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Apr 21, 2011
Does anyone notice issues with Bluetooth while wifi is on (not necessarily connected)? My issue is, if wifi and bt are on and my car connects, it will later lose connection. Issue is rectified while wifi is off. Stock GB did not have this issue.

Also, another issue with BT, my car says that txt message reading is not supported on this phone, but that worked before on stock GB.

I'm using the latest version of Microsoft sync in my Ford fiesta and it worked flawlessly with stock GB Atrix.

I had these same issues with previous versions of CM.

Still the random reboot once in a while. This is still beta imho, but then again i think Android itself is still beta...

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May 9, 2011
I like how you copied and pasted your post to multiple threads

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Dec 23, 2007
i am using this rom and when i plug into the tv with hdmi it does not go into landscape mode even when i rotate my phone. The content on the phone stays in landscape mode but the content on the TV is not? is there a way to fix this?


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Mar 7, 2011
Los Angeles
i am using this rom and when i plug into the tv with hdmi it does not go into landscape mode even when i rotate my phone. The content on the phone stays in landscape mode but the content on the TV is not? is there a way to fix this?

Ba2tf doesn't have landscape HDMI mirroring, you will have to use one of the newer nightlys or CM9


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Jan 22, 2009
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Nov 22, 2010
Sorry for the dumb question (may be)
I'm reading webtop audio support, what that it means?
What do the atrix if i connect to webtop or dock with the latest cyano? it does hdmi mirroring?



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May 5, 2010
Melbourne, VIC
Anyone experiencing issues with USB connectivity?

I can't seem to access my Atrix's internal storage ever since unlocking my bootloader and installing CM7 Ba2tF. The computer appears to try and install the USB drivers, but fails and my phone constantly tells me the "SD card is safe to remove" in the notification bar...

Any help would be appreciated :)


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Aug 29, 2006
Exactly the same problem for me... But I don't get the "SD card is ..." message. Only USB icon for a second, nothing more.

And since then even with official ROM no more USB connectivity only charging...
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    This Will be the Site for the CM7 Releases and Updates
    CM Ba2tF Build Released

    As Always We will not be held responsible for ANYTHING involving your phone, by flashing this rom you accept the fact that no mater what catastrophic accident occurs, no matter how many kittens die, if natural disasters wreak havoc on your home land, EVEN IF THE "Dalai Lama" HIMSELF blames us for the mishap, we will not be held liable in any manner what so ever. You accept all risks associated with this rom by choosing to download the file end of story.​
    What Is CyanogenMod:
    CyanogenMod is a free, community built distribution of Android 2.3.7 (Gingerbread) which greatly extends the capabilities of your phone.​
    Warning: Not for new users, flash this build only if you know what you are doing !!!
    Atrix Dev Team:
    (Click for twitter names)
    Just The Stats:
    What Works:
    • Dock Audio
    • 2G/3G/H+
    • Calls and SMS
    • Mute on calls
    • SIM PINs
    • RIL FastDormancy Support
    • WiFi now with faster scan/connect times
    • Audio
    • USB
    • GPS with accuracy reporting
    • Bluetooth
    • Camera (many thanks defer!)
    • Video recorder
    • (Partial) Dock support
    • Torch
    • Display
    • Touchscreen
    • Battery Stats
    • Accurate power usage reporting
    • Proximity Sensor
    • Screen orientation
    • Accelerometer, compass and other sensors.
    • Internal Storage and External SDCard
    • SDCard formatting
    • Ability to swap sdcard and emmc mountpoints
    • Multimedia Playback (videos, music)
    • USB Tethering
    • USB Notifications
    • USB Mode switching
    • All Market apps show now
    • Updated Unified Kernel: one kernel to rule them all!
    • Battery jump fix by @Jug6ernaut
    • ext4 filesystem
    • WiFi Hotspot
    • 5-touch multitouch
    • Power button doesn't end calls
    • CrystalTalk support for calls
    • SMS Delivery Reports
    What Doesn’t Work:
    • Fingerprint sensor - Work in progress (not native to CM)
    • Webtop - Work in progress (not native to CM)
    • Atrix CM Ba2tF Release
    • Dock Audio
    • Bug Fixes
    Download: Atrix CM Ba2tF build
    Latest version: Ba2tF

