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[OFFICIAL] crDroid Android 6.x for Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

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New member
Jun 20, 2020
As of now it's the only stable on my device some reboots but nothing too big that i need to love to another rom.

Many thanks for maintening this room for the S7 edge !!! This allow me to keep mine ! Do not want to change it as it's really enough power for me !


New member
Jul 19, 2020
Custom header don't work
I have selected custom image and when I select one it does not appear, I don't know if I have to choose/edit the image at that resolution/size
I need help


Apr 25, 2019
I really like the rom I just want to know if there is a way for the device not to get too hot, when entering games since I have used several roms aosp and in the end they have quite a few problems with the heat when playing


Senior Member
Crdroid v6.12 November security patch available to download.
Required to remove all passwords and fingerprints before update or you'll have to manually remove them afterwards.

Do note latest lineage 17.1 revision changes for November from Ivan's build are are here too
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Jul 25, 2016

"Falleid starts recording calls"

It does not record incoming or outgoing sound.
Automatic answer is on a
sound and vibration setting.
I need this feature.
How to set up?
Please help.


Jun 23, 2013

When i am scrolling i am feeling a little bit of lag. I am not using Gapps, i don't know if that is related.

Thank you.

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    *** Disclaimer
    I am not responsible for any damage you made to your device
    You have been warned

    crDroid is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device also attempting to bringing many of the best features existent today


    Flashing Instructions:


    • Install crDroid ROM and any optional zips you want to flash afterwards and reboot. ( Make sure to clean-install coming from ANDROID PIE )

    ROM Download for hero2lte

    ROM: https://github.com/crdroidandroid
    Kernel: Kernel Source

    Known issues:
    You tell me.

    Visit official website @ crDroid.net
    ExpressLuke 8890 Telegram
    crDroid Community Telegram
    Donate to help our team pay server costs

    Donate to ExpressLuke[/SIZE]
    New CrDroid build!
    Changelog for 9th February 2020 - Find the build in the OP!:
    - aptX BT audio blobs are now included again
    - Power HAL was added with more control over performance to battery ratio
    < This includes the control of profile through the battery entry in settings (Power save / Balanced / Performance >
    - Notification light handling was improved
    - Snap camera added back with working video recording.
    - Binderized Audio HAL process
    - Camera wrapper was added back
    * Fixes Camera3 metadata
    * Enabled HAL1 is now enabled for some apps that had issues previously (e.g. WhatsApp,Snapchat,Facebook and Instagram)
    * Fixed 1440p/4K video recording handling in some apps
    * Bug was fixed where camera would hang after stopping auto focus in some legacy apps
    - Enabled batch and background WiFi scanning
    - Dual-band WiFi support was fixed
    - Misc performance and stability improvements
    - Synced with CrDroid latest source
    New (official) crDroid 6.6 out!
    Device Changelog
    - Switched to official build (OTA support)
    - Switched to system side LMKD
    - Fixed headphones (aux) microphone input
    - UI performance improved
    - Fixed ringtone output being routed to speaker with headphones/bt device plugged in
    - General stability improvements
    - Synced with latest crDroid source
    New CrDroid build!
    Changelog for 11th April 2020 - Find the build in the OP!

    - April 2020 Security Patch
    - Face unlock added
    - Many other crDroid changes in source.
    crDroid OTA Update Available: 4th June 2020
    - Fixed issues with ril
    - Graphics mapper crashes fixed
    - Added advanced display features
    - Color calibration backed up by mDNIe
    - Accessibility mode
    - Additional modes
    - Enabled zram
    - Switched to bfq I/O scheduler
    - Switched to common doze implementation
    - Switched to mke2fs for fs generation and checking to improve performance and stability of filesystem
    - Re-enabled call recording for supported countries
    - Added DRM hal
    - Improved bionic runtime speeds by setting it to use exynos-m1 core optimizations
    - Disabled samsung ZSWAP
    - Performance and stability improvement