example Faux clock or with this free app:

    Q: Help my phone wont go into deepsleep.
    A: This could be anything. To find out what's keeping your phone awake I wrote this small tutorial:

    Q: My phone sleeps well but still is draining too much battery
    A: In your wifi settings in the top right corner you can pull down a menu. Click advanced and mare sure you have 'scanning always available' disabled. And then there are the usual things like in settings/accounts disable syncing for your accounts, don't enable any hardware features you don't use etc.

    Q: Can I use a custom kernel with CM12 ?
    A: Some might work. However we optimize things in the CM12 kernel specifically for CM12, so flashing a custom kernel might cause problems. So if you are on a custom kernel and reporting a problem with CM12, at least ALWAYS report that you've flashed a custom kernel when posting about some problem you are experiencing !

    Q: Does the S-pen work ?
    A: Yes, the S-pen works right out of the box on Cm12, including hovering. If you're a heavy s-pen user and want functionality like for example making a cropped screenshot (just like in Touchwiz) you can enable that with a 3rd party app like:

    Q: Can I control display parameters like Contrast and Saturation ?
    A: Yes our kernel supports this app to do that:

    Q: Can I set change the display modes, like in Touchwiz ?
    A: Yes I wrote an app for that, MDNIE tuner:!uFwCAT7Z!qFzF9_2ZsJ-pHCNq8VLAD1PIiEFD9sKtLtWrazdQt5I

    Q: How can I do 60/120 hz video recording ?

    Q: What bootloader and/or modem should I be on ?
    A: For 910F:Since the kernel is currently based on BOB4, I'd suggest to have both the bootloader and modem BOB4 too. You can download flashable odin files for those 2 here:
    For 910G: Dont know exactly, probably a bootloader from december would be best.

    *Known issue's:
    * Google camera sometimes doenst close correctly on CM12-1 and then will yield a 'cant connect to camera', I'd suggest not to use Google camera. All other cam apps work fine.
    * LTE can lose connection in some countries (Finland ?)

    CM12 Known issue's (not specific to the note 4)
    * Ringtones only work from internal SD card (not external sd card)
    * Hardware encryption not functionally
    * Fingerprint sensor not integrated just yet.

    A special thank you to @slayher and @fattire, who not only were the pioneers for CM12 on the Note 4 but also helped me out countless times with problems I've ran into, both with the code and with GIT. Without their work and help we would be nowhere.

    Enjoy !

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Official Cm12 for 910F and 910G, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

    gekkehenkie11, Slayher, Fattire
    ROM OS Version: 5.0.x Lollipop
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x

    Version Information
    Status: Nightly

    Created 2015-03-05
    Last Updated 2015-03-05
    I just shot my first low light photo, it works !! :) Wow that has been a huge project, a lot of reverse engineering of the Touchwiz camera app and the Touchwiz camera framework to find out how it exactly works and then build it myself in C++. But the hard work paid off. Now I can't release it just yet, I'm not done yet. My current version was just made to get it going. It can ONLY do low light mode and it wont pass the photo back to the app but saves it to the disk right away, which makes the app crash. Oh and it can currently only do 1 size :) But that's all really straightforward to fix, just some work from here on. So might still need a few days, maybe even a week, but it's coming people ! It works !! :)
    Over 3 weeks of reverse engineering the Touchwiz camera and rebuilding that code in Cyanogenmod have paid off: Here's a test version of the "Night Shot" mode for the camera, for you guys to try:
    First install this kernel, with the flashify app (flash 'boot image') :!OARSwT5Z!agiFBpX7O-d3ZSd3KDwS-2Yf8NcZ-YCh49oMNaS5ujY
    And then flash this zip with your TWRP:!DEYDgaKR!xM4ORY5uAhpMp__LOcWQGe-I75I0Dg0Lp1za8_i5XfQ

    And you should be good to go. A few things to keep in mind:

    1) If you install a new nightly, this fix will be gone, so you'd need to re-install it after every nightly. The plan is of course to have it merged in a few days, depending on the feedback I get on this.
    2) The cam will, just like in Touchwiz, decide itself if it's going to use Night shot mode or not. It does this based on the amount of light it sees in the front camera. So in normal light, it will shoot a normal photo. In low light it will shoot a low light mode photo
    3) In low light mode, the cam will actually shoot 6 photo's in a row, in a burst mode. It uses these 6 photo's to construct the final photo, which you will see in your album. So it's important to hold the camera still during this process !
    4) Just as in touchwiz, the low light mode only works on the main camera.
    5) The night shot mode currently ONLY works in the CM stock camera ! I will see if I can make it app independent, not sure yet ...

    I fixed all issue's I had, also the last issue's like photo orientation and it now also supports all sizes. But let me know how it works for you guys !

    Enjoy !

    Indeed, breakthrough !! @fattire and I have been working hard to get Android M up and just booted into the GUI ! Haven't even checked what does and what doesnt work, I'm sure a lot of stuff needs fixing but this is really nice progress indeed !
    And another update on the low light photo mode: I just finished reverse engineering everything ! I understand exactly now what's happening. Basically it just puts the cam into the Low Light photo mode, where it shoots 4 pics in a burst mode. I already had that going. Then it uses a 3rd party lib by 'arcsoft' that contains methods to combine them into one picture.

    So, now I need to write all that myself and I'll need to go through it all one more time to take some more notes of all the pointers and objects it creates. But I'm 100% sure now I can get it going since I've seen it all now, there are no more possible 'hidden difficulties'. Just need some time to fix all this up myself and go through it all one more time, but I'm hoping I'll have it going now within a week. If everything goes right and I have some time, I might have it going around the weekend, we'll see :)