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Jun 18, 2010
I have searched thread but haven't found a post about this :
Is it possible to open link on a browser on the watch instead of necessarily looking on the phone for a search ?
With Assistant? No. Assistant will say/show some results and answers. It will just show parts of others with a link. Clicking on a link opens it on the phone, even if you sideloaded a browser on the watch (like I did).
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    Update your Galaxy Wear app and then go to Play Store on your GW4. Select My Apps and update Assistant. Then go to Watch Settings and set your default assistant app to Google Assistant. Thennnnn, you'll find the GA icon as a launchable app or you can set your press and hold button to Google Assistant to launch it that way and begin activation. Activation requires connection between your watch and phone to link GA. Activation will ask if you want to use personal results and voice match on your watch. Done.

    GA can be launched using voice or hardware keys. To customize GA settings, Go into watch settings or Wear app on phone. Look for the Google settings (it has its own submenu) where your Google account info is located. There's a new setting available for GA there to customize Hey Google and other GA specific settings.

    Turning off Hey Google significantly reduced battery drain I noticed. With the GW4, one day of battery life is the best we can hope for and that's not including sleep. If you want to make it throughout the day, you can have either Health sensors going off continuously or Hey Google on. Not both or you'll never make it. If you want to make it a whole day, including overnight, disable both.

    Other battery saving tips:
    -Turn off "Improve Accuracy" under watch location settings. It's worthless and burns battery.
    -Turn off frequent syncing for samsung health steps data. Tap on steps on your phone. Tap 3 dots in top right corner. You'll see frequent syncing. Unless you actively track your steps religiously, this is an unnecessary battery burner. The level of accuracy you get without it is fine for most people.
    -Turn off notifications on watch you don't care about. Every time a notification from your phone turns on your watch screen, you're burning battery. Indicidual Notifications can be turned off just for watch.
    -Turn NFC off until you're ready to use it. The Google or Samsung Pay app will prompt you to turn it on so why leave it on all the time?
    -If you don't actively use your tiles, get rid of them. Unnecessary battery burners.
    -Make sure you limit location permissions. Very few Apps actually need location "All The Time".
    -Turn off background app usage from Wear App on Phone.
    -Make sure Mobile Network and WiFi are set to automatic. Biggest way to burn through those charges is with a mobile network you're not using actively.
    -Turn on Mobile Battery Saver in Developer Options.
    -Unless you actually use the quick launch gesture, turn it off.
    -Turn off Customization Service. Another worthless Samsung Spyware Tracker that offers nothing of value other than selling your personal information for ad relevance.
    Update your wear app and then go to play store on your GW4. Select My Apps and update Assistant. Then go to Watch Settings and set your default assistant app to Google Assistant. Thennnnn, you'll find the GA icon as a launchable app. Launch it to activate assistant. Thats it! Enjoy.
    you may wanna change that to "general" or even a "how to"
    Anyone else have this issue with GA on the Watch 4:

    My watch is connected to my phone. My phone is bluetooth hooked to my car and my watch. if i ask my watch to "Next song" in the car, the watch says it does not play anything or "i cant play anything on this device".
    The same issue when i'm connected to a bluetooth speaker and try to next song with my watch.
    Im running a bluetooth one 40 mm with spotify on the watch and on my phone.
    Ok. That's what I thought although having assistant and browser on the watch could easily lead to reading assistant search results entirely on the watch.
    Hope they make that available in an update.
    Some Google Assistant screenshots , on Watch 4 , for any forum member's information ,that does not have it installed or available and wants to see pic's
    Good luck