    Installation Instructions:
    Before powering off the phone download the CM7 package and copy to internal SD Card​
    Note: It is standard CyanogenMod practice to make the external SD Card the primary SD Card on the device. This means after 1st boot all your app folders and personal files will be stored on in the “emmc” folder and all files from your external memory card will now be in the “sdcard” folder.
    You can switch this around by going into
    Settings>CyanogenMod Settings>Application>Use Internal Storage​
    Flashing Recovery:
    1. Download recovery from ROM Manager (Found in Market)
    2. Flash Clockwork Recovery
    3. Done
    Personal Data Backup:
    1. Make sure device is rooted
    2. Download “Titanium Backup” from the Android Market (Consider purchasing Pro version for more automated options)
    3. Open Titanium Backup, press menu key and go to “Batch”
    4. Go to Backup section and select “Backup all user apps”
    5. Allow process to finish
    Current ROM Backup:
    1. Reboot phone into CWM recovery (Power Button + Vol Down), press Vol Down until you see "Android Recovery" then press Vol Up to enter.
    2. Go to Backup & Restore and create a backup (this may take some time)
    Install CM7 Ba2tF:
    1. While in Recovery install CM7 from internal storage
    2. After installation select Data Wipe/Factory Reset
    3. Then Wipe Cache Partition
    4. Reboot system now
    5. Watch awesome boot animation.
    Upgrading from earlier CM7:
    1. Download and push the ROM zip file to the sdcard.
    2. Reboot into recovery.
    3. Do a Backup to be safe!
    4. Install the ROM zip from sdcard (your Google apps will be backed up automatically).
    Personal Data Restore on CM7:
    1. Download “Titanium Backup” from the Android Market (Consider purchasing Pro version for more automated options)
    2. Open Titanium Backup, press menu key and go to “Batch”
    3. Go to Restore section and select “Restore missing apps with data” (note: under no circumstances should you restore system apps, this is the fastest way to get a soft-brick)
    4. If you only downloaded the free version you will have to click “Install” for each app as it restores
    5. Allow process to finish.
    Get Google Apps:
    There are no Google Apps bundled with CM ROMs, because Google asked Cyanogen to remove copyrighted apps. After flashing the rom, don't forget to flash Google Addon package if you want it. ROM Manager will allow you to flash it if you just go into it and after flashing the ClockworkMod recovery for Motorola Atrix, choose Download ROMs, and pick Google Apps.

    Or download and push the gapps zip for CM7 from http://wiki.cyanogenmod.com/wiki/Gapps#Google_Apps to the sdcard and flash it via ClockworkMod recovery.​
    Radio Images:
    Flash via Recovery
    http://www.multiupload.com/N25DIPNAU6 (AT&T .91)
    http://www.multiupload.com/0ZECKA3QZ1 (Bell)​
    Going Back To Your Old ROM From CM7:
    1. Reboot phone into recovery (Power + Vol Up button)
    2. Once in recovery go to Backup & Restore
    3. Select Restore, then select the restore that is dated before you moved to CM7
    4. Allow time for restore, once complete reboot phone.

    Thank you to EVERYONE involved in helping with testing, coding, debugging and documenting! Enjoy!

    If you like our work consider donating to the team, all donations will go towards continued CM7 development and buying LapDocks for the teams to develop for.
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    This is the tone I wish to keep for this thread, currently it is friendly and the questions that are being asked are polite and reasonable. My self and the other team member's will do our best to respond to any reasonable questions like those posted so far. How ever My self and others will not hesitate to report comments and or close the thread if it can not be kept like this!! What is going on so far here is pleasant and I appreciate it so please keep it UP!! If its just a thank you or a cheer on hit the thanks button or the donate button because while I own a beer store it still is neither free nor cost effective to ship the other gentleman on the team beer. Besides those options will keep the thread clean for important questions and updates, thanks again guys and if you want to talk smack open a new thread in general we might not like it but im sure well read it just the same :)

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    Thad take a look here at our FAQ site.

    We dont sit here and update or post all day because its un needed, exhausting on its own, and frusterating to the point of cursing. I can once a week come to this thread and after going through 20+ pages find maybe one thing worth replying to, like this time and the gentleman that requested a few pages back that i call this kang and not official ?!? Why because we have waited till we deemed ready to merge ? Everything we released has been stable and useable i have not touched another rom in months, we will merge shortly, it will be up todate 2.3.7 or what ever uptodate is than. We are all running 2.3.7 curently , there has not been another release because IOO there has not been enough added fixes that we felt the need to do so yet. Mostly we have been waiting on FP. I have it working 100% fine actually better than stock, but it haz created a bug with calls when enabled for an unknown reason. I have been working on the same bug for over 2 weeks . Once again iwasted more time i could have spent on the bug to reply to those of you that felt i needed to "give updates" to a 170 page hell hole where no one reads in the first place :) Anyhow we appreciate your all excited , so are we , mostly so we can stop working :p keep in mind we want itcompleted and working obiously more than you do so either relax and wait or keep yelling inhere like a jakaninny IDGAF, but i will post updates when i am ready as will the other team members. End of story

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    I wasn't trying to be negative i assure you, I can understand your disgust with people who don't read and don't appreciate. I was not trying to sound like that, I do appreciate the work on this build and I realize it is hard work, and I thank all involved. I never thought my comment about being sad fp scan was not included would be seen as negative or judgmental or smart ass or anything else but a genuine comment.

    water under a bridge bro, water under a bridge. Sure i get mad and snap back, but i also dont sleep, if this stuff got to me for more than a few minutes i would have quit long ago.

    Not you but others have to realize that there is no one here or any where else in the thousands of downloads post or anything else that want issues resolved more than us, so all the B---chen complaining and harassment we receive , not only in here but on any public account anyone can get a hold of , g+, twitter, youtube ,PM's, bug tracker, emails.... etc it gets old. No one that puts there heart sole and more or less 100+ hours a week into something likes people to than say its not good enough, thanks but were well aware of are short comings and what the community would like to see. Bottom line is we dont release hacks or poor work , we have shown this sense day 1 everything ever released by us has been stable enough for a daily and only lacked non- ANDROID features. Thats all there is to it im not going to release anything thats not up to the standards we set no matter how much people complain and harass us. When things work as they should we release, when we are confident in new changes and fixes we release, we give updates when we feel that are users need to know about them, and the rest will be done when its done. Thanks to all the supporters, Users , & Esp. those that have blessed us with Donation's it is much appreciated. Happy tinkering and please just enjoy the build for what it is and not for what it is not!!