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Feb 10, 2012
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I am having issues installing the DotFix v6.2, stating that the API of 32 is greater than the maximum api of 31. I am running LOS 19.1 on OnePlus 5 (cheeseburger), with BSG:MGC v8.4.600. I am attaching the log from Magisk showing the issue. I don't have any audio modules installed either so I have no idea what could be causing this error. I've tried looking around but found no solutions. Any help would be appreciated.
@shadowstep Maybe the module needs to be updated?
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    EDIT: Updated information is now maintained in the first post.

    Google Camera Mod for OnePlus 5 (cheeseburger) and 5T (dumpling)

    1. Camera HAL Confusion
    a. Camera HAL Basics
    • First, let's understand what a camera HAL is. A camera HAL is what allows a ROM to "talk to" the camera hardware; without it, the camera would be non-functional. Think of the camera HAL as the steering wheel and pedals of a car. The steering wheel/pedals allow for control of the internal components of the vehicle by providing an external interface for the driver (the ROM) to make use of the internal components.
    • At present, the source code of the camera HAL included in OxygenOS has not been released by OnePlus. Instead, OnePlus has compiled that source code and shipped it on the OnePlus 5/5T as a BLOB (Binary Large OBject). This has been a major setback for custom ROM developers because having access to the camera HAL source would make porting the stock OnePlus Camera to a custom ROM a much easier endeavour.
    b. Camera HAL, Google Camera Mod and Root Requirements
    • The latest releases of the mod require you to be rooted (as you mandatorily need to install DotFix, which contains a modified camera HAL compatible with the latest releases) or the pictures that you click will come out with pink/purple/green tint on them, or will have a dotted pattern on them, or the camera might not work at all. So if you're rooted, then you're good to go. However, if you're unrooted (and prefer staying that way), then you can still use an specific version of the mod which works fine (with a few issues/restrictions, of course). All the downloads for rooted as well as non-rooted users are in the next post in the thread (post # 2).
    2. Known Bugs and Workarounds
    [Unrooted Only] Dotted Pattern Overlay
    • Issue - A dotted pattern overlay is visible in the HDR+ pictures (when completely zoomed in)
    • Resolution - You have to root, install DotFix as well as the recommended version for rooted users from point 3
    [Unrooted Only] Front Camera HDR+/Portrait Mode Non Operational/Captures Distorted Pink/Purple/Green Lines
    • Issue - Front camera captures distorted pink/purple/green lines while using HDR+ or Portrait Mode
    • Resolution - You have to root, install DotFix as well as the recommended version for rooted users from point 3
    [Rooted Only] HDR+ Front Camera Pictures Restricted to 4.0 Megapixels
    • Issue - HDR+ pictures that are clicked with the front camera are restricted to 4.0 megapixels, even though the maximum resolution of 15.9 megapixels is selected for the front camera under settings
    • Resolution - None available yet; details of why this is the case are mentioned in this post
    [Both] Zero Shutter Lag (ZSL) Non Operational
    • Issue - Zero Shutter Lag (ZSL) doesn't work
    • Resolution - None available yet
    [Both] DotFix Magisk Module Incompatible with Audio Mods
    • Issue - Some audio mods interfere with the DotFix Magisk module due to which they don't work as intended
    • Resolution - Uninstall the audio mods or try setting SELinux to permissive using SELinux Switch from this post of mine.
    More troubleshooting tips and tricks are present here and here. You can also read the Telegram channel's FAQ here.
    3. Important Notes and Links
    a. Important Notes
    • Everytime you change a settings, make sure you force-close and swipe it away from recents, and then restart the app so that the new settings are applied correctly. A sure shot way to make sure the settings have applied is to restart your phone.
    b. Links
    • Complete list of all Google Camera Mod ports: Link
    • Capturing a logcat if you're facing a crash when opening/using the Google Camera Mod: Link
    • Useful files and tools: Link
    • Photo comparison samples: Link
    4. Post Update Information and Credits
    a. Post Update Information
    • Last Updated: 23rd June 2021
    b. Credits
    • @B-S-G, for doing the initial port and bring us Google Camera's HDR+ to multiple devices
    • @Arnova8G2, for all the work he's done and still continues to do to bring us these ports
    • @defcomg, for the front camera Portrait Mode fix
    • @MrAimenify, for fixing viewfinder lag and updating libraries
    • @Urnyx05, for creating his own versions of the mod for everyone on OP5/T
    • @Nikita, for creating his own versions of the mod for everyone on OP5/T
    • @S4turno, for unknowingly inspiring me to make this post, hosting all the Google Camera Mod ports on his server, and for helping the community with updated information regarding the mod
    • @Zackptg5, for the MMT-Ex Template
    • @Adam Conway, for this great XDA article on how cameras work in custom ROMs
    • @Rohit jat, for originally creating the thread and Telegram discussion group
    • All of you guys for viewing this post
    New version of GCam 6.1.021 is out!

    - Fixed front crash in NS on Mi8
    - Added an option to change the folder where to save portrait photos
    - Replaced Savitar lib with sRGB b2
    - Replaced XLib v2 with v2S

    Here is the link:

    I'm working on GCam 6.2 based on BSG, too. But, at the moment, it's still pretty buggy and unstable. So, I'm trying to fix most of the bugs.
    New update of GCam 6.2.024 is out!

    - Changed base; now, it's based on cstark27
    - Added the option to change model; on front camera, only Nexus 5X hasn't got any issues on OP devices (thanks Arnova8G2)
    - Fixed portrait mode on OP5/5T
    - Fixed slow motion on OP5/5T and on devices with Snapdragon 845 and 855 (thanks to back.rider and Arnova)
    - Removed Pixel Visual Core Config
    - Removed some specific code for Pixel devices
    - Fixed black spot on OP5/5T
    - Fixed Night Sight on OP5/5T
    - Changed package name (it can be installed side by side with my GCam 6.1)
    - Removed Google Play Services dependance; now it works also without them (thanks Arnova8G2)
    - Fixed front green tint
    - Disabled Sabre (aka Super Resolution) on front camera to fix crashes on Mi9 and Mi8
    - Changed resolution of motion photos to fix some crashes on Mi9 and other devices

    Here is the link:

    - Sometimes, slow motion doesn't work
    - Photobooth doesn't work
    - It may crash on different devices from OP5/5T
    - Viewfinder lags on OP5/5T
    I realized this was never posted in this thread, so for those of you who might be wondering why Arnova8G2 has been missing in action for sometime now, it's because he met with a motorcycle accident and he's in the hospital, where smartphones and other portable electronic devices are forbidden. The accident was a major one and he's started to use the wheelchair now and hopefully with rehabilitation/physiotherapy, he'll be able to walk soon. Let's keep him in our thoughts and pray for his speedy recovery.